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Your Trusted Guide on Resistance Bands

To make our bodies strong and powerful, lifting weights is always recommended. Every gym near you has them and pumping iron can be a very satisfying experience for most fitness enthusiasts. However, weights take up room and they can be expensive too. Enter the resistance band—heavy-duty bands made to develop both small and big muscle groups through a wide variety of different workouts, but without the size and bulk of free weights. They are just as effective in strength training and many workout enthusiasts have added them in their routines. For a list of the best in the biz, here are out top choices.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a resistance band do?

    Answer: The resistant-band is a lightweight yet heavy-duty band that is utilized to facilitate muscle contractions. These contractions develop muscle strength while the user struggles against the resistant band. Resistance bands are not actually new since this item has been used as early as the 20th century. The bands were provided to individuals who have damaged their muscles so they can gain back the strength that they have lost. It’s still used by people going through physical therapy but were since taken up by fitness and health enthusiasts for building muscle.

  2. What are the different kinds of resistance bands?

    Answer: There are 7 types of resistance bands. The therapy band is 4 ft. long and is used primarily for rehabilitation. The tube band is used to train arms, the lower and the upper body and measures roughly 4 ft. long. The fit loop band is used to reinforce the lower body and measures around 4 inches to 2 ft. long. The figure 8 band is ideal for building upper body strength and normally measures around 20 inches in length. The ring resistance band measures roughly a foot long and it’s used for developing lower body strength. The lateral resistance band measures roughly 1 ft. and it’s used to strengthen the lower body. Pull up bands are made to assist individuals performing pull-up exercises.

  3. How do you care for resistance bands?

    Answer: Resistance bands will wear out due to frequent use. The lifespan of a resistance band depends on the regularity and the intensity of usage. In general though, resistance bands last from 6 months to more than a year. To extend their usability, make sure to store the bands away from direct sunlight. Always store them in a cool, dry spot. Do not expose them to water and other elements which can do damage on the material. Opt for high-quality resistance bands since these bands are always thicker. Clean the bands with a damp cloth and dry them well before storage—do not use any cleaning agents or chemicals to remove dirt. Plain water will do. Do not put anything on top of the bands while in storage.

Our Top Picks


SPRI Xercuff Leg Resistance Band

  • Has padded ankle cuffs
  • Non-slip structure
  • Secure and comfortable
  • Ideal for strength conditioning

The SPRI Xercuff Leg Resistance Band helps condition and reinforce the core muscles of the lower body like the buttocks, hips and the thighs. Now you can focus on that specific set of muscles without resorting to vigorous and at times, unsafe ankle jumping jacks. It can be implemented on any cardio training exercise—you can check out online some methods in which you can use resistance bands for training the lower body.


TheraBand Resistance Bands Set

  • For stretching, toning and conditioning muscle groups
  • User-friendly resistance band
  • Completely free from latex
  • Measures 5 ft. long and 4 inches wide

The TheraBand Resistance Bands Set is a nice bang-for-you-buck option. The bands have a length of 5 ft. and has a width of 4 inches—it is simple to use and can be incorporated into your routine to improve strength training. This is also a great set in case you are on the hunt for resistance bands that can help in injury recovery and regain flexibility and complete range of motion. The bands are also completely free from any latex material so it’s great for those with sensitivities to the stuff.


OlarHike Resistance Bands Set

  • Offers 14 resistance levels
  • Presents lots of varied training
  • Includes 3 kinds of accessories
  • Made from 100% natural latex

The OlarHike Resistance Bands Set will give you an effective workout due to its variety of tension levels. The resistance levels it can give clocks in at 14 all in all, set to accommodate the exercise needs of the user and made to tackle a wide range of muscles like the gluteals, biceps, the chest, abdominals and more. The set comes with 5 resistance bands, two ankle straps, two handles, a door-safe anchor and even a workout guide, all stored in a handy carrying bag.


Limm Resistance Loop Bands

  • Includes 3 heavy-duty bands
  • Made from 100% natural latex
  • 12 inches in length
  • Lightweight and durable

These Limm Resistance Loop Bands will make strenuous workouts in your small apartment a reality—no need to splurge on free weights since these lightweight, compact yet heavy-duty resistance bands will help condition and reinforce core muscle groups. The bands also present a good range of resistance to suit your fitness level. Add or subtract tension, you can do so with this handy set. Very comfortable and durable to boot.


Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

  • Set includes 5 resistance bands
  • Made with 100% natural latex
  • Great for both beginners and athletes
  • Has color-coded resistance levels

The Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands is a set of five bands, each with its own resistance level. The tension levels are color-coded and range from X-Light, Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy. The tensions provided will help in training the abs, legs, chest, arms and glutes. It is also an excellent device for physical therapy and recovery following an injury. Very compact and a breeze to store so it’s a nice sub for free weights.


Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands

  • Made from 100% natural latex
  • Does not contain TPE
  • Has 5 resistance levels
  • Gentle and comfortable on the skin

The Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Bands should be your go-to exercise equipment for strengthening and training core muscle groups. The set comes with 5 bands offering a neat selection of tension levels that will suit any fitness skill. Beginners are accommodated well—the set already includes a printed manual and an eBook on using the resistance bands in different exercises. Very durable and will last loads of routines.

Resistance bands are the answer to quick and effective home workouts. They target a good choice of core muscle groups and the variety of resistance levels will suffice the needs of different fitness skills.