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Top Training DVDs We Can Find

The global pandemic has significantly given rise to e-Learning and virtual learning. With the threat of the virus outside and places where people often get together en masse, the majority of people have correctly chosen to stay indoors. Many are using this time to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.

With that change in our environment also came a change of lifestyle. We’ve done many things to find ways on how to fight the viral threat, such as using face masks and utilizing the internet for our needs. A lot of the things we do now are done virtually to reduce physical contact with other people. This makes learning a bit harder than usual. But here we’ve compiled a list of various training DVDs that can help you get additional knowledge about things we can learn from home.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are training DVDs?

    Answer: Training DVDs were usually used by store or company managers to train their staff. This is something you can watch through a player or computer if you want to learn about a specific subject, keep it after use, and watch it again if the need arises. The market for these instructional videos has grown through time and from there came a wide variety of training DVDs that anyone can enjoy.

  2. Why choose training DVDs?

    Answer: It transforms the way we learn and create a richer and more engaging experience for learners. It gives reduced costs, compared to hiring expensive instructors. It lets you learn at your own pace and you get taught by certified experts in the field, compared to just watching a random video online. And because we often learn more effectively through visual methods, these training DVDs, with their easy-to-digest and user-friendly content, can give us a higher level of learning retention.

  3. Are there different kinds of training DVDs out there?

    Answer: There’s now a wide variety of different training DVDs being sold both online and offline. There are the kind which can teach you how to crochet or even how to use self-defense. The companies that produce these DVDs try to widen their reach to audiences and consumers as much as possible, aiming to cater to everybody’s needs.

Our Top Picks


Systema Spetsnaz’s Self-Defense Training DVD

  • More than 50 full contact combat techniques
  • Can be beneficial to all art styles
  • Will help you develop new ideas and striking methods
  • Easy to follow

This self-defense training video was created by the chief instructor of Russian Systema Spetsnaz, a street self-defense center. Learn full contact fighting techniques, precise finger strikes, wrist and palm strikes, the different pressure points of the body, weapon disarming techniques, and so much more. It’s great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced martial artists and is also set in the English language.


TNT Soccer System’s Soccer Training DVD

  • Good for kids of all ages
  • Structured courses
  • Learn ball control in no time
  • Great for either team or individual training

This masterfully done soccer training DVD includes simple, fun and effective ball control drills, games and techniques for kids, coaches, and parents. It can easily teach kids of all ages the fundamentals of soccer ball control. The video provides routines to follow well into the intermediate level of soccer. The trainer, Tasha-Nicole Terani, is also widely noted for her 5-time world record for soccer ball control. She has also become known as a soccer training expert and is also the United Nations Envoy for International Youth Soccer.


How to Quilt Training DVD

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Excellent DVD teaching skills
  • Great close-ups and lots of tips
  • Wide topic coverage

The How to Quilt training DVD will help you start your quilting journey right with the basics. It helps viewers learn the most up-to-date methods of construction and techniques. Topics covered range from tool & fabric selection, cutting techniques, and all of the little things you need to know for your quilting to be fun and accurate. This high-quality and professional quilting instructional video is definitely a great way to learn in the comfort of your own sewing room.


My Smart Puppy: Puppy Training DVD

  • Comes with a book
  • Includes hand gestures for step by step training
  • Great for beginners
  • Addresses different types of puppies

We all know the struggles of training puppies, especially the energetic ones. Breeze through your pup’s training sessions with this instructional DVD by America’s most beloved dog trainers, experts Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson. Tried and tested by customers with different breeds of puppies, you can definitely be assured that you will receive the highest quality and trusted training content. This definitive guide offers brand-new techniques and just about everything you need to know for you to raise a happy, well-adjusted puppy right in the comforts of your home.


The First Days of School Teaching Guide

  • Best resource for any new teacher
  • Learn new strategies for handling students
  • Refresh your class management skills
  • Comes with a book

This teaching guide comes in the form of a book and a DVD. It’s a must-have for beginning or even seasoned teachers. Written by Harry Wong, an award-winning teacher and advocate who is arguably the most sought-after motivation speaker in the field of education today, having given over 3,000 presentations to over a million people. Author Rosemary Wong is also an award-winning teacher who has received many Silicon Valley business honors and distinguished awards. This DVD from highly knowledgeable and trusted experts is an education staple for preparing teachers in all content areas. It contains clear instructions and very insightful content which will definitely help any teacher structure and organize a class any time of the year.

Significant advances in technology have definitely reinforced the trend of using and keeping training DVDs, not only for managers of shops but even for just the usual people as well. And with the continued rise of COVID cases, these training DVDs may help us opt to stay indoors, stock up on knowledge, and learn either something vital or something that can give you a new hobby worthy of your time.