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Top Running Vests for Men

One of the best ways to keep trim and fit is running. Running also helps in reducing cardiovascular disease risks, strengthens joints and aids in weight loss. The pursuit provides more benefits if you invest in the right gear—the running vest is a crucial aspect of the sport since this type of clothing helps keep runners hydrated and safeguards them from the cold or extreme heat. Are you in the market for a neat running vest? Trust us and let us provide the right tips.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the purpose of a running vest?

    Answer: The running vest, as described earlier, is a type of sports gear which protects runners from the elements and also keeps them hydrated well during runs. Running vests include features which can accommodate water, food, phone and other essential gear needed for the activity. Running vests are also designed with additional layers of protection against warm or cold weather.

  2. What is the right running vest size for me?

    Answer: First, you have to consider the right running vest for your sex. Women’s running vests usually feature more space in the chest area, has a shorter length and feature tapered shoulders too. Next, you have to consider the sizing guidelines of the brand/manufacturer. Lots of brands provide sizing guidelines for their products so you can get the best fit for your body type. Make sure to go for a vest that has a tight, secure fit to avoid the vest from budging around while running. This is not only uncomfortable and distracting, it can also lead to chafing. However, do not go for a size that’s too small, it feels very restrictive and uncomfortable.

  3. What other factors should I consider when looking for quality running vests?

    Answer: If you often take on mile-long runs, consider the benefits of a hydration vest. Hydration vests are designed with features that allow them to hold water bottles/reservoirs in the front or back. Hydration vests with a reservoir are capable of bigger water storage while versatility is the strongest suit of hydration packs with bottle holders. Choose the one that best fits your condition or preferences. Running vests also differ in terms of capacity—some can accommodate more than 4 liters of items while some support over 20 liters. Of course, the capacity you need will be based on the purpose and the length of your activity. Go for one that’s sufficiently big for your needs. The number of pockets is another factor—this will then again be based on how many essentials you prefer to carry during your runs. Extras like high-visibility, reflective materials is beneficial for those who prefer running during low-light conditions.

Our Top Picks


Arc’teryx Atom SL Vest Men’s

  • Has 40g Coreloft for insulation
  • Contains Polygiene odor control
  • 100 percent nylon
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking

The Arc’teryx Atom SL Vest for Men has a notable slew of materials which makes it an ideal running vest for cold weather. It contains 40 grams Coreloft for extensive insulation and is made with a fabric blend that is breathable, moisture-wicking and wind-resistant. Very light and has quality construction designed for hours-long runs. For efficient climate management and protection, the vest makes use of Composite Mapping Technology.


Gear Beast Running Backpack Cell Phone and Accessories Holder

  • Holds most phones including the latest iPhones and Galaxy phones
  • Made of lightweight sweat resistant neoprene
  • Neoprene and mesh shoulder extensions provide added comfort
  • One size fits all. Great for men or women

The Gear Beast Running Backpack is specifically designed for runners who like to listen to music, audio books, podcasts or other audio streams while running. This small, lightweight backpack weighs 4.8 ounces and is absolutely the most comfortable and secure way to carry your smartphone while running. The benefit of this clever phone holder over traditional running waist packs and armbands is that that the running backpack positions your phone completely out of the way between your shoulder blades resulting in a totally bounce free solution that allows easy use of both wired and wireless ear buds and headphones. Other highlights include adjustable elastic shoulder straps and chest strap, separate pocket for cards, cash and keys, secure Velcro closure and 3 headphone grommets.


Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest 4.0

  • Has Flex Mono Mesh 30D and silnylon 66
  • Includes Micromono Mesh
  • 20 percent lighter
  • Has front stretch mesh storage for essentials

The Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest 4.0 features a general weight of 7.27 oz. minus load and a capacity of 10 liters. The running vest rates high when it comes to durability, credits to its seamless blend of sturdy fabrics. The vest is also light and has a great storage capacity for your trail running essentials. It comes with 8 pockets on the chest straps with different beneficial properties (water-resistance, breathability) and even more room at the back.


TechNiche International Adult HyperKewl Cooling Sport Vest

  • V-neck design
  • Has zipper enclosure
  • Has quilted nylon outer
  • Includes HyperKewl polymers

The TechNiche International Adult HyperKewl Cooling Sport Vest is a lightweight running vest designed to keep you comfortable during hot, sweaty running pursuits. It is made with Hyperkewl polymers for the best cooling factor and it’s lightweight too even after a soak. It cools runners down up to 10 hours, which is impressive. The liner is water-resistant and helps in keeping users dry. Ideal for use on low-humidity areas/conditions.


Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest

  • Made from MonoRip Mesh 40D
  • Has PowerNet stretch mesh
  • Includes front pocket bottle container
  • Has 2-liter rear reservoir

If you are in the market for a running vest that’s ideal for short runs, summer training or sprints, the Ultimate Direction Marathon Vest will work for you. It weights 4.94 oz. without load and has a capacity of 4.1 liters. This is a utilitarian piece that is straightforward and does not contain any frivolities. The front pocket is meant for essentials like smartphones while its high-visibility design allows safer running activities at night.


The North Face Men’s Apex Bionic 2 Vest

  • Quality elastane, fleece and polyester blend
  • Uses WindWall fabric for wind resistance
  • Relaxed fit
  • Soft-shell vest

The North Face Men’s Apex Bionic 2 Vest is one remarkable running vest design that has high-performance written all over it. That is something to be expected from one of the most reputable sports gear brands in the business. The WindWall fabric is highly resistant against blustery winds so this model is just perfect for running in colder weather. The vest also features a high collar and sturdy water-resistant coating.


Salomon Advanced Skin Backpack (12 Set)

  • Includes 3D Air Mesh and elastic power mesh
  • Features Motion fit
  • Has Sensi Load Lifter
  • Includes 4D Pole Holder

The Salomon Advanced Skin Backpack is a good recommendation for routine runs. Its best qualities include the 3D Air Mesh material which excels highly in breathability plus it dries fast too. It is very cozy to wear due to the impressive combo of materials used to level up the comfort factor. Other highlights include a chest strap set-up with several connection points for straightforward adjustments and modifiable shoulder straps.

Quench thirst on the fly while sprinting with highly-functional, efficient running vests. Remember the tips mentioned in this article to get the right vest for your needs.