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Top Recommended Slime Kits for your kids

It’s squishy, it’s sticky, it’s jiggly, it’s gooey, but most of all it’s a lot of fun! We’re talking about slime, considered by some kids (and some adults too) to be the most fun toy in existence. Thanks to social media, slime has reached the height of popularity from being a simple compound that was initially just the stuff of science projects.

Slime, in its most basic, can be made by using glue and borax (which can be found in contact lens solution and in liquid detergent). The borax acts as an activator, which makes the glue thicker and less runny — thereby producing slime. Fun as they are to make, homemade slime can be tricky, especially if you do not have a foolproof recipe. This is why many parents tend to get their kids slime kits. But because there is a gamut of available slime kits to choose from, selecting the right slime kit for your kid can be overwhelming. Here we present our top recommended slime kits for kids (and adults too).

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a slime kit?

    Answer: A slime kit is a set that contains the materials for making slime. Besides the glue and the activator, the kit also contains other materials like inks, beads, sparkles, scents and many more. Depending on the materials included in the kit, different kinds of slimes can be made. The kit also contains a manual for making slimes and the different slimes that can be produced from materials included in the kit.

  2. What are the different types of slimes?

    Answer: There are many different kind of slimes, named aptly for their individual characteristics. Some of the more common kinds of slime include the glitter slime, your basic slime mixed with glitters. There’s fluffy slime, which is made with glue and shaving cream; there’s popping slime, which is basic slime mixed in with mini styrofoam balls or pellets; there’s also cleaning slime, a thicker kind of slime used for cleaning electronics, and glow-in-the-dark slime, which is slime mixed with glow-in-the-dark powder.

  3. Is slime dangerous?

    Answer: Slime is generally safe, but parents are warned against buying some slime-based toys which have high amounts of Boron, the chemical element used to make borax, which acts as the activation agent in slime. Some homemade slimes can be dangerous too, if not done under parental supervision. High levels of Boron are said to cause irritability, vomiting, and diarrhea, while some borax-based cleaner can cause skin burns. It is imperative that parents meticulously check the kind of slimes and slime kits they buy for their kids.

Our Top Picks


Laevo Slime Kit for Girls

  • Hours of fun
  • Large kit wth 57 pieces
  • Makes 10 different slimes
  • Non-toxic

This 57-piece slime kit from Laevo promises endless fun for the most special little girl in your life. It comes with glue, activator, pigments, soft clay, snow powder, and other fun add-ons that will surely make for an exciting and enjoyable slime-making activity. Besides the basic slime, your little girl can also make butter, clear, crunchy, fluffy, and unicorn slime, among others. Mix and match and let the creativity flow. This kit presents endless slime possibilities; the only limit is your imagination! Know more about the contents of the Laevo Slime Kit for Girls by watching this video review.


Jumbo Slime Kit Set by Byonebye

  • 126 pieces
  • 28 Ready-made slimes
  • Great for sensory play
  • WNon-toxic

Not sure if you’re up to the task of making slime with your kid? Then get this slime kit by Byonebye. It comes with 28 tubs of ready-made slime so you do not have to make a mess mixing glue with the activator. Let your children’s imagination run wild as they come up with different ideas to decorate the slime. Watch as they mix and match slimes to get their desired color. See how their eyes widen in amazement when they see what mixing the clay and the slime would do. Hear them giggle and have fun as they make glow-in-the-dark slime. Or better yet, play with your kids and enjoy hours of bonding with this amazing slime set!


Craft Citzn Monster Slime Kit

  • 18 tubs of color slime and 2 tubs of clear slime
  • Includes 2 glow-in-the-dark powders
  • Fast and easy cleanup formula
  • ASTM-certified

Wean your kids from electronic screens and let them discover the fun of manipulating things with their hands. With this kit that contains more than 50 slime supplies, you can definitely help your kids refine their motor skills as they mix and match slimes and the different add-ons. A proven hit among kids, this slime kit will surely earn your approval as the slimes included were made without borax powder, so you are sure that your kids are safe.


Original Stationery Ultimate Slime Making Kit

  • Complete kit for slime-making beginners
  • Make up to 100 slime combinations
  • Fosters learning and creativity
  • ASTM- and EN71- certified

Are your kids bored? This slime kit from Original Stationery might just be the thing that gets them out of a funk. Aside from the main slime ingredients like glue, activator, inks, glitter, clay, and glow powders, the kit also includes a guide with fun and proven recipes guaranteed to satisfy any curious child’s innate desire to create – no more slime fails! Give your kids a free rein to go wild with creativity. You can also join in the fun and bond with them as you discover the many kinds of slime you can make! This video gives a preview of the fun you and your kids can have when you get this set.


National Geographic Mega Slime Kit and Putty Lab

  • Includes 4 tins of slime and 4 tins of putty
  • Full-color STEM-based learning guide
  • Hours of family fun
  • Quality-tested and non-toxic

How would you get your kids interested in Science? Why, with this National Geographic slime and putty set, of course! Unlike other putty kits, this set contains a STEM-based learning manual that gives you and your kids answers to the questions that may arise while playing with the different kinds of slime and putty included in the kit. Of course, that is but secondary to the creative fun the whole family can have exploring the different properties of the tinned slime and putty. Watch this review video for more details about this super fun kit.


Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit

  • Complete unicorn slime-making kit
  • Sturdy and compact storage box
  • Brings out creativity
  • Great for sensory play

Explore up to a hundred slime possibilities with this slime kit from Original Stationery. Aptly dubbed “Unicorn,” this set is sure to amaze and tantalize unicorn lovers of any age. Make various kinds of slime using unicorn-themed food coloring and design them with an assortment of beads and glitters. Infuse them with scents and bring out the unicorn in you! For more details, watch this unboxing and slime-making video.

What’s in a slime kit? Nothing but hours of creativity, learning, and fun fun fun! What are you waiting for? Get one of these kits for your kids now!