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Top-Rated Natural Gas Heaters for the Home

Proper heating for the home should not be ignored. Heating systems in the winter provide a dwelling that is not only comfortable to live in, but maintaining a proper temperature in your home can prevent negative health conditions. If you are after cost-effective yet reliable heating, you can always count on natural gas heaters. Natural gas heaters utilize petroleum gas which is a clean, energy-efficient heat source. For more information about the advantages of using natural gas heaters plus recommended products, please continue reading this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a natural gas heater?

    Answer: The natural gas heater is a space heater which makes use of natural gas as its heat source. They are usually positioned in smaller areas to provide heat.

  2. How do natural gas heaters work?

    Answer: Natural gas heaters feature 2 principal working components and they are the gas valve plus the heat exchanger. The gas valve is linked to the thermostat—once the thermostat indicates that the temperature inside the area has fallen below preferred levels, automatically the gas valve gets unlocked. This lets gas circulate throughout a pipeline into the heater. Cooler air that is directed to the heater by means of the fan circulates throughout a filter. This is then transmitted to the heat exchanger. Once the cool air and natural gas merges, it generates hot air. The heat exchanger retains the heat which is caused by the natural gas and cool air connection. Hot air is directed out of the heating chamber into the area by means of an induced fan. Once the preferred indoor temperature is acquired, the thermostat then presents signals and the gas valve is closed.

  3. What benefits does a natural gas heater provide?

    Answer: Natural gas heaters make use of dependable gas that are not affected by primary factors like the weather. These devices also work fast; it does its job as soon as it is switched on. Natural gas heat sources do not leave bad odors, smoke or ash while providing heat unlike devices that utilize coal and wood. Natural gas heaters also allow for compartmentalized heating so you can save money. It does not produce a high level of carbon emissions as well unlike coal and oil.

Our Top Picks


Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater

  • Efficient heating
  • Has Safe-Touch grill
  • Contemporary design
  • Adjustable thermostat

The Heat Storm Deluxe Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater is a compact way to give your home the warmth and coziness it needs in wintertime. This option has ETL certification and comes with anti-slip technology for added safety. The heater is also designed with a Safe-Touch grill so there’s no risk of burning accidents. It’s energy-efficient as well since it only requires 110V to work. Included in the design are a thermostat and LED display which presents the current temperature range. For better temperature management, the heater features a remote control too.


Dyna-Glo BFSS30LPT-2P Wall Heater

  • Uses liquid propane
  • Features Blue Flame Technology
  • 24,000-30,000 BTUs per hour
  • Thermostat control knob

The Dyna-Glo BFSS30LPT-2P Wall Heater does not need any electricity to operate. It makes use of natural gas to provide heating for the home. This option comes with 3 heat settings from Low to High. The highest heat setting churns out 30,000 BTUs while the lowest setting rates at 24,000 BTUs. Another advantage of this model is that temperature management can be done manually thus you can always modify the settings according to your liking. It can heat rooms measuring up to 1000 square ft. The heater’s space-saving design is also something you need to check out.


Broan-NuTone 9815WH Grille Heater

  • Wall heater type
  • 1500 wattage
  • UL-listed model
  • User-friendly

One of the best highlights of the Broan-NuTone 9815WH Grille Heater is its built-in adjustable front thermostat. It makes controlling temperature an easy, safe task. It has 1500 wattage (120V AC) but it can still shift to 1500W at 240V AC with ease. The heater has a modern design featuring understated contours, radius edges, straight louvers and a cover made with quality galvanized steel. If you want something that will allow you to streamline your heater with the current home décor, this is a good pick.


Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater

  • 11,000 BTUs
  • Includes thermostat
  • Provides clean energy
  • Fast, simple installation

If you want something that you can mount on the wall for heating purposes, the Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater is a nice recommendation. You only need to connect the heater direct vent to the gas fitter and it will do its job. One of the most durable natural gas heaters around, this one ranks high on the construction factor—it is made with die-cast aluminum and glass ceramic window for extra safety. It can capably accommodate rooms with its 11,000 BTUs. For manual temperature fixes, the device is equipped with a built-in thermostat as well.


Mr. Heater Natural Gas Heater

  • Ideal for rooms 1000 sq. ft.
  • 30,000 BTUs
  • Blue flame burner
  • CSA-certified

The Mr. Heater Natural Gas Heater is a vent-free compact and portable heater model which requires no additional power from the outside. Its practical design allows it to be installed on the floor or the wall. The package includes stable feet and a wall bracket so assembly is covered for both installation options. This is a blue flame heater as well which means it gives warmth to spaces and the items around it take in heat from proximate air. The model also features advanced features like the automatic low oxygen shutoff, battery-based electronic ignition and variable heat output.


Camco 57351 Olympian Wave-8 Gas Catalytic Heater

  • 4200-8000 BTU adjustable
  • Works on low pressure gas
  • Silent operations
  • Safety shutoff valve

The Camco 57351 Olympian Wave-8 Gas Catalytic Heater operates by using low pressure gas. It does not contain any electrical drain or battery connection which makes it a good heater to use while camping out. You can use it in the bedroom or any part of the home as you wish. The device features adjustable heating which ranges from 4,200 to 8,000 BTUs per hour. It does not have any fans or blowers as well thus it works without any annoying noises. For extra safety, this heating unit is equipped with a safety shutoff valve as well.

Compartmentalize the heating in your home by depending on high-quality, reliable natural gas heaters. Natural gas provides clean energy while at the same time, allows homeowners to save on energy consumption too.