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Top Extendable Dining Table Picks

Young professionals and newly-married couples at times need to make do with a smaller space. There are lots of ways though in which one can maximize available room in a small apartment. Maybe you have heard about the extendable dining table but would like to read more information about it. We would love to give you the essentials on this item and add a few recommendations along the way for easy reference.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the standard shapes of extendable dining tables?

    Answer: Extendable dining tables come in 4 shapes—square, rectangular, round and oval tables. Depending on the size, extendable dining tables can seat 6 to 14 individuals.

  2. What material is great for extendable dining tables?

    Answer: Extendable dining tables made from solid wood are often high-quality. Ones made from recycled wood composite are also great picks since this material is resistant to denting, scratching and scuffing.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing extendable dining tables?

    Answer: First, you need to get a size that fits your dining area. The room should have enough space for the table once it’s extended. Longer extendable dining tables can sit 10 people at a time while compact ones can accommodate up to 4 individuals. Extendable dining tables come in a good range of materials from solid wood, recycled wood composite, MDF, particleboard and tempered glass. Some tables are also made from a combination of those materials. For durability, you can always count on solid wood and recycled wood. For those who want to use the extendable dining table inside and outside of the house, make sure that you get one that is lightweight and easy to carry. You can also decide whether you want to get a table complete with chairs or benches.

Our Top Picks


Signature Design by Ashley Realyn Dining Room Extension Table

  • Engineered wood
  • Oval shape
  • Includes veneers
  • Seats up to 6 people

The Realyn Dining Room Extension Table is designed with a drop-in leaf so you can accommodate your guests whenever they drop by for dinner. The table is crafted with quality engineered wood and veneers, equipped with an individual extension leaf. You can extend the table by dragging both ends and popping in the leaf. The leaf has been incorporated in a way that it’s not too obvious in the assembly. The whole ensemble has an eye-catching white hue with a natural oak tone which fits most modern kitchens.


SEI Furniture Driness Drop Leaf Convertible Console Dining Table

  • Wood composite material
  • Rectangular shape
  • Seats 4 to 6 people
  • Includes MDF, melamine, metal tube

The Driness Drop Leaf Convertible Console Dining Table is a good choice since it has interesting highlights from its minimalist styling down to its 2-in-one design. You can turn the item into a console table by sinking the drop leaf or use the leaf to unlock the dining table. This option has made an impact with customers due to its elegant white metallic foundation which is easily complimented by the rugged gray finishing. It seats around 4 to 6 individuals and the built is made up of wood composite, MDF, a metal tube and melamine materials.


Inspirer Studio ILIS Extendible Dining Table

  • High-quality MDF board
  • Seats 6 to 8 people
  • High-gloss white color
  • Modern design

The attention-grabbing contemporary design of the Inspirer Studio ILIS Extendible Dining Table will surely be the top choice of homeowners who want something chic, sleek and elegant in the dining room. This one is made from first-rate MDF board with a shiny, white surface that will instantly accentuate and perk up living spaces. The table extends up to 160 centimeters and it can accommodate up to 8 individuals. This is a good choice if you are fond of throwing dinner parties.


Pemberly Row Extendable Dining Table

  • Solid wood and MDF
  • Square shape
  • Tapered square legs
  • Deep cappuccino color

The Pemberly Row Extendable Dining Table mainly presents a solid wood built. The modern design is a nice fit for majority of dining rooms today—it is highlighted by a wooden top, a sophisticated square shape and a butterfly leaf which measures 12 inches. This option is a great value-for-your-money deal due to its design and durable built. If you’re after built, solid wood is always an excellent pick. This option is ideal to place in smaller areas in the house, thus making this one an ideal furniture for downscaled apartments.


Furgle 5-Piece Furniture Kitchen Set

  • Thick MDF board
  • Water-resistant ash veneer
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Seats up to 8 people

Now if you want chairs that will match your extendable dining table perfectly, you need to check out the Furgle 5-Piece Furniture Kitchen Set. The set features 4 chairs which were constructed to suit the table’s overall style. The chairs are made with solid wood frames and feature cushioned seats too. The table meanwhile is crafted from high-quality, thick 18mm MDF board and has a lengthy, folding leaf which is slotted into the middle of the table. When the leaf is not in use, it is typically held in positioned under the table care of brace clips. The leaf can be used to extend table length from 55.1 inches to a nice 70.8 inches.


Walker Edition Furniture Company Expandable Room Table

  • Rectangle shape
  • Antique black finish
  • Seats up to 8 people
  • Hidden center leaf

The Walker Edition Furniture Company Expandable Room Table is one durable model, designed to accommodate up to 100 lbs. and seat 8 individuals maximum. The strength of the table is due to its legs, which were positioned at either end of the table, linked close to its foundation by means of a bar. This structure allows the table to remain in place even when there are people leaning over it. The table is heavy but if you have no plans to turn it into an all-around table at home, this is perfect placed in the dining room.

Now you can entertain friends and family for dinners and intimate parties by using an extendable table. Get the freshest recommendations in this list—we choose only the best to help make buying decisions an easier one.