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Top Baby Sound Machine Recommendations

Babies, particularly newborns, are light sleepers, and research shows babies average between 8-18 hours of sleep each day. However, they tend to wake up frequently. This is due to the fact that their internal clocks hare not synchronized with the 24-hour clock. Thus, in order to familiarize their bodies with the external 24-hour day and have them sleep at proper times, a baby sound machine is a good idea.

Before babies were born, the mother’s womb is constantly filled with the sound of white noise, a sound which comforts them and allows them to sleep. Discover the workings of these machines by reading the rest of this article.

Buyers Guide

  1. How does a baby sound machine work?

    Answer: Baby sound machines play steady, cyclical white noise to lull babies to sleep. As mentioned earlier, while in utero, babies are surrounded by white noise and this allows them to rest comfortably.

  2. Where can you place a baby sound machine?

    Answer: The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests using baby sound machines with a decibel that does not go over 50 db or decibels. A distance of 7 ft. away from the crib is ideal. Always make sure to use a low setting for the volume. You also need to make sure that the cables of the sound machine are kept out of baby’s reach.

  3. What factors should I consider when buying a baby sound machine?

    Answer: Not all white noise machines offer the same sound—some play the sound of ocean waves, nature sounds, lullabies and the like. You also need to consider the manner of how the volume of the machine can be managed. Baby sound machines either run using electricity or batteries. You should also consider the features baby sound machines offer—some have a wider selection of sounds, some can be controlled through voice control, phone or remote means. Some models come with parental locks, night lights or automatic shut-off functions. Some are portable and travel-friendly while some are more ideal for home use.

Our Top Picks


myBaby White Noise Machine for Babies

  • 6 relaxing lullaby sounds
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Automatic-off timer
  • Includes wall outlet adapter

The myBaby White Noise Machine for Babies has features which makes managing the device a breeze for all parents. It has an auto-off timer to save energy and adjustable volume control. The device also features a nice range of relaxing sounds to help calm your little one down and lull him to sleep—the sound selection includes cradle, heartbeat, white noise, summer night, brook and ocean. The design is quite portable and compact too so it’s great to take along while traveling with your little loved one.


Skip Hop Sleep Training Alarm Clock for Toddlers

  • 4-in-1 design
  • Cloud Lights with color cues
  • Alarm Clock Mode
  • Auto-off/Power Save

The Skip Hop Sleep Training Alarm Clock for Toddlers will help your baby get familiar with the 24-hour day and sleep during proper hours. It has several functions actually—it works as a night light, as a sound machine and as a star projector. Parents can also pick the sound they prefer from relaxing sounds of nature to comforting lullabies. The device comes with a nifty projector with an adjustable lens that rotates to cast a showcase of stars on any surface it hits. This model requires to be plugged in to work.


Homedics White Noise Sound Machine

  • 6 relaxing sounds
  • Portable, compact design
  • Auto-off timer
  • Includes wall outlet adapter

Another good option in the nursery is the Homedics White Noise Sound Machine. It is equipped with 6 soothing sounds that includes standard white noise and nature sounds like brook, rain, ocean and thunder. You can run the device using batteries or use the included adapter. The design of the unit is quite portable as well so this is another excellent travel-friendly pick. This is one of the most affordable too.


Cloud b Frankie The Fox Sound Soother

  • 8 soothing sounds
  • 2 sleep-timer options
  • Has Velcro tab attachment
  • Sound machine and toy

If you want something that will catch your baby’s eye and lull him to rest easily, the Cloud b Frankie The Fox Sound Soother should be your top choice. This adorable baby sound machine does not look like a sleeping device, but its collection of 8 relaxing sounds will help ease and lull your little one to a peaceful respite. It has two sleep-timer options at 23 and 45 minutes. The sound machine also fastens securely on the crib thru its Velcro tab attachment. The sound machine may be placed inside the toy but the sound it emits is still completely perceptible.


Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

  • Multifunctional sound machine
  • Remote control
  • Toddler lock feature
  • Includes night light

The Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine has useful features that helps your baby get used to external 24-hour days—it is made with a nightlight, a time-to-rise alert and of course has sound machine functions. Managing the device is also made easier since parents can control the item through remote means—if you need adjustments, you can just modify it thru your phone using the Hatch Baby Rest app. There’s no getting up in the middle of the night just to turn the sound machine on whenever your little bundle of joy gets roused from his sleep.


Marpac Dohm Classic The Original White Noise Machine

  • Used since 1962
  • Adjustable tone and volume
  • Has 6 ft. 120V AC plug
  • Timeless design

The Marpac Dohm Classic Original White Noise Machine is trusted by lots of generations. Ever since its inception, this sound machine was endorsed by many customers for its effective, soothing ambient sounds. Whether you want to use it to ease baby to sleep, treat your own problematic circadian rhythms or help you relax in unfamiliar surroundings, this device will pull you through. The sound machine operates using a 120V AC plug and it has adjustable volume and tone to set your preferences. It comes in a neat range of colors and has a size and weight that is also quite travel-friendly.

Make your little one sleep well in the evenings with the help of a sound machine. The ambient noise, nature sounds or soothing melodies will help rock your baby to a restful sleep. Get your top pick from our list today.