Best Diabetic Socks

People with diabetes are more prone to foot injury, but this can be mitigated by wearing special socks that reduce moisture, fit the wearer well without being restrictive, provide cushion and even have a light color so that the wearer can spot blood easily. A good pair of diabetic socks take all these considerations into …

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Best Wheelchair Cushions

Being in a wheelchair for extended periods of time can be especially difficult if you are dealing with an injury to your lower body. Wheelchair cushions are especially great for relieving pressure to the coccyx (tailbone) area as they provide a little bit more padding in just the right places, or in some models, offer …

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Best Medicine Balls

Sometimes it’s the simplest of exercise equipment that gets us the best results. Medicine balls are a staple in any professional gym, but they make a superb addition to any home gym due to their compact size and wide range of possibilities for exercises they can help accomplish safely and effectively. Medicine balls are made …

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