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These Cosmetics Train Cases for Travel are Super-Convenient

The rise of social media and video-sharing platforms has led to entertaining and informative content. One of the most popular in this regard is content produced by YouTube beauty gurus—well-known ones like Michelle Phan, Jeffree Star and James Charles have inspired millions or people all over the world to express themselves through makeup. If you want to become a makeup artist, a beauty influencer or simply enjoy trying out and collecting cosmetics, it is essential that you have proper places wherein you can gather and organize them. These beauty gurus do have their trusty train cases to stash their stuff in and protect the items when traveling. If you are in the market for a good train case, here is the guide that you need.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a cosmetics train case?

    Answer: Makeup or cosmetics train cases are containers that allow makeup users to organize and tote cosmetics products. Train cases are larger compared to regular carrying cases and feature a protective structure to safeguard delicate items contained inside it thus they are appropriate for traveling. It comes with storage compartments and plenty of room to contain a wide variety of products. Some also feature wheels for more convenient, easier transport. Handheld ones are great for going out and shorter travels but the larger train cases are more suitable for longer trips. There are also soft-sided and hard-sided cases—the one you select should be able to cover your needs.

  2. What are the different types of camera bags?

    Answer: Makeup train cases vary when it comes to size—there are portable ones which are handy for going out ad short trips. There are also train cases that are larger so it can accommodate a wider selection of products—as mentioned earlier, the bigger ones are more suitable for longer travels. The larger ones are capable of holding makeup brushes, foundations, powders, lipstick, eyeshadow and blush palettes, nail polishes and more. The bigger makeup train cases are also suitable for people who are working in the beauty industry, whether for events, photo and film shoots, workshops or lectures. There are train cases with extra bags for better organization—removable cases which can be zipped on the train case is a great option which allows for easy product access. There are also adjustable trays present in some train cases—the adjustable dividers allow further customization of the trays’ layout. Some also feature several tiers to keep products organized and secure. There are makeup train cases that swivel while some pop out. All train cases have handles while some feature straps. There are also locking mechanisms present on some train cases to keep makeup from spilling or leaking. As for wheels, only the larger train cases have them for convenient transport.

  3. How do I keep my train case clean?

    Answer: Make sure to always have a stash of cleaning supplies on hand so you can remove spills, leaks and stains even when on the go. Make sure to always check the expiry dates of products to avoid contamination and spoiled makeup usage. To avoid cosmetics from turning too early, invest in heat-resistant train cases to prolong their shelf life.

Our Top Picks


Joligrace Professional Adjustable Makeup Train Case

  • XL-size makeup case with compartments
  • Has adjustable tray with dividers
  • Includes deep-bottom compartments
  • Comes with heavy-duty strap and safe lock

The Joligrace Professional Adjustable Makeup Train Case is an excellent pick for beauty professionals who go from one event to another—the train case has enough capacity to carry loads of products and it has sufficident organizational features too which allow for convenient and neat storage of varying items. It is made with a rigid, strong aluminum frame for durability and has reinforced corners too. The built is wear-resistant and it has a nice diamond-finish style which is a snap to clean.


Frenessa Makeup Train Case

  • Reinforced grade-A aluminum frame and built
  • Includes mirror panel
  • Has brush holder
  • Includes key

The Frenessa Makeup Train Case comes in a beautiful mermaid pink hue that is quite elegant and sleek. It even displays stunning effects under different lights. If you want something that catches the eye while at the same time, handy and can contain all of your makeup reliables in a secure and organized way, this is the train case for you. The frame and structure is composed of reinforced Grade-A aluminum for maximum durability plus it comes with helpful features such as 3-tier trays, a mirror panel and a brush holder.


Stagiant Rolling Makeup Train Case

  • Has 4 removable compartments
  • Elegant black diamond design
  • Bigger trunk capacity
  • Removable swivel wheels

The Stagiant Rolling Makeup Train Case features a black surface with elegant diamond bumps on them for a luxe feel. This is a top choice for a train case that makes for convenient transport of your makeup goods—the train case is outfitted with 4 360-degree swivel wheels that move about smoothly. These wheels are also removable and can be replaced if need be. The train case also comes with 4 removable compartments and a bigger bottom compartment for storing hairstyling devices. For extra security, this one comes with a key and lockable latches on its top and sides.


Caboodles Love Struck Six Tray Makeup Train Case

  • Includes 6 square cantilever trays
  • Has roomy interior storage
  • Travel-friendly case
  • Stores makeup and accessories

Caboodles is an iconic brand in makeup organizers, having produced a trendy range of makeup cases in the 80s and 90s. The brand has been revived and one of their better offers is the Love Struck Six Tray Makeup Train Case. The case comes with 6 square cantilever trays, a locking latch with keys, roomy storage and a size that’s handy for traveling. The auto-open trays also make for easy access to your cosmetics, toiletries and accessories. If you want something nostalgic yet fresh, this is a good choice.


Train Case 4-in-1 Professional Portable Makeup Train Case

  • Versatile trolley-style makeup case
  • Offers 4 optional combination styles
  • Has different-size compartments
  • High-quality aluminum frame

The Train Case 4-in-1 Professional Portable Makeup Train Case is one versatile organizer—the design allows for four optional combination styles to suit your preference and specifications. The built and quality of the case is reliable, being fashioned with first-rate aluminum frame durable ABS frame and reinforced stainless steel corners. The top section of the train case is actually kept inside the bottom section. The lining is made from velvet and for easier transport, has 4 360-degree swivel wheels.


Byootique 3in1 Leather Makeup Artist Travel Train Case

  • Has gradient vintage malachite green color
  • Free-combination design
  • Includes 4 retractable trays
  • Has 4 removable 360-degree spinner wheels

The Byootique 3in1 Leather Makeup Artist Travel Train Case presents a luxurious PU leather structure strengthened by a durable aluminum frame. The train case has features that professionals will appreciate, from its smooth removable 360-degree spinner wheels, retractable trays and free-combination design. The free-combination design allows specific parts of the train case to be used as a handbag, shoulder bag or as a portable medium-size case. The whole ensemble was finished off by a chic gradient vintage malachite green surface.

The makeup train case will make organizing and toting your makeup anywhere you go a simple task. They vary in sizes, colors and features. Bigger train cases also offer removable, smooth swivel wheels for effortless transport. Choose the best train case that accommodates your needs and specifications.