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These are Our Favorite Gaming Desks

At this time, the gaming industry is worth upwards of $150 billion. The most avid gamers invest in equipment that allow for the best gaming experience. Apart from their favorite gaming platforms and the peripherals they rely on, they also want a spiffy location wherein they can take part in their pursuit in utmost comfort. A nice set-up would of course include comfy chairs and a nice, trusty gaming desk. If you are in the market for a desk that can accommodate your choice platform and accessories, you may want to read the whole article for tips in finding the right gaming desk.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a gaming desk exactly?

    Answer: The gaming desk is a type of desk designed expressly for that specific pursuit. The desk has features which are purposefully optimized for convenient, hassle-free gaming. The overall design of the gaming desk allows gamers to fully concentrate on their games in comfort. There lots of variety in gaming desks—users can basically choose a model that fits their specifications. One advantageous feature of a gaming desk is a spot where users can conceal wires so it will not get in the way during activities plus areas where one can position the CPU and other similar units.

  2. What factors should I consider when choosing gaming desks?

    Answer: First, you need to decide whether you want a fully-assembled desk or the pre-assembled type. Check the material of the desk—gaming desks are made from either wood, natural bamboo, glass, MDF wood or a combination of any of those materials. Next, you have to choose the shape of the desk—there are L-shaped desks which are bigger and recommended for corner spaces or you can choose a standard rectangular desk. Consider the storage features next—gaming units are prone to heating thus you need a spot for your CPU and desktop where the units can get sufficient air flow. In addition, consider additional storage space for your game titles, accessories, places for your unit’s wiring and snacks. The best gaming desks in the business must feature an appropriate height for your gaming chair too for the best comfort. Ergonomics are key in getting a gaming desk that is kind to your body and posture.

  3. What are the different types of gaming desks?

    Answer: Gaming desks are different from standard work desks but they are still available in many variants or forms. The most common gaming desk variants in the market include the previously mentioned L-shaped straight corner gaming desks, the L-shaped gaming desks for curved corners, the cubicle-rectangle gaming desk, foldable gaming desk, curved rectangular gaming desk and the standing gaming desk.

Our Top Picks


Mr. IRONSTONE Large Gaming Desk

  • Measures 63 x 32 inches diameter
  • MDF-PVC laminated surface
  • Comes with 3 cable management holes
  • Stable and durable R frame

The Mr. IRONSTONE Large Gaming Desk has enough space for your activity essentials—this one features a combo MDF and PVC laminated surface and includes features like a headphone hook, cup holder and 3 cable management holes so your wires will not get in the way. The table is made even stabler by its sturdy, dependable metal frame legs. The desk tops are divided into 3 segments but assembly for the whole structure is easy as pie. Functions well as a regular workstation too.


Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

  • Measures 5.3 and 2.7 ½ inches
  • Has custom mouse pad
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Made for easy transport

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk makes for an excellent investment. A bit heavy at 176 pounds but all that substantial weight can only mean that this table will last loads of gaming sessions—it’s an indication that its durability is quite exceptional. Apart from the reliable weight, the overall design of the unit is advantageous too—it has sufficient space for your gaming units and accoutrements plus its depth measures 31 inches too so there’s no need for gamers to budge closer to the screen during gameplay. The table comes in a nice array of colors too so it can match your room’s color scheme.


Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

  • 55-inch game desk
  • Has color-changing LED lights
  • Extra-convenient features
  • 176 pounds weight capacity

The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk is another great choice. This model features a topnotch cable management system in the form of an under-desk socket storage and cable management grommets. Conceal those cables linked to your gaming devices under the desk and forget them while you’re playing. The table also includes excellent accessories from a socket bracket, a cup holder and a game controller stand with 4 USB ports and a double hook. It has multi-color RGB lighting too so you can choose the perfect light for your activities. Ergonomics are taken care of and its structure is quite stable, durable and dependable.


AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk

  • Measures 51.0 x 23.43 x 35.8 inches
  • Has steel K leg design
  • Includes 5-slot game storage shelf
  • Made with carbon fiber laminates

The AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk is already equipped with storage fit for your controller, headphone and speaker and a lot more. It is crafted from durable carbon fiber laminates and has an overall weight capacity of 100 pounds. The table is also outfitted with a secondary shelf for the monitors and a charging stand to juice up devices. The structure for this table is quite sturdy thanks to the steel frame and excellent design elements which not only uphold its appearance but product integrity as well.


MOTPK Gaming Desk

  • Desktop measures 60 × 23.7 inches
  • 330 pounds weight capacity
  • Multi-function game desk
  • T-shape steel frame

The MOTPK Gaming Desk is a nice ergonomically-designed desk meant to make the activity more organized and free from hassles. The durable T-shape steel frame guarantees stability at all times plus it helps withstand a whopping 300 pounds of weight too. This table answers the needs of those who participate for eSports tournaments packed with features like generous room for 3 monitors, a durable carbon fiber surface and accessories like cable holes, socket holder, cup holder and headphone hook.


Foxemart Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

  • Measures 55.2 x 23.6 x 29.6 inches
  • Includes open storage shelves
  • Scratch-resistant high-quality desk surface
  • Strong powder-coated metal frame

The Foxemart Computer Desk with Storage Shelves has a built that is meant to last. This one is equipped with a sturdy frame made from powder-coated metal reinforced further with solid steel brackets. The desk surface is completely scratch-resistant—its appearance quite modern and charming. Assembles easily thanks to the labeled components and detailed instructions. The table also features open storage shelves for setting up your computer tower and other gaming essentials. Works excellently as a gaming desk and as a simple work desk.

The gaming desk comes in handy for such pursuits since it is designed with the needs of gamers in mind. Our list may be just the guide you need to score an impeccable desk for hours and hours of hassle-free gameplay.