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The Most Comfortable Weighted Blankets

Many individuals all over the world are plagued by insomnia. This problem is usually caused by several factors, including certain health conditions, medications, anxiety and stress. Insomnia occurs regardless of age as well. Weighted blankets belong to the therapies health experts recommend to treat this common condition. For more information about weighted blankets, you can peruse our handy guide along with a list of the best products in the business.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a weighted blanket do?

    Answer: The weighted blanket is a specific blanket which is designed to make use of DTP (Deep Touch Pressure) and DPS (Deep Pressure Stimulation) principles to ease sleep and treat high anxiety levels and persistent stress issues. Weighted blankets are packed with poly pellets, beads made from polypropylene plastic, discs or glass beads. Weighted blankets come in a good range of materials and sizes. Weighted blankets help support and calm the body during sleep by moving it downward. Due to its weight, weighted blankets are not recommended on infants and small children.

  2. How do you clean and maintain weighted blankets?

    Answer: You can wash weighted blankets in cool water in washing machines that can accommodate king-sized comforters. A gentle laundry detergent that’s free from dyes, fabric softeners and bleach is recommended. However, if the blanket weights over 25 lbs., it is better that you bring the weighted blanket at a laundromat since most washing machines used by those services are bigger compared to regular household washing machines. When you are drying a weighted blanket, it is better if you allow it to air-dry than throwing it inside a dryer. While there are weighted blankets which are capable of enduring high dryer heat, allowing weighted blankets to air-dry naturally extends the lifespan of its fabric and filler. When you are line-drying a weighted blanket, you have to make sure that it drapes evenly so the weight is distributed uniformly—this will help retain the shape and form of the blanket.

  3. What factors should I consider when buying a weighted blanket?

    Answer: The first aspect you need to consider when choosing a weighted blanket is the weight itself. You have to pick the right weight for your needs. 12 lbs. is a good starting point for majority of adults. However, you can consider a lighter one if this kind suits your frame and sleeping needs well. For older children, suitable weighted blankets for their age usually begin at 8 lbs. Decide on the size by basing it again on your needs—do you want something you can use for naps or are you in the market for a bigger weighted blanket that is designed like a comforter? Some weighted blankets are not washing machine-friendly so it’s best that you consider a cover for the blanket. Blanket covers though need to be purchased separately.

Our Top Picks


rocabi Deluxe Weighted Blanket

  • 80″x86″ King Size
  • Removable & Machine Washable Luxury Cover
  • Premium Oderless Glass Beads

The rocabi King Size Luxury Weighted Blanket for adults is 80″x86″ and is perfect for sharing on a king-size bed. It comes with a removable, plush Minky-soft cover that incorporated a sensory-dot underbelly texture. The contemporary aesthetic is a perfect complement to enhance any bedroom design. Experience the hug of the blanket as the weight forms a cozy cocoon around your whole body and lulls you into a deep, restful sleep.


Casper Sleep Weighted Blanket

  • 20 lbs. weight
  • 50 x 70 inches
  • 100% cotton outer shell
  • Micro bead fill

The Casper Sleep Weighted Blanket is made to help ease anxiety, stress and sleeplessness for its users by way of its 20 lbs. weight and soft 100 percent authentic, breathable cotton shell. The quilted design makes for better distribution of its micro bead fill while its three-layer downy batting facilitates comfort and displays high-quality construction.


Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket w/ 2 Duvet Covers

  • 10 lbs. weight
  • 41 x 60 inches
  • Uses Deep Pressure Stimulation principles
  • Nano-ceramic bead fill

The Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket utilizes Deep Pressure Stimulation principles to provide a calming effect on its users. The blanket has a throw-blanket size at 41 x 60 inches and weights 10 lbs. The package comes with two duvet covers as well. This product is highlighted by its 10-point locking system for even fill distribution plus fine, dense nano ceramic beads.


Weighted Idea Premium Weighted Blanket

  • 20 lbs. weight
  • 60 x 80 inches
  • Made from 100% natural cotton
  • Soft and cozy

The Weighted Idea Premium Weighted Blanket’s ultra-comfortable quality is due to its use of breathable, 100 percent natural cotton material, making it a nice blanket to use regardless of the season. It is designed to accommodate the body to ease a peaceful sleep and stave off stress and anxiety. The blanket features 8 sturdy corner loops to assure that the blanket is tucked securely in the duvet cover. The blanket also comes with 5 x 5-inch pockets to allocate bead weight uniformly during sleep.


Qusleep Diamond Weighted Blanket

  • 15 lbs. weight
  • 48 x 72 inches
  • Multilayered microfiber stitching
  • Glass bead fill

The Qusleep Diamond Weighted Blanket makes use of high-quality Egyptian cotton plus a design that allows it to distribute weight evenly during use for total comfort and tranquility. It has a glass bead fill supplemented by diamond stitching for the best weight and secure construction. Whether you want to use it for sleep or as a faithful, comfortable companion for relaxing at home, this weighted blanket satisfies well.


Layla Weighted Blanket

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • 300-thread count
  • Hexagon pocket
  • Quiet tiny glass bead fill

The Layla Weighted Blanket makes resting the perfect treatment for stress, anxiety and fitful sleep. It presents a blanket that’s made from soft, smooth and breathable 100 percent cotton complemented by a fleecy top layer. The blanket also boasts of a 300 thread count for the best comfort plus quiet, tiny glass beads which are stitched inside 2 layers of polyfill batting. The construction makes for weight that is distributed uniformly throughout the blanket.


Baloo Weighted Blanket for Adults

  • 15 lbs. weight
  • Made from premium breathable cotton
  • Uses Deep Touch Pressure principle
  • 60 x 80 inches

The Baloo Weighted Blanket for Adults is a 15 lbs. therapy blanket crafted from the finest breathable cotton material that’s free from chemicals and very safe for everyday use. It features a secure, quilted motif that contains the weighted filler strongly without the bunching. It incorporates DPT principles and is quite washing machine and dryer-safe for maintenance that’s free from hassles.

Never worry about restlessness at night again with the right weighted blanket. The weighted blanket excels in helping our bodies recover from stress and anxiety. Its design and construction, further enhanced by quality materials, make for sleep and rest that are rewarding.