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The Essentials on Sleep Headphones Plus Best Picks

We are aware of the importance of sleep, and each of us apply a variety of ways to make ourselves fall asleep. Some of us get by with a good book while some drink milk or make use of aromatherapy methods to ease sleeping. There’s another method though that you might have heard of from a friend or co-worker; the use of sleep headphones and earbuds. For a general picture of these items, trust this handy guide to provide the right info.

Buyers Guide

  1. What type should I use: headphones, earbuds or sleep headbands?

    Answer: Sleep headphones function in the same manner as standard headphones—these items fit over the ears and has the same bulky appearance as the latter. Due to their built, this one is best recommended for back sleepers. Earbuds on the other and are worn inside the ears but like sleep headphones are also more ideal for back sleepers. Earbuds also require to be cleaned frequently since it is prone to bacteria buildup. Sleep headbands are comfortable and can be used by both back and side sleepers. Some models are also made with breathable material for extra comfort during sleep.

  2. Which is better: wired or wireless sleep devices?

    Answer: The bad thing about wired earbuds and headphones is the fact that the cable gets tangled while you sleep. The cable might even get disconnected to your device. Sleeping with wires all over can be uncomfortable. Wireless headphones and earbuds are comfortable and will not get in the way. However, you do need to take into consideration its battery life. If you want wireless sleep headphones and earbuds, do check the battery life of the device first and see how long it can operate before it requires a charge.

  3. What noise-canceling features are used on sleep headphones/earbuds/headbands?

    Answer: There are two types of noise-canceling features that sleep devices make use of; passive and active noise-canceling. In passive-type systems, the soundwaves are blocked physically from getting into the user’s ears. Majority of earbuds fall into this group. Meanwhile, active noise-canceling utilizes electronic indicators to remove sound—it functions by reflecting noises in the background and transporting it thru the headphones or earbuds. Active-canceling headphones and earbuds are more effective compared to passive types.

Our Top Picks


SleepPhones Classic AcousticSheep

  • Includes 48-inch cord
  • Has 3.5 mm headphone plug
  • Machine-washable fabric
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable

The SleepPhones Classic AcousticSheep comes in a good selection of sizes and colors to suit everyone’s preferences. This sleep device features breathable, lightweight and hypoallergenic fabric that is machine-washable for minimal maintenance. The earphones come in the form of super-thin, detachable speakers which is embedded into the headband. Very comfortable to use since it comes with padding and it’s soft to boot, ideal for all types of sleepers. You can also use the headband as a sleep mask in case you need to catch ZZzss in the daytime.


CozyPhones Sleep Headphones with Travel Bag

  • Ultra-thin, padded 1/8-inch speakers
  • Removable speakers with 52-inch cord
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Washable material

The CozyPhones Sleep Headphones is not only meant for sleep, it can be used for yoga and meditation plus other activities where you need some calm and quiet. This sleeping device comes in a headband design—it is crafted with lightweight, comfortable and washable material plus removable, padded speakers. The headband also includes a mesh lining to pad and protect the speakers. Its long anti-tangle cable measures 1.5 meters and will not get in the way while you sleep. Already includes a travel bag for better storage.


Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

  • Has HD QN1e noise-canceling processor
  • Features 24bit audio signal processing
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Truly wireless design

For back sleepers, we have the Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones. This model comes with several earbud sizes ranging from 3 triple-comfort buds and 4 hybrid silicone earbuds. This is a wireless model so this means you do not need to content with wires as you sleep, making the activity more comfortable for you. Battery life is 6 hours max plus it is equipped with effective noise-canceling to remove all sorts of noises in the background for better sleep. Sound quality is impressive, being a Sony product.


MAXROCK (TM) Unique Total Soft Silicon Sleeping Headphones

  • ErgoFit feature
  • Includes built-in microphone for mobile phones
  • Has noise-isolating feature
  • Suitable for devices with 3.5mm audio cord

The MAXROCK Unique Total Soft Silicon Sleeping Headphones is one of the best affordable options in sleep headphones today. Very comfortable to wear since the device is crafted from quality soft silicone. The design of the device is low-profile as well which means it will not sink into your ears while your head is propped up by a pillow. To block noise, the headphones include a double-layered earbud design that utilizes passive noise cancelation for the most efficient noise removal.


LC-dolida 3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

  • Ergonomic Bluetooth sleep headphones
  • Bluetooth V5.0 stereo sound
  • More than 10 hours playing time
  • Soft and breathable fabric

If you want the full benefits of a face mask and sleep headphones, then you should check out the workings of the LC-dolida 3D Sleep Mask Bluetooth Sleep Headphones. The device features a mask made from high-quality, hypoallergenic, breathable and soft fabric that is comfortable and lightweight. Its sleeping device functions has longer playing time too (up to 10 hours max). Charging takes 2-2.5 hours. Its ergonomic design will not add pressure to the eye area while at the same time, provides a secure fit. Ideal for all types of sleepers.


Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Excellent Active EQ and TriPort technology audio
  • Features Aware mode
  • Includes 3 pairs of StayHear tips
  • Has inline mic/remote

The Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones provide impressive comfort and eases sleep with its choice features. A rightful splurge that is worth every cent, it features QuietComfort technology which efficiently hinders outside noise while its inner ear tips are a breeze to wear due to its softness and flexibility. A restless sleeper? No problems, for the device comes with a clothing clip so you can fasten it securely on your tops or pajamas.

Don’t make sleeping a luxury—get all the comfort you need by choosing high-quality sleeping headphones, earbuds and headbands.