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The Essential Whiteboards for Offices Today

Ever since the whiteboard was launched in the mid-60s, it has become a staple in every office and school. Whiteboards were the antithesis of that good old standard: the blackboard, wiping away the latter’s disadvantages (messy chalk dust, hard-to-remove chalk stains). Thanks to technology, whiteboards have been updated as well to suit modern demands. If you’re in the market for a newfangled contemporary whiteboard, all you need is this article to guide you. Read more for essential info and the best products.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the difference between a whiteboard and a dry-erase board?

    Answer: The whiteboard and the dry-erase board; these two have been used interchangeably. And that’s proper since there’s no difference between the two, actually. The dry-erase board/whiteboard is a kind of board made with material that is smooth and non-porous, used with special pens with dry-erase inks that rubs away easily using a dry wiper. Technically, this specific board is called a dry-erase board but the term whiteboard has become the popular term for it due to its recognizable white color.

  2. Can permanent markers be removed from whiteboards?

    Answer: There is still a way to remove permanent markers off of a whiteboard. All you need to do is get a dry-erase marker, trace the permanent marker writing with the dry-erase marker, wipe it away and it’s gone. Dry-erase markers contain non-polar solvent in it and this causes permanent ink to dissolve and combine with the dry-erase ink.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing a whiteboard?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the size of the board—get one that accommodates the purpose, whether for personal or office use. You also need to mull over the material the board was made of—high-quality ones are durable and will last many uses. Do not forget to check the frame of the board as well since this can have an impact to the overall durability of the board. Whiteboards are made from several materials—tempered glass is considered to be the most durable. Get one that is resistant against staining, scratches, denting and ghosting. See if you want additional features thrown in—there are whiteboards with magnetic surfaces now and some are also equipped with wheels and interlocked brakes for mobile presentations. Lastly, consider the budget you want to spend on a whiteboard. No need to worry though since whiteboards come in a nice range of price points—there is a good whiteboard out there that matches your budget.

Our Top Picks


AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board

  • Magnetic whiteboard
  • Has double-painted surface
  • Serves as magnetic bulletin
  • Includes marker and magnets

The AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board has an even, streamlined surface that will not only serve as a base for writing content, its magnetic properties also allows the board to function as a magnetic bulletin. Thus, this makes it into a 2-in-one best-value whiteboard that you can take advantage of for personal and professional use. Very easy to install and can be positioned horizontally or vertically, whatever you prefer.


Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase Board

  • Seamless scratch-resistant surface
  • Porcelain/enameled magnetic board
  • Removable silver aluminum marker tray
  • Includes dry-erase marker and two magnets

The Lockways Magnetic Dry Erase Board is one durable option that will last many business presentations, meetings and personal uses. It suits nearly all dry-erase markers and its sturdy built will never warp, bubble, crease not dent over time, regardless of temperature. This is due to an effective technology the board was designed with. The board also features a removable aluminum marker tray plus an anti-scratch silver aluminum frame supplemented by rounded nylon corners.


Excello Global Products Dry Erase Magnetic White Board

  • Has rustic wooden frame
  • Includes pre-installed brackets
  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • Stylish traditional appearance

The Excello Global Products Dry Erase Magnetic White Board is a great budget option that has a stylish wooden frame reminiscent of blackboard of old, only its surface is white in color and has a wipeable, smooth board. It accommodates most dry-erase markers and already include pre-installed brackets for a hassle-free assembly. Strong and ideal for long-term use. High-quality materials made in the U.S. of A.


Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board

  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Magnetic whiteboard
  • Strong yet lightweight built
  • Includes mounting kit

The Officeline Ultra-Slim, Lightweight Magnetic Dry Erase Board makes setting up an easy chore since it already includes a mounting kit in the package. Another good reasonably-priced pick with a slew of top points—durable built, well-made, lightweight and has magnetic properties. Apart from writing stuff on it, you can also use the board as a magnetic pinboard. Write plans on it, pin notes and inspirational images. Take your pick.


U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board

  • Stain and ghosting resistant
  • Includes eraser and Pin-It cork magnet
  • Great for all dry-erase markers
  • Has simple mounting system

The U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board is one durable board since it will stay functional regardless of the temperature. Thus, this one also makes for an effective magnetic whiteboard for outdoor use. The magnetic surface is seamless and resistant against low-quality whiteboard issues like ghosting and staining. Installation is also made easier courtesy of the brand’s mounting system/double-sided Velcro installation strips.


VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard/Dry Erase Board

  • Even, seamless magnetic surface
  • Durable whiteboard
  • Simple installation
  • Includes pen tray and fixing kits

The VIZ-PRO Magnetic Whiteboard/Dry Erase Board is one sturdy melamine-based board that’s great schools, offices and personal use at home. It is designed with ABS plastic corners and has a nice aluminum frame with silver finish. The corners allow for a simple installation—users only need to screw the board in place. Excellently-built and made to last with a surface that serves practical purposes.

Why rely on messy blackboards and chalks when you can easily, conveniently take notes, pin items and jot down important messages and points using a high-quality, magnetic whiteboard? These modern whiteboards are easier to use and they also serve various purposes. Versatile items they can be since they’re made to fit the current demands of schools and offices. For those on the hunt for the perfect whiteboard, just use our guide as solid reference.