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The Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

Looking for something unique for your kids to play with? How about a toy that can help improve the way they communicate and cooperate with others? A walkie talkie. From younger kids to even the young adults, your kiddos will definitely have a great time playing around the backyard or garden with their walkie talkies. They can do hide and seek, scavenger hunt, capture the flag, the list of fun never ends. Guess what? Walkie talkies provide an amazing way for kids to play physically, gain some exercise and make more friends.

So you just realized how you crazy good things can go with walkie talkies, make sure to take this one too –fitness tracker for kids. Let them have fun and watch them get fit in no time.

Now onward, let us check the things you must remember when buying for walkie talkies for kids.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a walkie talkie?

    Answer: A walkie talkie simply put is a radio device that can send and receive voice messages over a closed limited channel. Think of it like a limited range cellphone but you can only call and receive calls from the same person and no one else.

  2. What battery is good for walkie talkies?

    Answer: We recommend going for walkie talkies that use rechargeable batteries. Although the price may be higher than those using standard AA or AAA batteries, this will save you time and money from replacing worn out batteries every 2 days or so. Some walkie talkies use 4 batteries so just imagine the savings and reduced e-waste.

  3. What do you need to consider when buying a walkie talkie for kids?

    Answer: Here are things to look out for, range, battery usage, build quality and design. Range -this refers to the max distance the walkie talkie will work. The better the range the more play distance you can cover. Battery usage – is it rechargeable or not rechargeable? How many batteries does it use? How long does it last? Is the battery and charging unit included? Build quality -how is the unit put together? What material is used? Is it durable and kid friendly? Is it toxic and lead free? Design -in the end of the day your kids must like it otherwise -it is a failed purchase.

Our Top Picks


LOOIKOOS Walkie Talkie Set

  • Up to 3 km. range
  • With flash light
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design

The LOOIKOOS Walkie Talkie Set is a versatile pick for a kiddie walkie talkie. It has a VOX handsfree comms system that allows flawless ease in communication. It has a stylish easy to grip design that is lightweight and portable and it uses 4 AAA Batteries.


Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids

  • Keypad lock
  • Only 90g
  • 3 X 2AA
  • VOX function

The Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids is a great entry walkie talkie for its price, you have a VOX handsfree function, a keypad lock, led backlit display and clear sounding units. This walkie talkie works with 3 AA batteries at about 2.6 KM range and has a belt clip included. For more information, please see video tutorial and demonstration.


Selieve Toys Walkie Talkies

  • Great build
  • Drop resistant
  • Up to 3 km range
  • Compact design

The Selieve Toys Walkie Talkies is the our best pick for value for money. You get a 1.2 m drop resistant walkie talkie so it is durable and will have a great service life. it comes with a built in flashlight and a belt clip plus a key lock to avoid changing the channels. The Selieve Toys Walkie Talkies is built with security in mind and is reinforced with 99 CTCSS sub-codes for communication privacy. For more information, please see video tutorial and demonstration.


Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies

  • Water resistant
  • Filters noise
  • Up to 3 km.
  • Lcd backlight

The Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies are great for those who like good sounding walkie talkies. It has an anti-squelch system that filters background noise so that you can only send and receive clear voice communication signals. The Obuby Toys Walkie Talkies also makes a great gift with its lightweight grip and stylish design.


Topsung 4 Pack Walkie Talkies

  • Ultra long range
  • 4 Pack bundle
  • With 3 rechargeable batteries each
  • Great for outdoor and camping

The Topsung 4 Pack Walkie Talkies is great for those who have older kids. It sports ultra long range of 4 miles over water and 16 miles when on mountain and valley tops. Perfect communication device for outdoors, camping out or hiking. The best in terms of battery performance with a 48 hour standby time and comes with 3 rechargeable batteries per unit. It also comes with the charger. The Topsung 4 Pack Walkie Talkies is the best in performance when it comes to walkie talkies for kids. For more information, please see video tutorial and demonstration.


QNIGLO Wearable Walkie Talkies

  • Rechargeable via micro usb
  • Wearable, mountable
  • Stylish design
  • 24h Talk time

The QNIGLO Wearable Walkie Talkies sports a cute design and color that kids will enjoy. It has an amazing 24 hour talk time powered by a built in rechargeable battery. It is wearable and can also be mounted on your ebike or scoot. The QNIGLO Wearable Walkie Talkies also has a built in fm radio should you wish to make use of some music.

Walkie talkies for kids sure bring a lot of fun. Don’t forget these walkie talkies are useful too especially in family trips where every one is out in the field or in the case of sudden weather disturbances. If you think this is the best time for you to pick up a walkie talkie for your kids, then make sure to check this guide from time to time for you to get the most out of your kids play time.