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The Best Telescopes: Explore The Universe

We are always fascinated by what is out there – in space. Interplanetary alignment, meteor showers, total solar eclipse, great white thunderstorm, supermoon you name it, we all get crazy about it. For many years we have been pushing the boundaries for space exploration. Given the utility of SpaceX of Elon Musk and other advanced space mission programs, we have always been on a hunt to see things in space we have never, ever seen before. And this might be one of the urging reasons why you badly wanted a powerful telescope. We’ll brace yourself since we are going to take you this great comprehensive guide in buying the best telescope.

So you have decided that you need a telescope. If that’s the case, make sure to get yourself one of these highly reviewed telescoping stools as well.

Getting a telescope requires you to be precise with your expectations and purposes. What would you like to see? How clear and big? What would you like to see in space? There are tons of telescopes out there and knowing these will narrow your search as to what suits you best.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the types of telescopes?

    Answer: The 3 types of telescopes are refractors, reflectors and catadioptrics. Refractors -are usually straight tubed, simple and reliable to operate. Great for observing planets and the moon. Reflectors -uses large primary mirror. Due to the size of the aperture it gathers more light and forms a brighter imagery which is nice to use on viewing star networks like galaxies or nebulas. Catadioptrics -this telescope uses long OTA and short eyepiece, and often has a folded optical perspective. These telescope are great for viewing within short and sky deep space elements but are expensive.

  2. What type mount is best for my telescope?

    Answer: There are 2 types of mounts when it comes to telescope. Alt-Azimuth and German Equatorial. Depending on your needs and experience you may choose which mount suits you. Alt-Azimuth can guide your telescope to 4 directional planes, top, bottom, left and right. German Equatorial on the other hand has 2 more axis apart from the 2 axis mentioned, that allows it to cover certain angles that alt-azimuth mounts can never do.

  3. What do you need to consider when buying a good telescope?

    Answer: Here are things you need to remember in order to purchase a quality telescope. Type of telescope, Aperture, Magnification, Coating, Mount and Warranty. Telescope Type -what would you like to see in space? Depending on your needs there are different types of telescope for depending on your purposes. Aperture -this is the diameter of the objective lens. Simply put this is refers to how large the outer lens of a telescope is. This affects the brightness and clarity of what you will see. The larger the lens the clearer the object. Magnification – Focal length is the distance of the eyepiece from the objective lens. Magnification is computed by dividing the focal length with the eye piece length. In short words the longer the longer your telescope is and the shorter the eye piece you use, the magnification considerably increases. Coating -thin microns applied to the telescope lens to improve viewing capability especially during night viewing. Mount -there are mount types that allows you to move your telescope to different directions. Warranty -always make sure you are covered by a warranty so you can seek replacement or repair if needed.

Our Top Picks


Soft Foot Telescopes for Astronomy Beginners

  • 70mm Large coated aperture
  • Easy to setup
  • 40X and 16X Magnification
  • Adjustable tripod

The Soft Foot Telescopes for Astronomy Beginners is our first time buyer pick for telescopes. It has a great price but also packs enough features for beginners. The aperture is large enough to show clear and crisp images while at the same time lightweight and easy to set. The Soft Foot Telescopes for Astronomy Beginners comes with to eye pieces for 16X and 40X magnifying range just enough for new space explorers.


Celestron AstroMaster Telescope

  • Refractor telescope
  • Fully coated
  • Alt-zimuth mount
  • 2 Year warranty

The Celestron AstroMaster Telescope is great for those who want to pay more to see further in space. It feature a 45X and 90X magnification based on its focal length, with a decent 70mm aperture coupled with an altzimuth mount that is housed in an adjustable height tripod. The Celestron AstroMaster Telescope is great more the more experience space viewers. For more information, please see video tutorial and demonstration.


Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope

  • 127mm Aperture
  • EQ mount
  • Al optical coating
  • 2x Eye piece and 3x barlow lens

For those who just can’t get enough there is Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope. This powerful telescope has a huge 127mm aperture, used with a combination of a 20mm or 4mm eyepiece and 3 barlow lens with an included German equitorial mount, can zoom up objects from 150x up to 450x magnification. For more information, please see video tutorial and demonstration.


OYS Telescope for Adults

  • 70mm Aperture
  • Fully Coated
  • Refractor telescope
  • 20X and 44X Magnification

The OYS Telescope for Adults is a versatile pick. It has great value for its price and comes with 2 eye pieces for a 20X and 44X magnification, alt-azimuth portable mount and a fully coated 70mm aperture for night viewing. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


Celestron NexStar Computerized Telescope

  • 127mm Huge aperture
  • Computerized star locator
  • Maksutov-cassegrain optics
  • 60X and 167X Magnification

For those who wanted a telescope on the higher end and for those more experienced telescope owners, this Celestron NexStar Computerized Telescope is a great upgrade for your next telescope. It sports a 127mm ultra wide aperture and a whopping f/12 focal ratio that meant 60X and 167X magnification factor. The Celestron NexStar Computerized Telescope is poered by a SkyAlign technology that automatically locates stars, planets and other space elements with a computer. For more information, please see video tutorial and demonstration.


SOLOMARK Telescopes for Adults

  • 70mm Refractor telescope
  • EQ mount type
  • Multi coated optics
  • 35X and 70X Magnification

The SOLOMARK Telescopes for Adults is suitable for those who want close and precise night time observation. With a focal ratio of f/10 this telescope can magnify up to 35X and 70X. It comes with an eq mount and sport a multi coated coat for extra precision and clarity. The SOLOMARK Telescopes for Adults also comes with a tripod and a phone adapter

Telescopes remain to be one of man’s greatest inventions. It allows us to see and study the things that might otherwise something we would have never known and allows us to better understand the world we live in. Whether you are space viewing for a hobby or for a possible professional career, there is always a telescope that will best suit your requirements so make sure to check this guide from time to time.