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the Best Survival Canteens to keep you Alive in the Wild

For man to survive, he has to have food, shelter, clothing and most importantly, water. When you’re stuck in the wild, water is the most essential part of survival. You need to have ample supply of it to keep living. To keep up with the demands of living in the rough, you need a trusty survival canteen to contain your supply of H2O while at the same time, be durable enough to serve as a vessel for boiling water. Here are some choice survival canteen picks you ought to know about.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the difference between survival canteens and regular water bottles?

    Answer: Survival canteens are designed to be durable and endure the demands of the wild. In addition, these items often include a cup which slides into the canteen itself. Most importantly, survival canteens are made from materials which can endure fire since it’s also used to boil water and cook food. Survival canteens are often sold as a set which includes a carrying pouch—the pouch has features which allow the bag to strap itself on the user or the user’s gear.

  2. How do you boil water using a survival canteen?

    Answer: To boil water, you need to have a survival canteen which is made from quality metal material. You can use the cup to boil the water in but you can boil it straight thru the bottle if it’s made from titanium. Just remove the lid during the boiling process. Make a campfire and support the filled canteen cup with rocks or sticks and allow water to boil for at least a minute. There are some considerations though; if you are currently in a location at an altitude more than 5000 ft., you need to wait at least 3 minutes to boil the water and completely kill all germs and pathogens in it. This is due to the fact that the higher locations, the longer it takes for water to boil and kill contaminants.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing a good survival canteen?

    Answer: You need to check what kind of material the canteen is made with. For longer-lasting, sturdy canteens, choose ones made from stainless steel or titanium. You also need to settle whether you want an insulated survival canteen or a non-insulated one. The former is useful for water storage however it cannot boil water due to the double-wall construction. Opt for non-insulated survival canteens if you want to use it for boiling water or cooking food. Make sure that the canteen is sturdy enough to tolerate the elements, extreme conditions and craggy terrain. Great survival canteens are resistant against breakage and corrosion-resistant. The best ones are also lightweight and have a compact design for convenience. If you want water that tastes like water, settle for survival canteens made from metal material.

Our Top Picks


G.A.K Military-Style Canteen with Cup

  • Made with food-grade stainless steel
  • Has vertically-foldable cup
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Works with hexamine and Sterno fuel

The G.A.K Military-Style Canteen with Cup is capable of retaining heat and has a better melting point as well compared to aluminum material. Thus, this is a great choice for boiling water and cooking water straight n campfires. Even with stronger-tasting food and beverage, the stainless steel material will not absorb such flavors. This one works efficiently with available camping fuel sources like Sterno and hexamine. Also comes with a durable, authentic G.I. surplus carry pouch.


BeGrit Outdoor Kettle Canteen

  • Has flip-top lid
  • Includes built-in sipping design
  • Comes with folding handle
  • Already includes cup

The BeGrit Outdoor Kettle Canteen is a neat survival canteen set-up for camping, traveling, road trips and other outdoor activities. Very easy to travel with since aluminum is lighter compared to stainless steel or titanium. Canteen cup is made from sturdy aluminum which can be used to boil water or cook food. Its handle allows for safer handling of the cup while boiling/cooking. Plastic bottle has a long-lasting feel as well and is used to store water. The set also includes a foldable aluminum spork.


CO-Z G.I. Style Steel Stainless Canteen Cup Kit

  • Includes military-grade stainless steel cup
  • Has strong, wear/tear-resistant nylon cover
  • Includes adjustable waist belt
  • Heats water and cooks food

The CO-Z G.I. Style Steel Stainless Canteen Cup Kit is another top pick. The set has a boiling/cooking-ready cup crafted from high-quality, military-grade stainless steel. To keep these devices close to you, the set also contains an adjustable waist belt. Whether you want coffee, tea, clean water or cook food in the middle of nowhere, the cup will provide what you need. Very durable and will last extreme conditions.


Pinty G.I. Army Stainless Steel Canteen with Cup

  • Heavy-duty, 304 food-grade stainless steel built
  • Includes strong, heavyweight nylon cover
  • Comes with secure buckle
  • Can contain a quart of water

The Pinty G.I. Army Stainless Steel Canteen with Cup is a strong contender when it comes to the best survival canteens. For one, both the bottle and the cup are made with durable, food-grade 304 stainless steel. It has a helical largemouth design and can contain up to a quart of liquids. This set is also composed of a heavyweight, durable nylon cover and a green waist belt to secure the bottle/cup combo and make for simpler transport.


Goetland Stainless Steel WWII US Military Canteen Kit

  • Made with food-grade stainless steel
  • Has sturdy nylon cover
  • Includes grab-style foldable handle
  • Ideal for camping, hiking, trekking and outdoor activities

The Goetland Stainless Steel WWII US Military Canteen Kit has a vintage feel to it—collectors of WWII items might be interested in snapping this one up. It’s not only a great gift for WWII veterans and vintage army memento collectors, it’s also a good way to store enough supply of water during outdoors activities. The stainless steel is food-grade, it comes with a handle and it has reliable built too for longer use.


Keith Titanium Ti3060 Canteen Mess Kit

  • Premium, pure titanium grade 1
  • Non-toxic, tasteless and odorless
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Has custom-made carry pouch

The Keith Titanium Ti3060 Canteen Mess Kit is made with premium material—the sought-after grade 1 pure titanium. It’s lightweight, non-toxic and stores water without affecting the taste of its contents. What you will get is water that is odorless, tasteless and refreshing. This one is a breeze to maintain and clean too since it’s completely dishwasher-friendly. Very lightweight as well for those outdoor trips and includes a handy custom-made carry pouch.

The survival canteen is indeed a versatile piece which should be included in every adventurer’s gear. A supply of water is always within your reach if you have this beneficial set around.