Best Stranded Interconnect Wire

Stranded interconnect wires are small gauge wires being insulated and compressed together using non-conductive materials. This type of wire cabling are commonly used in areas where flexes and vibrations are present in cramped spaces. You can mostly see this wires on your headphone cables, appliance cables, and audio systems.

With all the existing brands of stranded interconnect wires claiming to give high-quality products, choosing which one works best is quite exhausting. To help, we recommend five of the top-selling brands for your comfort.


StrivedayTMFlexible Silicone Wire

  • Excellent High Temperature Resistance
  • Long Service Life
  • Easy to Install
  • Resistance to High Pressure

Striveday Stranded Interconnect Wires are high quality silicon insulated wires. This wire is fit for different general electrical purposes. This type of stranded copper electrical wire can give you excellent electrical connectivity. Its attached silicon rubber insulation functions to protect the wire against abrasion, oils, chemicals and other solvents. It has easy to install features intended for uniformity purposes. This long
service and environment friendly wires come in different colors. Check out this video and know more about this type of wire.


InstallGear 14 Gauge Speaker Wire Cable

  • Soft Touch Jacket
  • Copper Clad Aluminum
  • Stranded Bundles
  • Striped for Easy Polarity Identification

InstallGear stranded interconnect wires are flexible, easy to cut and works well for your convenience. This comes in two color jacket for easy polarity identification. It has built-in special features that functions well on car audio systems. It also has attached functions for home theatre systems. This wire might be your home choice. More information were detailed on this video.


Audiopipe 12 GA Gauge Stranded 2 Conductor Speaker Wire

  • Copper Clad Aluminum
  • 2 Conductor Speaker
  • PVC Insulation
  • Flexible

Audiopipe stranded interconnect wires are in rolls with poly bag to make sure the product properly handled after manufacturing process. This copper-clad aluminum wire has a high quality commercial grade, ideal for car audio and home theatre systems. It is in a “Zip Cord” construction style and coded in two colors for easy identification. It is jacketed in PVC insulation and is flexible to use. To know more about the details of this type, consider to watch this video.


Remington Industries 18 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook-Up Wire Kit

  • Solid Copper Wire
  • Heavy and Robust
  • Color Varities
  • Reasonable Price

Remington stranded copper wires might also be the one you’ve been looking for. Aside from its multi-color varieties, this wire also strips neatly and nicely. It has amazing features that can hold the crimped terminals strongly. It is also PVC insulated which can protect itself from any abrasions. For more information, watch this video.


Best Connections 16 Gauge Wire

  • Single Conductor
  • Stranded Copper Clad Aluminum
  • Flexible
  • PVC Insulated

This stranded interconnect wires made by Best Connections does its electrical duties, like how they’re wired to do. The insulation is flexible and works well when it comes to electrical wiring. This 100’FT single conductor hook up wire is very flexible and has PVC insulation attached. You will surely want to order this again since they’re offered in reasonable price. This might be your best pick for your car audio system. For better perception, feel free to watch this video.

We’ve mentioned the best quality brands you can find in the market. In choosing which one suits your needs, the best stranded interconnect wires shall be flexible, easy to install, has long service life, resistant to surface damage, and available for a reasonable price.