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The Best Sink Sponge Holders

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen is required in every home to guarantee safety, proper sanitation and general cleanliness. One of the most overlooked items in the kitchen is the sponge, the item we use for manually washing our utensils, cutlery and cookware. The sponge, if neglected, can turn into a hub for germs and harmful bacteria. Apart from frequently cleaning the kitchen sponge, it needs to have a proper holder to keep things hygienic in the sink. Check out ways in which the sponge holder can help maintain good kitchen hygiene.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a sponge holder do?

    Answer: The sponge holder is designed to contain the sponge and dry it whenever it is not in use. Sponge holders come in lots of styles and materials. They can be made with rust-proof, stainless steel material or crafted from durable plastic.

  2. What makes a quality sponge holder?

    Answer: A good sponge holder is made from durable materials that are safe, easy to clean and resistant against corrosion and rust. If you plan on buying a plastic sponge holder, make sure that it is made from BPA-free material. If you are after durability, metal sponge holders are great recommendations—however, make sure that they are made from stainless steel and have corrosion-resistant properties. The sponge holder should be capable of drying the sponge quickly and efficiently—it should have enough gaps or feature an open design which allows air to effectively circulate around the sponge for faster drying time.

  3. What is the better way to clean a kitchen sponge?

    Answer: Kitchen sponges are often used for taking on greasy, dirty utensils and cookware. Thus, it needs regular cleanups to stop bacterial growth. You can clean it by immersing the sponge in a solution made from a gallon of water plus 3/4 cup of bleach. Soak the sponge for 5 minutes, rinse well and allow to dry. The bleach in the solution will kill most of the bacteria in it. If you want a more natural way to clean the sponge, you can soak the item in full-strength vinegar for up to 5 minutes. Rinse the sponge well and dry. Sponges will break down eventually due to frequent use so replace them once it becomes tattered and worn out.

Our Top Picks


SWEMOX Sponge Holder For Kitchen Sink Caddy

  • Stainless steel wire caddy
  • Snaps on and off for easy removal
  • Strong N50 neodymium magnets
  • Rust-proof

The SWEMOX Sponge Holder For Kitchen Sink Caddy makes maintenance of the sponge holder an easy task for homeowners. It snaps on and off easily thanks to its N50 neodymium magnet system. These magnets provide a 360-degree water-tight seal to ensure that the caddy remains in position in case of water flushing. Made from 100 percent stainless steel that is completely rust-proof, durable and will last for lots of uses.


GOOD TO GOOD Silicone Sponges Holder

  • Made of flexible silicone
  • Large and deep kitchen sink sponge holder
  • Keeps things an easily accessible place on hand

Large and deep kitchen sponge holder provides enough space for your dishwashing accessories like sponges brush scrubbers and liquid soap dispenser. Perfect for soap holder and other kitchen sink accessories. Sink organizer Tray protects sink area from soap scum or water and keeps wet sponges off the counter.


Home Acre Designs Sponge Holder

  • 1.25-inch sponge opening
  • Great for standard and silicone sponge
  • Compact size
  • Ideal for all-size kitchens

The Home Acre Designs Sponge Holder is one versatile sponge holder made from quality stoneware. Since this one is made from high-quality porcelain ceramic, it’s not prone to rusting or corrosion. Ceramic sponge holders also complement kitchens with granite countertops and homes with a rustic feel perfectly. It is easy to maintain and clean, and since it’s made from quality materials, you can bet that this one will last a hundred uses and cleanups.


NEXCURIO Adhesive Sponge Holder Sink Caddy

  • Made from corrosion-resistant SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Includes strong, traceless adhesive material
  • Easy to install
  • Durable built

The Nexcurio Adhesive Sponge Holder Sink Caddy is the right item for kitchens with non-porous, even surfaces like tiles, marble, wooden planks, metal panels and plastic surfaces. It makes use of strong adhesives so it can be stuck on the wall without the need for additional tools or drilling procedures. Since this is a glue-on sink caddy, transferring the item is also made easier; just heat the adhesive surface with a hairdryer then remove the adhesive bit by bit. Made from reliable SUS 304 stainless steel for longevity.


OTOTO Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder

  • Fits standard-size sponges
  • Includes sponge
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Designed by acclaimed OTOTO Studio

OTOTO Studio creates the most whimsical, eye-catching kitchen items that you will be tempted to collect them all. Their Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge holder will create a bright, striking spot on your sink. Your sponge needs a bed after all, a nice container where it can rest and dry after a wash or cleanup. Certainly a great addition for the sink if you are after aesthetics. Cleaning is no problem for this one is very dishwasher-safe.


Simplehuman Sink Caddy with Suction Cup

  • Very secure suction cup fit
  • Includes numerous ventilation holes
  • Made from rust-proof, stain-proof material
  • Includes pop-out silicone brush holder

The Simplehuman Sink Caddy with Suction Cup allows better organization all around your kitchen sink. This is a great choice in case your kitchen counter does not have enough room for a container to house your kitchen brush and sponge organizers. Wet sponge holders can be breeding spots for bacteria to thrive so this sink caddy, with its many ventilation holes, gets high points in this aspect.


Kesol Sponge Holder Sink Caddy

  • Includes strong, waterproof adhesive hooks
  • Keeps sponge in place
  • No drilling and tools needed
  • SUS 304 stainless steel material

The Kesol Sponge Holder Sink Caddy is guaranteed to last, thanks to its durable corrosion-resistant SUS 304 stainless steel material—steel that’s used in lots of tough industries like the general equipment industry and the atomic energy industry. There’s no need to drill holes to install the item since it is already equipped with adhesive hook sticks which are durable and stronger than suction cup types. The adhesive hooks also make transferring the caddy a breeze to do.

Make sure that your kitchen counter and sink are spiffy and hygienic at all times. Maintain a clean kitchen with a quality sponge holder today—check out our list for some of the best products in the market.