Best Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires should offer traction for accelerating, braking, and turning. Among all the motorcycle parts, your tires absorb the most impact from bumps. They are also specifically designed to work even with maximal heat, wet and cold.

With the wide array of categories you can choose from, you’ll find out exhaustively that all of them are unique on their own, depending on various variables. To give you a hint about the right tire that suits your convenience, we’ve done our research and give you five of the high-selling and top-rated motorcycle tires in the market.


Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Street Tire – 130/90H-16

  • H-rated for Speed
  • Deep Offset Tread
  • Stiff Sidewall
  • Wide Contact Patch

If you’re on for long road trips, Kenda’s durable tires surely last longer than your relationship status. This tire is highly recommended by other customers on their reviews and feedbacks. The grip, its traction, and tread – all passed customer’s complete satisfaction. With its excellent water dispersion and weather features, this is surely the best tire you can have. You might put your ring on this and settle down with it for the rest of your road-running life. Know more about Kenda Cruiser K671 tire on this video.


Heidenau K60 Scout Rear 150/70-17 Motorcycle Tire

  • Longevity on Pavement
  • Perfect Grip Off-road
  • Solid Band of Rubber
  • Smart Design

A perfect mix of touring and sports performance tire, Heidenau motorcycle tires give you the best of both worlds. Its longevity on pavement allows you to enjoy long mileage trip without having tire problems. These tires are built-in with off-pavement aggression feature that can surely slay your off-road rides. You’ve found the beef! To clear your doubts and confusions about this tire, consider watching this video.


Bridgestone Excedra G704R Cruiser Rear Motorcycle Tire 180/60-16

  • Radial Touring Rear Tire
  • Uni-directional Patter
  • High-Quality Tire
  • Reasonable Price

Bridgestone Excedra tires can step up your road life to a new level with its modernized American style design. It is built-in with a uni-directional pattern which is perfect on dry and wet road surfaces. This tire ensures your safety with its special features on low and high-speed handling. Aside from it promises you with a soft and smooth long-range ride, this tire is also manufactured to last long. Know more of its product specifications by following this link.


FullBore M-1 Street Sport Rear 180/55ZR17 Motorcycle Tire

  • W-Rated for Speed
  • Superior Traction
  • Radial Construction
  • Convenient Design

Engineered to suit the modern superbikes at the present, FullBore tires offer you a product that can take your level of outdoor fun to the next level. It is built-in with high-caliber traction to lessen your worries on different road circumstances and weather. With its well-designed treads, these tires are exceptional to use regardless of the winding road. For better perception about this type of motorcycle tire, visit this link.


Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra Front Tire (130/70-18)

  • Ultra-high Mileage
  • Outstanding Tread Life
  • Custom Design
  • Excellent Performance and Handling

H-Rated for speeds, Metzeler tire provides you with a product that answers your road problems during long rides. With its custom touring design, this tire fits perfectly for ultra-high mileage rides, assuring you with high-quality performance and handling. Whether its low or high-speed, this tire continues to outstand until it truly wears out. To make better and fair judgment, please consider watching the video and click this link.

Your safety also depends on your choice of tires, that’s why there is a great need for you to weigh your decisions before choosing which one is the best pick. Every rider should also pay attention to the tire’s performance on the road. These motorcycle tires are more than just a black rubber loop. They can either make the best road life or break the fun out of you. Choose wisely!