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The Best Motherboard for Computers


Buyers Guide

  1. What is a motherboard?

    Answer: A motherboard is a piece of equipment that a computer runs on. Without it, a computer won’t be able to process the commands you have given it and it won’t be able to function. It is the backbone of the computer.

  2. Where to put the motherboard?

    Answer: The motherboard should be placed on your computer or laptop’s central processing unit or CPU.

  3. What can a motherboard do?

    Answer: A motherboard dictates how fat the computer is able to process the commands given to it. The higher the capability of the motherboard, the faster its turnaround rate.

  4. How to install the motherboard?

    Answer: Open the CPU’s motherboard box and remove everything inside. If you’re replacing a motherboard, you have to take out the old one before you put in the new motherboard. Afterwards, connect the proper components of the circuit board to the CPU, close the backplate and seal the motherboard box before running the computer.

Our Top Picks


Gigabyte AMD AM3+ GA-78LMT-USB3 Motherboard by Gigabyte

  • Has integrated ATI Radeon HD 3000 graphics
  • Supports AMD AM3+ FX/AM3 Phenom II and Athlon II series processors
  • Four USB 3.0 with super speed transfer rates of up to 5Gbps

If you’re looking for a mid to entry level motherboard to go with your computer’s set-up, we recommend Gigabyte’s AM3+. You are ensured that this motherboard will last a long time as it has ultra-durable four classic technology that even has high-quality components as its design. For more information about this product, watch this video.


MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen B350 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 CFX ATX Motherboard (B350 TOMAHAWK) by MSI

  • Supports AMD Ryzen first and second generations
  • Supports DDR4-3200+ Memory
  • Can give your DDR4’s memory a performance boost
  • Virtual-reality gaming ready
  • Has ambient gaming lights that any gamer would love to have

MSI’s Gaming AMD Ryzen is designed for gamers that are on a budget. Sure, it’s not your high scale motherboards, but if you’re just a starting out gamer who doesn’t need a luxurious motherboard or computer accessories yet, you can start with this one. For its price, we could say that it’s worth it. To learn more about this product, you can watch this video.



  • Asus’ successor to pro-gaming motherboards
  • Have synchronized effects and two Aura four-pin RGB-strip headers for better look and feel
  • Has a five-way optimization
  • Exceptional audio performance with Sonic Studio III and Sonic Rada III

Asus also released a motherboard suitable for new gamers. It’s one of the best ones you can find. Not only that it runs on Intel Gigabit Ethernet, GameFirst technologies, and LANGuard but you’re also able to work with your budget with this motherboard. What’s amazing about this is that it can withstand all your gaming needs with its ASUS SafeSlot. It’s also made of the finest and premium components for added durability of the motherboard. To know more about this product, you can watch this video.


ASRock 970A-G/3.1 Motherboard

  • Has an additional M.2 socket, USB 3.1 ports and Type-C port for maximum storage
  • Audio circuitry shielding
  • Incredible layout and overall color scheme
  • I/O shield

This is one of the best new generation boards that are based on the 970 chipsets. It’s AMD’s efforts to push this motherboard to be released to the market to be able to compete with most of Intel’s chipsets. Although this is rated for 220W processors, it’s not yet as great as the 990FX chipsets. But if you’re starting and you’re looking for a great motherboard to play with, this is the only 970 motherboard that can support 220W. To know more about this product, watch this video.



  • Contains additional slots, ports and other gaming components
  • Cable cutout is optimized to cater to the tight cable fits
  • Has reinforced metal PCIe and DIMM slots
  • Includes multiple RGB headers

EVGA’s Z370 FTW motherboard is the one to beat when it comes to entry-level gaming motherboards. Although it’s a little bit on the far high end of the price scale, its impeccable performance makes it all worth it. Enjoy playing your favorite game with Creative’s Sound Core 3D on this motherboard! To know more about the product, watch this video.

Buying a motherboard that’s suitable enough to cater to your gaming needs doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive. There are new technologies nowadays that can provide to your gaming needs without you bursting your wallet. Choosing the best motherboard will depend on what type will you need and how fast and clear you want the graphics of the game should be. It’s not about the price, but it’s all about the performance.