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The Best Keyboard Wrist Rests

Computers are very much accessible to consumers today. Many people in the country rely on this innovation to perform lots of tasks—it is the favored medium for many when it comes to communication, entertainment and even shopping. Because of this, typing is essential—imagine the trillions of keystrokes that we do every year because of all the work and leisure involved in the use of computers. Then again, all that typing may do more harm than good on your hands. You have to give your hands care and provide its muscles some much-needed rest by making it comfortable during typing processes. Tell your hands you care by giving them the gift of keyboard wrist rests. Here are some of our top picks.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a keyboard wrist rest do exactly?

    Answer: The keyboard wrist rest is an advantageous accessory for people who spend plenty of time at their computers. Keyboard wrist rests align the wrist to make typing more comfortable. It also helps prevent possible injuries acquired from long-term keyboard use.

  2. What are the different types of keyboard wrist rests?

    Answer: There are two common types of keyboard wrist rests—the foam-based type and the gel-based wrist rest. Foam wrist rests give a firm, padded support. The foam springs back to its original form following every use. Gel-based types meanwhile feature a firmer built and it retains similar temperature as the human body for the best blood circulation and cooling effect. Gel keyboard wrists rests are recommended for people who have heat sensitivities or suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing keyboard wrist rests?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the shape and the size of the wrist—check if it gives enough support. Next, you have to settle on the materials—get the gel one if you want a cooling effect or foam for sufficient cushioning. Make sure that the wrist rest as excellent grip between the item and the desk. The best keyboard wrist rests will not warm up quickly as well—if this is a concern, look for models with ventilation channels and similar design features for better cooling and breathability. Make sure that it is easy to clean as well—if you use the item constantly, it will get its share of sweat and grime. Take care of the item well so you can get plenty of use out of it.

Our Top Picks


Gimars Gel Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Set

  • Measures 17 x 3.4 x 1 inches
  • Ultra-soft and smooth breathable material
  • With memory foam
  • Nonslip rubber base

The Gimars Gel Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Set guarantees your wrists will get lots of support and firmness for health and maximum use. The wrist rest was designed to be versatile—it suits lots of computers, laptops and notebooks. The support it gives by means of the comfortable, solid memory foam built steers the wrists from discomfort and potential carpal tunnel syndrome risks. The built is smooth, soft, breathable, lightweight and it bounces slowly so the wrist rest conforms to the hand’s contours very well.


Belkin F8E263-BLK WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad for Keyboards

  • Durable, lightweight built
  • With GelFlex Comfort Zone cushioning
  • Distinctive WaveRest design
  • For injury prevention

The Belkin F8E263-BLK WaveRest Gel Wrist Pad for Keyboards has the distinctive WaveRest design which enhances hand and wrist positioning and posture during typing activities. Longer use of the computer will not be a problem for you anymore since this option gives excellent support to prevent possible hand-related injuries. The WaveRest design works with the brand’s GelFlex Comfort Zone padding for the best comfort. The gel padding produces contours which suit the natural curves of the wrists for extra comfort and support. Has a lightweight and durable construction too.


Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest

  • Provides medium-level firmness
  • First-rate foam core interior
  • With Dual-Lock anti-fraying stitched frame
  • Nonslip rubber base

The Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest will be your trust companion during hours and hours of gaming. It is composed of a high-quality internal foam core—this one provides medium-level firmness. This internal foam core is wrapped in smooth fabric surface and includes Dual-Lock anti-fraying stitching for extra durability. The surface of the wrist rest is ultra-smooth and soft thus preventing unnecessary friction between the item and the skin; thus, no irritation will be experienced. The wrist rest will also remain in position during use thanks to its nonslip rubber base.


BRILA Upgraded Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Set

  • Has slow-bounce, soft memory foam padding
  • Comfortable and odorless material
  • Improved ergonomic design
  • Nonslip support

The BRILA Upgraded Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest Set is a set which makes typing and surfing duties easy and safe for your hands. Using the set regularly will help prevent the onset of discomfort, fatigue and even the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. The surface of the wrist rest is made from high-quality Lycra fabric thus making it a soft and smooth spot for your wrists to rest on. The wrist rest also includes massaging slots and holes to facilitate blood flow and ease fatigue.


3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards

  • Features 3M Gel Technology
  • With sleek design
  • Gives proper support
  • Easy to adjust and move

3M is a brand known for their durable and reliable packaging tape, but apart from that famous tape, you may also be interested in the workings of the 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards. The wrist rest functions as a type of pillow for the wrist so typing will become a much more comfortable and supportive activity. The wrist rests bring cushioning and support to the wrists by means of the brand’s superb 3M Gel Technology. The sleek design of the item won’t take up plenty of space too.


ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest

  • With soft foam cushion core
  • Has ergonomic design
  • Durable leatherette surface
  • Includes nonslip rubber

The ASUS ROG Gaming Wrist Rest features a reliable ergonomic design which brings extensive comfort and support to your wrists while typing. The surface is composed of a smooth, high-quality and durable leatherette material—this surface is not only soft and smooth, it also provides excellent splash resistance. The anti-fray stitching assures durability while the nonslip rubber base guarantees the wrist rest will remain in position during use. Due to the splash-resistant feature, this one is easy to clean and maintain.

Typing will never be a taxing activity for your hands and arms as long as you make use of effective keyboard wrists resists. Keyboard wrist cases ease fatigue and prevent the onset of painful conditions and even carpal tunnel syndrome by giving ample padding and support.