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the Best Iced Tea Makers

Summer is the season for tasty, cold beverages. One of the most popular choices for refreshments in the country is iced tea—in fact, the drink was enjoyed since the Colonial period. According to the NPR article, New England locals would gather and cut large pieces of ice from lakes and frozen ponds in winter just to get that uplifting iced tea experience. Of course, ice was a luxury back then and now we are thankful for the array of devices which makes iced tea preparation easy and fast—plus we can enjoy the drink anytime too. No more relying on frozen lake and pond water ice. Here are some of our favorite iced tea makers.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does an iced tea maker do?

    Answer: Tea-making devices are used to brew tea and are usually manual units. These devices create tea beverages using loose tea. For faster brewing, some models are equipped with a tea basket and for heating water, there are units that include electric hot plates. What the iced tea maker does is to make tea by blending the item with ice and sugar or other sweeteners.

  2. What are the differences between manual and electric iced tea-making devices?

    Answer: First and foremost, manual tea makers require users to heat water individually or through the use of the cold brewing method. Electric tea makers on the other hand are already equipped with capabilities to heat water so users get to have their beverage in just a few minutes. Manual tea makers and infusers though can be used for other purposes as well—it actually accommodates the creation of hot and cold teas while electric models are only good for making hot teas.

  3. What factors must I remember when buying iced tea makers?

    Answer: If you plan on imbibing lots of tea beverages, manual tea makers are recommended. You need to consider the capacity you need—do you plan on making beverages for you and a few friends, or a bigger number of people? Iced tea maker pitchers also come in different materials—you will see ones made from plastic, glass and stainless steel. The best ones are made from safe, BPA-free components as well and have a sturdy, durable built so it will last many uses. Quality iced tea makers also include secure, airtight lids to stop leaks and spills.

Our Top Picks


Takeya Iced Tea Maker

  • Provides 1-quart capacity
  • Uses Flash Chill Technology
  • Includes leakproof lid
  • Comes with fine mesh tea infuser

The Takeya Iced Tea Maker will give you fresh iced tea brewed fast and easy care of the unit’s patented Flash Chill Technology. The unit features a fine mesh tea infuser which supports loose leaf teas—the design allows the expansion of tea leaves so it can freely release its aroma and delicious, revitalizing flavors. The unit also presents a pitcher made from high-quality, safe Tritan material—the material is known for its reliable capability to endure quick temperature changes from extremely chilly to hot.


Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout

  • Provides 34 oz. capacity
  • Includes airtight seal
  • Space-saving design
  • Dishwasher-safe

The Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker is not only a device used for the cold brew process, it can also accommodate tea-making. It features a filter and cap made from quality 18/8 stainless steel, a dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass pitcher, secure, airtight silicon seal, a measurement label and easy-access handle. The silicon seal, which is made from completely BPA-free material, prevents leaks and is capable of keeping the flavor of your cold-brew coffee and tea beverages for up to 2 weeks. The secure lid also protects the content from acquiring refrigerator odors.


Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker

  • Provides 51 oz. capacity
  • Presents tea basket cycle
  • With variable temperature control
  • Includes 5 pre-programmed settings

The Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker is a model that will definitely satisfy the needs of avid tea aficionados. There are plenty of different tea varieties available and each one has its particular brewing temperatures. This unit can support a good deal of different tea varieties due to its adjustable temperature control. This is also very user-friendly, even first-time users will get the hang of it real quick—you only need to put the pitcher on the unit, choose the right setting for a specific tea type and the tea infuser basket will do is job. Settings for black, green and white teas are available. It also allows users to pick the strength of the tea.


Capresso 624.02 Ice Tea Maker

  • Provides 2.5-quart capacity
  • Suits loose leaf tea and tea bags
  • With dishwasher-safe glass carafe
  • Offers adjustment of flavor

The Capresso 624.02 Ice Tea Maker is a good addition to your collection of kitchen devices especially if you love making beverages made from tea. The unit is composed of parts and features which makes usage and cleanup fast and easy. It comes with a detachable water tank for fuss-free dispensing of liquids. The filter basket it comes with is suitable for both tea bags and loose leaf teas as well. The tea maker already comes with its own filter and also allows users to freely choose their desired tea flavor and strength.


Primula The Big Iced Tea Maker Infusion

  • Provides 1-gallon capacity
  • With BPA-free Tritan carafe
  • Includes secure, leakproof lid
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Primula’s The Big Iced Tea Maker Infusion unit will help you manage summer thirsts—this one does its job of making iced teas a cinch for all users. It is great for making both hot and cold teas and can support up to a gallon of the stuff. The tea maker has a BPA-free Tritan carafe that’s built to resist odors and staining. The lid if very secure and airtight to stop leaks—storing leftover iced tea in the fridge will not be a problem since the tight lid will prevent fridge odors from seeping inside the carafe. The stainless steel fine mesh filter also stops tea sediments from tampering with the beverage.


Komax Tritan Clear Large Iced Tea Maker

  • Provides 1-quart capacity
  • Works with herbs, tea bags and loose leaf teas
  • Has sturdy, temperature-safe material
  • Includes secure, leakproof lid

The Komax Tritan Clear Large Iced Tea Maker supports plenty of tea ingredients—it can help you concoct beverages coming from tea bags, loose leaf teas and even work with herbs. The device also features a filter which helps you fill water on the tea itself—there’s no need to place the filter in the water. The flavor and freshness of your tea beverages will be preserved as well thanks to its double-layer silicone component and airtight, secure lid.

Create iced teas in the comfort of your own home with your very own iced tea maker. Forget powdered iced tea formulas—make your iced tea healthy by making beverages straight out of loose-leaf teas or tea bags.