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the Best Ice Buckets

We are thankful that fridges and freezers were invented to preserve perishables and essentially, to keep things chilly at a refreshing rate. Cold beverages are always welcome in the heat of the summer too—whether soda or beer, chilly drinks can quickly quench thirsts. High-quality ice buckets will help maintain those bottles of juice, soda and beer at their frosty best so having the best one around is always a smart idea. Want to replace your old one? Check out our solid ice bucket ideas.

Buyers Guide

  1. What materials are used to make ice buckets?

    Answer: Lots of ice buckets are crafted from sturdy materials like stainless steel. The most commonly used ice buckets are typically of the stainless steel quality however there are also models which are made with supplementary materials for the metal like glass and plastic. There are also ones made from all-glass, acrylic or plastic materials. Stainless steel though is still the most preferred since the material conducts heat very well and allows the ice to melt at a slower rate especially if the bucket includes a lid.

  2. What accessories are used with ice buckets?

    Answer: The ice bucket is often used by many people to keep bottles of beer and soda chilled. There are those though who use the device to keep the ice in for beverages. Hence, lots of ice buckets are available in sets which include a few extras—these sets may include ice tongs for picking ice cubes, a strainer and lid to further slow down ice from thawing.

  3. What factors must I keep I mind when buying quality ice buckets?

    Answer: Firstly, you need to check the ice bucket built to guarantee that it will last plenty of uses. The best ones are made from stainless steel or include chrome or gold-plated parts for extra support. The best ones also feature double wall features for effective temperature management. You also need to consider the purpose that you want out of the device—do you want to use it to chill beverages or as a container for ice? Do you want to use it for parties or for yourself and a few friends? Make sure to include the capacity factor—there are ice buckets which can only accommodate a few bottles at a time while some can house lots of the stuff. Medium ice buckets are good for small bottles while bigger ones are great for champagne and wine bottles. For portability, look for models with carrying handles.

Our Top Picks


Oggi Double-Wall Stainless Steel/Black Insulated Bucket

  • Offers 4-quart capacity
  • Includes double wall insulation
  • Has acrylic flip-top lid and ice scoop
  • Comes with carry handle

Do you need a working, durable ice bucket with a scoop? Check out the Oggi Double-Wall Stainless Steel/Black Insulated Bucket. This one already includes an ice scoop and it’s a good option for those who want to use the item to store ice. The bucket also features a handy inbuilt storage compartment for the scoop for easy access. It is equipped with a flip top lid for excellent temperature maintenance. Your bottles will be kept chilled as well thanks to its reliable stainless steel and polypropylene built.


Jozo Insulated Ice Bucket with Tongs and Lids

  • Offers 3.4-quart capacity
  • Made from 18/8 stainless steel
  • With double wall feature
  • Includes strainer, tongs and lids

The Jozo Ice Bucket Insulated with Tongs and Lids is made to house bottles so they’re chilled throughout and contain ice cubes too. This one is designed specifically to keep beverages cold and ice cubes solid for an extended period of time. It features a lid which is closed to the bucket’s inner walls plus it comes with a hermetically-closed hollow insulation layer—the design assures excellent temperature retention. This is a top choice in case you want to use the bucket for refreshments outdoors in the summer.


OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket

  • Has internal reservoir
  • Includes detachable garnish tray
  • With nylon tongs
  • Comes with carrying handle

The OXO Good Grips Double Wall Ice Bucket guarantees a cold spot for your sodas, juices and beers. One of the highlights of this bucket is the presence of a garnish tray—the removable garnish tray is a nice spot for fixing cocktails or beverages. The set also comes with nylon tongs so you can pick the cubes in a more sanitary manner. If you are on the hunt for a bucket that you can move from one spot to another, this is the option for you since it has a carrying handle.


Tablecraft Galvanized Oval Beverage Tub

  • Provides 5.5-gallon capacity
  • Includes carrying handles
  • Made from galvanized steel
  • Sturdy built

The Tablecraft Galvanized Oval Beverage Tub guarantees that your drinks will be kept at their tasty, optimal best. The bucket is comprised of high-quality galvanized steel that can accommodate a sizable number of standard beer and soda bottles—it offers a nice 5.5 gallon of space. The galvanized steel is durable enough to contain filled bottles as well. The size alone makes this a great ice bucket for a party. For easier moving of the bucket, the bucket features durable carrying handles. Maintenance is also simple for this unit since it cleans easily with a damp cloth.


Tinker, Spoon & Ash Clear Acrylic Food-Grade Ice Bucket

  • Provides 8-liter capacity
  • With clear tub
  • Has a durable construction
  • Made from thick and lightweight material

The Tinker, Spoon & Ash Clear Acrylic Food-Grade Ice Bucket has a simple yet sleek design which makes it adapt to any setting, whether your living room, outdoors or the living room. The bucket offers up to 8 liters of space for your drinks. The transparent built of the bucket also makes it a nice, eye-catching piece. The durable acrylic material that the bucket is made of is food-grade so it means it is safe to use on food-related items. It’s sturdy and can retain low temps at an effective rate.


mDesign Metal Beverage Tub & Soda Pop, Beer, Wine, Ice Holder

  • Provides 18-liter capacity
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Includes side handles
  • Made from stainless steel

The mDesign Metal Beverage Tub & Soda Pop, Beer, Wine, Ice Holder will be your trusty companion during get-togethers and backyard parties. This one offers a large 18-liter of room for ice and soda, beer, wine and bottled juices. It is crafted from strong and durable stainless steel with excellent rust resistance. The entire tub is also equipped with sturdy side handles so you can move it easily from one area to another. The size actually makes it versatile since you can also use it as a container for other items. The stainless steel built also makes for simple cleanups and maintenance.

Drinks like juice, beer and soda pop are better when served chilled. Hence, to maintain their optimal temperature, you have to stash them in a handy ice bucket. Check out our list for an instant favorite.