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The Best Fitness Tracker

Sitting is the new smoking. Science has linked obesity, high blood pressure and more to prolong periods of inactivity. The shocking thing is that people aren’t truly aware of how much they are sitting until they log their daily activities with a fitness tracker. FitBit bands were all the rage a few years ago, but now we have many companies to chose from. The technology has also gotten better, and is able to help us keep track of how sedentary our lifestyle is in a plethora of ways.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why use a fitness tracker?

    Answer: One should use a fitness tracker to be able to see his or her health status throughout the day. You can see over time how many calories you’ve burnt, or just have a clear view of how active your lifestyle is.

  2. How do fitness trackers work?

    Answer: A fitness tracker works like a smartwatch, but it’s more inclined towards telling you the state of your health, so it’s functionality is specifically geared around that.

  3. What can fitness tracker do?

    Answer: It can tell you your current heart rate, the number of steps you’ve taken, the calories you have burned for the day and much more.

Our Top Picks


Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

  • Continuous PurePulse function
  • Automatically measures the calorie you’ve burned all day
  • Sleep and wake function
  • Can be connected to GPS for real-time reports of your distance and pace

Fitbit’s fitness tracker can do the essential functions of what a fitness tracker can do. However, what we love about this product is that it can be connected to a GPS to accurately measure your pace and the distance that you’ve traveled.
To know more about the product, you can watch this video.


Garmin vĂ­vosmart HR Activity Tracker

  • Comfortable to wear all day with its sleek band
  • You can see what’s on display even under the sunlight
  • Gives information about the steps, distance, calories, and heart rate
  • Made with silicone

Garmin’s vivosmart HR activity tracker can conveniently display the steps, distance, and heart rate even under direct sunlight. You can also control the music with just a simple tap of your fitness tracker’s screen. To know more about the product, you can watch this video.


LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

  • Monitors heart rate and sleep
  • Records your everyday activities
  • Integrated with multi-sport mode
  • Comes with a connected GPS

You’re never going to take your fitness tracker out off your wrist ever again because of this. If you’re trying to monitor your health status even when you’re asleep, then this product is perfect for you! To know more about the product, you can learn more in this video.


Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR

  • Can track up to 14 of your exercises
  • Monitors your heart rate and sleeping times
  • Tracks your daily fitness
  • Easy to charge

A lot of people have different exercises, but this fitness tracker can recognize them all! It can identify up to 14 activities and it lets you know your heart rate and quality of sleep you have had. To know more about the product, you can learn more here.


Lintelek Fitness Tracker

  • Comes with a free band
  • Can be used to monitor your daily routine
  • You can use it to set up alarms as reminders for taking your medicines or water

With its large OLED screen and four clock faces you can customize; you can quickly pick one color that will surely match your style. It can also support any Android and iOS phones. To learn more about the product, you can watch this video.

Fitness trackers are the latest health-focused gadget that everyone should have. What ever you’re going to be doing in a few years, you’ll be doing it in your body. Take care of yourself and make sure that you aren’t mistakenly leading an over-sedentary lifestyle. You might be surprised by the results!