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The Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads

When working long hours at your computer, you have to be mindful of your posture. You have to make sure that you are using a chair that supports your back in an upright yet relaxed manner. The use of an ergonomic mouse pad also provides plenty of help in preventing conditions like repetitive stress disorders. Ergonomic mouse pads will give you the support you need for comfort during extended computer use. Get more ideas on how to use one by checking out our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does an ergonomic mouse pad do?

    Answer: The lack of padded support while typing can be uncomfortable on the wrist after a few hours. Thus, mouse pads with ergonomic designs like gel mouse pads help retain a neutral position while typing, scrolling and clicking—the item also minimizes wrist and hand nerve compression. Gel mouse pads are soft and squashy plus they also feel comfortable on the skin since the items provides a cooling effect.

  2. What is optimal support height for the wrist while typing?

    Answer: Keeping a neutral position while typing can help prevent possible wrist injuries. To make sure that your wrist will get the support it needs, there should be correct alignment of the wrist. Get a gel mouse pad that has a depth of at least 1 to 1.2 inches deep. The ergonomic mouse pad must not be too high nor too low. It should not be too hard or too soft as well.

  3. What the right mouse pad size for me?

    Answer: When you are looking for a mouse pad that will work for you, make sure to check its measurements—see if the pad will fit the work space. It should have sufficient space for you to move your mouse about as well. Good ones also feature sufficient width so your wrist will not land off center.

Our Top Picks


Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad (F8E262-BLK)

  • Strong polyurethane surface
  • Minimizes wrist stress
  • With nonslip rubber base
  • Durable and lightweight

The Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad (F8E262-BLK) makes use of a patented technology called the GelFlex Comfort Zone cushioning which conforms perfectly to the hand and wrist’s natural contours for the best comfort and support. The technology also helps reduce hand and wrist stress to avoid repetitive stress injuries. The surface is composed of sturdy and durable polyurethane material—it not only provides a smooth and even surface for the wrist, it also brings excellent mouse precision without the need for plenty of friction. The natural rubber base also makes the mouse pad nonslip.


DemonChest Office Mousepad with Gel Wrist Support

  • Eases joint stress
  • Has accurate border size design
  • With nonslip polyurethane base
  • Soft, smooth and breathable fabric layer

The DemonChest Office Mousepad with Gel Wrist Support features an ergonomic gel mouse pad design which gives enough support and padding for the wrist—very beneficial during longer hours of computer use. The gel mouse pad has a durable built which will not easily bend out of shape even with frequent use. The mouse pad also provides a smooth and soft, breathable surface for ease of use and additional comfort. The accurate border size design also prevents your mouse device from moving out of its spot. The nonslip polyurethane base also secures the mouse pad in position at all times.


Kensington Duo Gel Mouse & Keyboard Wrist Rest Bundle

  • Matches natural hand and wrist curves
  • Includes ventilation channels
  • Soft and smooth finish
  • Easy to clean

The Kensington Duo Gel Mouse & Keyboard Wrist Rest Bundle are one of the most eye-catching wrist rest and mouse pad sets in the market today. The wrist rest for one features a shiny black and purple finish with sleek chrome accents. For extra comfort and support, the mouse pad/wrist rest is equipped with a gel pillow material. The glossy surface of the wrist rest also makes it a snap to clean and maintain. One of the best highlights of this option though is its ventilation features—the feature guarantees your hands will stay dry and cool while tending your computer duties.


Fellowes Gel Crystal Transparent Mousepad and Wrist Rest

  • Ergonomic mouse pad design
  • Includes thick gel padding
  • With stain-resistant covering
  • Eases pressure on the wrist

The Fellowes Gel Crystal Transparent Mousepad and Wrist Rest features a nice ergonomic design which will benefit your hand and wrist—this means no more hand fatigue during hours of computer use every day. The gel mouse pad contains a thick gel cushion which conforms nicely to the wrist contours and help ease pressure forming on the body part during computer use. The mouse pad is designed to provide a smooth and soft surface to the mouse device while at the same time, give excellent tracking for it. The covering for this one has excellent stain resistance too, which makes it a breeze to clean.


Amazon Basics Gel Computer Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Rest

  • Includes gel-based wrist rest
  • Minimizes wrist stress
  • With high-quality fabric surface
  • Has compact size

The Amazon Basics Gel Computer Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Rest provides sufficient comfort and support for your wrist—the support helps prevent the onset of repetitive stress injuries. It contains a gel cushion which conforms to the wrist excellently. The fabric surface of the mouse pad is smooth for easy use while the thick, rubberized base secures the mouse in place at all times. The item has a compact size as well so you can take it anywhere you go. Suitable to use on flat, hard surfaces.


VORNNEX Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad

  • Memory foam support
  • Durable, breathable and lightweight
  • Nonslip rubber base
  • Prevents wrist fatigue

The VORNNEX Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad will prevent pressure from accumulating on your wrists and hand. The ergonomic design gives support and comfort to those parts so longer computer use will not lead to strain and fatigue. The mouse pad has memory foam support and features a built that is lightweight, durable and breathable. The memory foam also springs back easily into shape following hours of use. It will remain in place as well thanks to its nonslip rubber base.

Prevent wrist fatigue, strain, repetitive stress conditions and carpal tunnel syndrome by giving your wrist and hand a supportive surface to rest on. The best ergonomic mouse pads not only provide excellent tracking for your mouse device, it’s also built to give enough comfort and support to the wrist and the hand.