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The Best Desk Pads

A spic and span desk does wonders for your productivity at work. Whether you’re currently working from home or the office, cleanliness will help you breeze through the day’s lineup of tasks. When office equipment is arranged in neat groups, easy access to all of those tools will make your job simpler because there’s no need to deal with missing sticky-note pads, pens or paper clips. In addition, a clean desk without the presence of scratches makes for the best writing surfaces too. Now, if you do a lot of writing or drawing on the job, it pays to invest in a good desk pad to protect your table from scuffing or scratches. Here are some of the desk pads we love.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a desk pad do exactly?

    Answer: The desk pad or desk mat helps in keeping table surfaces neat and free from scuffs and scratches. This is especially handy for wooden tables. These items help in minimizing clutter around your work desk. Desk pads also add a bit of style and panache to your working space. There are even desk pads which serve as makeshift mouse pads.

  2. What is the best desk pad size for me?

    Answer: The standard size for desk pads typically begins at 18 x 24 inches. The best desk pad size for you would be based on the purpose you want out of the pad. If you want something that will accommodate your laptop, you can opt for those small desk pads. Bigger ones can accommodate not only your laptop, but also the mouse, keyboard and a few electronics.

  3. How do you clean and maintain desk pads?

    Answer: The cleanup procedure for desk pads will depend on the type of material the item was made from. Before cleaning the item, make sure that you have followed manufacturer’s instructions on proper care and maintenance of the desk pad. There are pads which only need to be wiped clean. There are also desk pads which can be soaked in water and scrubbed down with gentle laundry soap and water. Desk pads made from PU leather can be cleaned wiping a damp cloth on it.

Our Top Picks


K KNODEL Desk Pad Office Desk Mat

  • Measures 35.4 x 17 inches
  • Premium PU leather material
  • Reliable and durable built
  • Multipurpose desk pad

The K KNODEL Desk Pad Office Desk Mat will help shield your desk from scratches, scuffs, heat plus accidental spills, leaks and staining. It is made from durable, sturdy, premium PU leather with carefully-engineered construction. It features a double-sided design for maximum use and has a size which accommodates lots of electronics and items. The material can serve as a writing pad, as a mouse and more. The material is nonslip for better stability, easy to clean and has waterproof plus heatproof qualities.


Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector

  • Measures 31.5 x 15.7 inches
  • Strong PU leather material
  • Has nonslip design
  • With waterproof properties

The Aothia Leather Desk Pad Protector is quite sizable—this one can support a deskload of important office tools and electronics. From your early morning coffee down to your mouse pad, the desk pad will provide a smooth and stable surface so you can go from one task to another effortlessly. The even surface can also function as a direct mouse pad and writing surface. The first-rate texture and bigger size also provide unhindered movement and accurate mouse positioning. It’s easy to clean since it’s a waterproof material and very stable too thanks to the nonslip unique suede leather back side design.


YSAGi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad

  • Measures 23.6 x 13.7 inches
  • Offers a wide working surface
  • Functions as mouse pad
  • Waterproof with dual side

If you are not too fond of inaccurate mouse tracking, a lifeless work desk, scratches and scuffs on your once-pristine and glossy wooden work desk, you may benefit from the YSAGi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad. This desk pad is crafted from high-quality PU leather material with excellent waterproofing and oilproofing—that way, no stain nor spill will mar the surface of your outstanding work desk. The pad comes with functional dual working sides too. A welcome bonus included in this option is the handy strap in its attachment—the feature allows the desk pad to be more travel-friendly.


Gallaway Leather Desk Pad

  • Measures 36 x 17 inches
  • Made from high-quality PU leather
  • Stunning deep brown color
  • Provides soft padding to ease wrist stress

If you frequently complain about sore wrists at the end of the day, you need something plush and smooth for your wrists to rest on. Try the Gallaway Leather Desk Pad—this one is made from premium PU leather which presents a smooth and luxe surface that feels great next to the skin. It gives soft padding for the elbows and wrists so those parts will not feel strained after long hours at work. The size is huge enough to contain nearly all of your office items. To prevent slipping, this one includes a suede bottom for maximum grip and stability.


TOWWI PU Leather Desk Pad with Suede Base

  • Measures 36 x 17 inches
  • High-quality eco-friendly PU leather
  • Has nonslip back side
  • With waterproof surface

The TOWWI PU Leather Desk Pad with Suede Base excels when it comes to providing a neat space for your office tools and electronics—this one supports a desk with a laptop, mouse, keyboard, smartphone, headsets and even a cup of coffee. The leather adds aesthetics to the desk while its waterproof surface makes it easy to clean. The desk pad’s design may also help in preventing wrist fatigue. The nonslip bottom makes the pad stay in place during use. This is another travel-friendly choice since it rolls up easily.


KINGFOM Desk Mat Pad

  • Measures 47.2 x 23.6 inches
  • Durable PU leather with waterproof surface
  • Built-in writing surface
  • Sizable built

The KINGFOM Desk Mat Pad has a nice large size which helps support electronics and other items efficiently. The desk mat is crafted from strong PU leather with excellent waterproof capabilities—no more worries about spilled drinks staining your work table. The waterproofing also makes the desk mat a snap to clean. The pad has several functions—for one, it can serve as a dependable writing surface. It can also work as a mouse pad and protect the surface of your work desk from scratches and scuffs. It can be folded too so you can bring the item home with you after work.

Your desk will be happy if you set up a desk pad over it. As soon as you throw one on, the fixture will be kept protected against scratches, scuffs, spills, stains, leaks and grime. Make this handy guide your go-to reference when selecting the best desk mats.