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The Best Computer Screen Wipes

Frequent use of our desktop computers and laptops can lead to accumulation of finger smudges, dirt, dust and debris on the screen. In addition, there may even be germs lurking on the surface. It’s time to clean our electronics regularly especially in these times when viruses continue to multiply and mutate. It pays to work with machines and gadgets that are clean and sanitized—there’s the assurance of disease prevention. Clean your screen frequently by using the best computer screen wipes—we have come up with a list of the best in the business today.

Buyers Guide

  1. Is it okay to clean computer and laptop screens with general household cleaning products?

    Answer: Using general cleaning products on your computer and laptop screens may be convenient but it can do more harm than good. These cleaning products are great for countertops, furniture and windows however they contain abrasive chemicals that can damage the coating of computer monitors. Just use cleaning products that are geared for computer monitors and laptop screens. In addition, avoid using rags, old t-shirts and paper towels on your computer screens and other similar items. Always make use of microfiber cloth when wiping such units clean.

  2. What are computer screen wipes?

    Answer: Computer screen wipes are cleaning products designed to work with desktop computer screens and laptops. It comes in different sizes and made from varying materials. The best ones are usually made from lint-free, soft and non-abrasive materials. There are also computer screen wipes with versatile formulas—they can be used on camera lenses, smartphone screens and the like.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing the best computer screen wipes?

    Answer: First, you need to guarantee that the item is safe for use on computer screens and laptop screens. The best ones do not contain ammonia, bleach and ingredients that can damage screens with waterproof, anti-glare and finger smudge-resistant properties. Great computer screen cleaners and wipes do not contain alcohol as well—while there are cleaners which use alcohol for disinfecting items, for frequent cleanups, you must opt for computer cleaners with gentler formulas. Reserve alcohol-based ones for disinfecting/sanitizing only. The best computer screen wipes are also convenient and easy to use.

Our Top Picks


MiracleWipes for Electronics Cleaning

  • High-tech cleaning wipes for electronics
  • Anti-static solution
  • Streak-free formula
  • Non-sticky, Quick-Dry formula

When cleaning your computer and laptop screens and other similar components, you have to use a suitable cleaning solution for those items. This solution has an effective, anti-static and streak-free formula which will not damage delicate electronic screens and surfaces. The formula lifts dirt, debris, skin oils, fingerprint smudges, spills and particles off of screens and surfaces without scratching them. The wipes also dry quickly without leaving oily streaks or sticky residue on the surface. Great to use not only on computer and laptop screens but on tablets and smartphones as well.


iCloth Large Lens and Screen Cleaner

  • Aerospace-grade pre-moistened fabric wipes
  • Multi-screen cleaner
  • One-swipe cleaning cloths
  • Streak and residue-free formula

The iCloth Large Lens and Screen Cleaner come as pre-moistened cleaning cloths suitable for all electronics screens. The items are wrapped individually for extra convenience—grab two sachets with you for quick cleanups at work or school. The solution is safe and gentle to use on delicate surfaces—the wipes are crafted from ultra-soft, aerospace-approved fabric and every piece is moistened with a sufficient amount of the brand’s gentle yet effective cleaning solution. It is streak-free and will not leave any annoying residue on computer and laptop screens, smartphones and tablets. The size of the wipes are also large enough to tackle touchscreen TVs.


XHL-Oumin Monitor Wipes

  • Micro-fine, lint-free non-abrasive wipes
  • Streak-free formulation
  • Cleans safely and quickly
  • Has anti-static protection

The XHL-Oumin Monitor Wipes has a gentle yet effective formula which is safe to use on glass lenses, LCD screens, polycarbonate and plastic surfaces. It is suitable for cleaning computer monitors, laptop screens, smartphone surfaces, tablet screens, camera lenses and eyeglass lenses. It works fast and it’s very easy to use as well—you only need a single wipe to rid surfaces of smudges, dust and dirt. The solution dries quickly without streaks and oily residue. Every box includes a hundred separately-wrapped wipes with handy sizes and sterile packaging.


Weiman Anti-Static E-Tronic Electronic Cleaning Wipes

  • Effective anti-static formula
  • Streak and lint-free formula
  • Ammonia-free
  • Dries quickly

The Weiman Anti-Static E-Tronic Electronic Cleaning Wipes guarantees your computer and laptop screens will be clean again with a few wipes of the item. The cleaning wipes are pre-moistened and feature enough of the gentle, ammonia-free and anti-static solution to rid screens of dirt and debris effectively. The solution is suitable for a good range of electronics surfaces—you can use it on laptops, desktop computer monitors, smartphones, tablets, even keyboard components and stereos. Ideal for everyday cleaning.


Ori-Lemoon Monitor Wipes

  • Streak-free advanced formula
  • Gets rid of dirt and smudges
  • Anti-static protection
  • With Quick-Drying formulation

The Ori-Lemoon Monitor Wipes is a great cleaning solution for your computer and laptop screens and other similar surfaces. The formulation for this one will not leave any streaks or residue and it dries in a snap as well. The cleaning solution has excellent anti-static protection as well thus it’s a reliable cleaning agent for computer monitors and laptop screens, electronics which are used frequently. The solution gets rid of dirt effectively and it’s suitable for cellphone and tablet screens, camera lenses, eyeglasses and sunglasses.


Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

  • Streak-free formulation
  • Effective, gentle wipes
  • Individually-wrapped sachets
  • Package includes 210 wipes

The Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes are packaged individually for convenient use. If you use a laptop for work, having one or two around of these wipes makes for on-the-go cleanups. The wipes are recommended for cleaning lenses, LCD screens and other similar items. It is free from ammonia, gentle and very effective in ridding screens of dirt, debris and fingerprints without leaving streaks and at worse, scratches on delicate screens. It dries quickly too. The formula does contain 39.5% Isopropyl alcohol for disinfecting but it’s very mild and will not damage lenses.

Keep your computer monitors and laptop screens in tiptop shape by cleaning them regularly with suitable solutions. The best computer screen wipes are gentle, ammonia-free and free from harsh ingredients. The ones in this list all work effectively to lift dirt and debris off of delicate electronics surfaces.