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The Best Cat Grooming Gloves

Living with our furry friends; cats and dogs alike, mean we need to tackle fur everywhere. Its on the floor, the tables, our beds. All over the furniture. Biological fact states that cats need to shed their fur every now and then. However, they can also shed due to medical problems. To tackle such problems, having a pair of cat gloves is a necessity. Know more why cats shed fur and solve the fur problem using any of these excellent cat fur gloves on our list.

Buyers Guide

  1. When does cat hair shedding season happens?

    Answer: Cats shed their fur to get rid of dead fur from their bodies in the same manner as humans shed their outer layer of skin every 2 to 4 weeks. Cats living in the wild shed their coats two times every year; during spring time, they lose their heavier undercoat which provides them warmth every winter. When autumn season comes, cats shed fur to prepare for the new winter season. Cats have to remove older fur since it can cause skin irritation as well.

  2. What are the two types of cat grooming gloves?

    Answer: The common types of cat grooming gloves are the mitten style and the five-finger style. The mitt style glove is designed to remove cat fur with a single swipe. They are also easier to clean and the fur will not get clumped together on just one part of the mitt unlike the five-finger type. Five-finger cat grooming gloves on the other hand allow cat owners to provide massages and take away hair which cannot be reached by using the mitt type. Then again, what will work for you is the glove that matches your preferences.

  3. How do you clean cat grooming gloves?

    Answer: Cat grooming gloves can be washed in warm water. Pour a bit of mild soap or detergent on the glove’s rubber part then wash it well a few times. Squeeze the glove lightly right after and dry at room temperature. For owners dealing with longer-haired cats, the fur can be removed by hand. Once you are finished with the grooming, the mass of fur on the glove can be removed with just a single motion. Rinse the glove well once you have removed the fur.

Our Top Picks


Delomo Pet Grooming Glove (Upgraded Version)

  • Includes improved 255 silicone tips
  • Ideal for long/short/curly-haired dogs, cats and horses
  • Grooms hard-to-reach areas
  • Soft rubber gently massages

Because this is the five-finger type, the Delomo Pet Grooming Glove is capable of grooming areas that are hard to reach on your pet’s body. It comes with 255 silicone tips which is definitely an improvement over the old version, which had 180 tips. It also includes an adjustable Velcro strap that can accommodate all hand sizes. The breathable mesh of the gloves will also prevent the user’s hand from getting sweaty while grooming their pets.


HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

  • Great for grooming, de-shedding, bathing and massaging
  • Flexible and non-abrasive
  • For big or small/long and short-haired pets
  • Easy care and maintenance

The HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves is quite versatile since it not only functions as an excellent grooming tool, it is also great for de-shedding your pets, massages and for shampooing. The scrubbing nodules on the gloves also serve as a means to provide your cat a full body massage. You can also use the gloves to groom bigger pets like horses, cattle and smaller ones like rabbits. Not a harsh glove—it gives a nice tactile touch that is gentle on your pets’ sensitive areas like the face, ears and legs.


STARROAD-TIM Pet Grooming Glove Hair Remover Brush

  • Improved five-finger design
  • Fur removes easily
  • Gives calming massage
  • Breathable soft mesh design

The STARROAD-TIM Pet Grooming Glove Hair Remover Brush is designed to take away dirt, loose fur, grime and dander from your cat. Great for all sorts of pets with long or short hairs. The gloves are built with safe materials that are gentle for pets and also serves as a nice, relaxing massager to keep that blood circulation going. Removes loose hair and perfect for preventing any of those hairs from accumulating all over your home. Fits both right and left-handed users too.


K&K Pet Grooming Glove Gift Set

  • Specially-designed silicone tips
  • Includes 260 tips
  • User-friendly
  • BPA-free material

The K&K Pet Grooming Glove Gift Set is your problem solver when it comes to ridding your home of excessive pet fur. Groom them regularly with a pair of trusty pet grooming gloves. Ideal for all long and short-haired pets from cats, dogs to horses and rabbits. The silicone tips, 260 all in all, also serve to provide calming massages for your loving pets. BPA-free, designed with breathable mesh and spandex fabrics, grooming your pets has never been this easy and comfortable.


Ootori Pet Grooming Glove

  • Versatile pet grooming glove
  • Suits short, long and curly hair pets
  • Antibacterial, safe materials
  • Breathable mesh design

The Ootori brand is known for their massage chairs but it’s great that they are dipping their toes in pet grooming products. This is an affordable option for those who want functional cat grooming gloves. It gathers lots of fur buildup effectively and it’s a breeze to clean as well. The rubber part requires simple cleaning but you do need to deal with the mesh parts a bit more. It also performs well wet or dry.


Mr. Peanut’s Grooming Glove Brush and Deshedding Aid

  • Ideal for all types of pet coats
  • Soft rubber tips
  • Washable pet grooming gloves
  • Adjustable Velcro strap

Mr. Peanut’s Grooming Glove Brush and Deshedding Aid is effective when it comes to gathering clumps of dead fur on your cat and all types of pets or coats. The glove features a design with flexible mesh and adjustable Velcro strap for comfortable, non-sweaty grooming. The brand also donates a percentage of their profits to animal shelters, organizations and rescues so what you’ll get is one product that supports the cause of protecting the welfare of animals.

Give your cat the care they deserve with an effective pair of cat grooming gloves. Your cat will not only look good, but all that fur on your home will be reduced as well.