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The Best Boat Seats For Your Cuddy

So here you are planning for a week long cruise or probably just a simple fishing vacation with the family. If you want to make sure that everybody is comfortable during the entire trip, make sure to check on your cuddy’s boat seats. Boat seats take off the weight and strain from the feet and back especially on long cruises. Some smaller boats or those primarily design for fishing even forego boat seats for a leaning post. So for special boat trips like this, make sure you plan accordingly.

So you have decided that you need to get boat seats. If that’s the case, make sure to check our buyer’s guide on boat covers too.

Getting a boat seat can pose some challenges at first since there are lots of things to consider. That’s why you need to continue reading on to make sure you get the most suitable boat seat out there for your requirements.

Buyers Guide

  1. What material is best for a boat seat?

    Answer: Most boat seats are built with marine grade vinyl material and is used to cover the cushioning foam of the seat. The reason for this is because vinyl is durable and more capable of handling dew and other marine elements.

  2. What type of boat seat should I use?

    Answer: There are different types of boat seats. Depending on your purpose and the type/size of your boat. You will be able to install and configure the seating of your boat. Pontoons and other small boats will have pedestal ones and quick install/quick remove boat chairs while a cuddy, cabin cruiser or yacht will have more seat options including the permanent ones.

  3. What do you need to consider when buying a boat seat?

    Answer: There are different things to consider when buying a boat seat. We have summarized them into the ff: type of seat, frame, cushioning, boat seat material and manufacturer’s warranty. Type of Seat – Are you buying a permanent or a removeable seat? What type of seats will your boat allow for installation? Fold away seats and benches are not compatible to very small boats. Frame -what is the interior and exterior boat seat frame material? Is it durable? Cushion -most padded seats will come with foam material as padding, other more expensive ones will have memory foam, contoured cushioning, shock proof material. Boat seat material -most boat seats will use vinyl, other seats like for hunting boats will come in graded nylon, others in leather. Last but not the least, manufacturer’s warranty. This will help you determine that your chosen boat seat is durable and the material used like that say on the boat seat frame are made using quality materials -if it is backed by the manufacturer.

Our Top Picks


NORTHCAPTAIN Deluxe High Back Folding Boat Seat

  • High back design with extra cushion
  • Injection molded plastic seat frame
  • Easy to install
  • Marine grade vinyl

The NORTHCAPTAIN Deluxe High Back Folding Boat Seat is a decent boat seat for it’s price. The boat seat is premium built and is easily installed on any standard 4 screw swivel. The seat is spacious with a high back design for lower back support. Made with compression foam covered with a marine grade vinyl for maximum comfort The NORTHCAPTAIN Deluxe High Back Folding Boat Seat is a great all around chair that best fits a wide range of boating activities.


Millennium Marine Boat Seat

  • Comfortmax contour
  • Folds flat
  • Compatible for any boat
  • Resistant to natural damage

The Millennium Marine Boat Seat is our pick for best entry level boat seat. It will work great for most types of boats even on small ones. It snaps folded flat when needed for more space. It is sun, UV, rain and mild dew resistant for long years of service. The Millennium Marine Boat Seat has a great price for a quality durable boat seat and has 3 years limited warranty. For more information, please see video tutorial and demonstration.


Moeller Marine Boat Helm Seat

  • Includes mounting plate
  • With arm rest
  • UV resistant marine grade vinyl
  • Premium cushioned seats

The Moeller Marine Boat Helm Seat is best for those who won’t mind paying more for additional comfort. Quality and well built premium foam material enclosed in UV resistant high grade vinyl, not to mention the molded arm rest, this boast seat is great for cruising boats and yachts. The Moeller Marine Boat Helm Seat sports a well made seat for its price and comes with a mounting plate included.


Wise Deluxe Lounge Seat

  • Quality lounge chair
  • Built in storage compartment
  • High compression contoured padding
  • 3 Year warranty

Fishing for a boat seat for your cruiser? The Wise Deluxe Lounge Seat is an excellent choice. The boat seat is well built and uses high compression contoured seat paddings. It also sports a built in storage compartment under the cushion seats. The Wise Deluxe Lounge Seat lounge chair is great for those with decent sized boats and is often travelling with family or guests. For more information, please see video tutorial and demonstration.


Wise Deluxe Series Bucket Seat

  • High compression seat padding
  • Injection molded frame
  • State of the art
  • 5 Year warranty

The Wise Deluxe Series Bucket Seat is our premium pick for a boat seat. The price can be a worthwhile investment for those looking to redo their boat seats without having to go the upholstery and spending more money there. The seat frame is durable and sturdy made from state of art plastic injection mold. The manufacturer also offer a 5 year warranty.


Wise Economy Low Back Seat

  • Aluminum hinges
  • Low back seat type
  • Mild dew resistant and UV treated
  • Seating depth 14 inch

The Wise Economy Low Back Seat is our pick for best value for money. If you are on a strict budget but still want to be able to haul a boat seat of decent quality this will be a great pick. Equipped with marine grade embossed vinyl., this boat seat also comes with aluminum hinges and injection molded plastic frame. It also has a 5 year warranty. The Wise Economy Low Back Seat is a quality pedestal boat chair that can be used for almost any water activities.

Buying and installing a boat seat can all be both difficult and rewarding at the same time. A quality boat seat is a must have for any boat owners. If you think this is the best time for you to pick up boat seats, then make sure to check this guide from time to time to make sure you arrive with an informed purchase decision. Let yourself and your family enjoy a memorable boating trip of a lifetime while cruising in maximum comfort with these amazing boat seats.