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The Best Bird Feeders for Your Backyard

In fair weather, nothing beats the pursuit of birdwatching. Year after year, lots of birds frequent our community. Their gracefulness, cheery songs, elegant plumage, eye-catching colors and interesting habits are always a wonder to witness. Invite more of our beautiful avian friends by placing a quality bird feeder in your yard. If you’re new to bird feeders, our handy guide will be more than welcoming to fill you in on the right details.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the different kinds of bird feeders?

    Answer: When it comes to bird feeders, there are 6 common styles. The ground feeder, as its name implies, is a box or tray filled with bird food like mixed seeds, cracked corn, millet, suet or oats that’s positioned on the ground. It can be dangled on a tree branch or pole as well. The tube feeder has an extended body equipped with feeding ports. The hopper releases bird food whenever the bird lands on it. The suet bird feeder can be a mesh bag or a wire crate, designed to hold suet, seedcakes or bird pudding. The thistle style feature tubing that will accommodate birds with shorter beaks. Lastly, the nectar style is meant to accommodate hummingbirds—these feeders come in vivid red hues to attract the species and usually resemble flower petals.

  2. How do you clean bird feeders?

    Answer: You need to clean the bird feeder every so often so germs and other contaminants will not accumulate on the device. Clean the feeder with a solution made from 5 parts water and 1-part vinegar once in a while. You can also make use of 10 percent non-chlorine bleach diluted in water to wash the bird feeder. Allow the bird feeder to air-dry.

  3. Is it safe to put on grease or petroleum jelly on feeder wires and poles to prevent other animals from getting on the bird feeder?

    Answer: You should never put oil, grease, petroleum jelly or any similar substance on any part of the bird feeder. These sticky substances can brush against bird feathers and it will be hard for the birds to remove or clean them out. Feathers that are tacky can lead to poor insulation and it may also hinder flight. This will put birds at high risk to health conditions, bad weather and predators. There are other ways to impede animals that can raid bird feeders. You can make use of an ant guards and ant moats to stop ants from getting inside the bird feeder. To take care of squirrels and other animals, you can make use of a pole-mounted baffle. There are also bird feeders designed with extra features that help keep squirrels away from the feeder.

Our Top Picks


Droll Yankees YF-M Yankee Flipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

  • Squirrel-proof model
  • Holds 5 lbs. of birdseed
  • Includes 4 feeding ports
  • Has internal baffle

The Droll Yankees YF-M Yankee Flipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder will make sure all that birdseed will be distributed among your feathered friends only. The feeder is constructed with a motorized perch ring which begins rotating as soon as a squirrel lands on the device, turning the squirrel over and away from the feeder. The feeder also comes with an internal baffle to continuously dispense seed on all feeding ports.


Aspects HummZinger Excel Hanging Hummingbird Feeder

  • Built-in wraparound perch
  • Has 16 oz. capacity
  • Includes ant moat
  • Has vivid red color

The Aspects HummZinger Excel Hanging Hummingbird Feeder is something that will catch the eye of curious hummingbirds. It has features that will encourage the birds to come back and hang out a bit longer like its built-in wraparound perch. The ant moat is also another crucial feature of the device—it’s there to prevent ants from disrupting hummingbird feeding time. The solid brass stem complements the aesthetic of the entire device.


Heath Outdoor Products CF-133 Clementine Oriole Feeder

  • Ideal for orange halves, nectar or mealworms
  • Sturdy UV-resistant steel with powder coating
  • Includes removable glass cup
  • Comes with hanging chain

The distinctive look of a bird feeder designed for orioles are quite a sight. The Heath Outdoor Products CF-133 Clementine Oriole Feeder can accommodate oriole food favorites like orange halves, nectar, grape jelly and mealworms. Very durable built care of the powder-coated, UV-resistant steel. The glass removes for no-fuss cleanups. The utilitarian design also presents an unobstructed view of the birds during feeding time.


Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

  • Made from clear acrylic with high transparency
  • Has removable tray with drain holes
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable window bird feeder

If you prefer attracting birds through your window, you can do so with the Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder. The feeder is crafted from durable acrylic material with high transparency so you can view lovely birds as they feed. Very easy to clean and maintain—it has a removable tray with drain holes while its surface is a snap to wipe and scour gently. It also makes for a beautiful gift for your avid birdwatcher friends and family members.


Stokes Select 38070 Capacity Double Bird Feeder

  • Two-Suet cake feeder
  • Cage grid design
  • Easy to open
  • Has double-locking closure system

The Stokes Select 38070 Capacity Double Bird Feeder is made with high-quality, solid steel with a cage grid design and weather-resistant properties. Its powder-coated black finish and weather-guard roof add more resiliency to this striking bird feeder. It is capable of holding two suet cakes so it’s perfect for the winter months—save many birds during this time of the year by using this device.


Perky-Pet 338 Squirrel-Be-Gone II Country House Bird Feeder

  • Blocks squirrels
  • Includes weathervane
  • Has detachable roof peak with lock
  • Striking two-tone color

The Perky-Pet 338 Squirrel-Be-Gone II Country House Bird Feeder will prevent pesky squirrels from taking over the food meant for their avian friends. The adjustable spring can be calibrated to stop squirrels and specific birds by size from getting into the feeder. Complementing the whole ensemble is a cardinal weathervane, galvanized roof and pleasant two-tone color highlights.

Be friends with your chirping, flying feathered neighbors today by putting a bird feeder in your yard or window. There’s a nice range of bird feeder styles that you can choose from in the market—you can start with our list.