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The Best Biodegradable Phone Cases

The mobile phone is the most convenient and beneficial device today. From checking and answering our emails to surfing the Web, there are scads of things you can do with a mobile phone. To protect our phones, we make use of phone cases. However, a great deal of these casings though were made from non-sustainable material.

To reduce wastage, a lot of earth-conscious manufacturers are now creating biodegradable, eco-friendly phone cases. Get the deal on the latest environment-safe mobile phone cases thru this handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What makes an environment-friendly smartphone case?

    Answer: Ditch those low-quality silicone and plastic mobile phone cases with excellent eco-friendly alternatives. Eco-friendly phone cases are usually made from natural, highly-sustainable and biodegradable materials. These materials range from wood, cork, bamboo, recycled plastic or biodegradable plastics. An eco-friendly smartphone case also comes with safe components like lining and adhesives. If you want to guarantee that the case is made from all-natural and biodegradable material, check if the product includes environmental certification or a carbon-neutral validation.

  2. Are silicone and plastic mobile phone cases recyclable?

    Answer: A good deal of phone cases today are made from silicone and plastic material since these materials have qualities that can protect your phone. However, you do need to check if a specific silicone or plastic case is recyclable since not all silicone and plastic mobile phone cases are recyclable. If you are after the durability offered by those materials, then you need to assess whether the plastic or silicone components are recyclable by going over the product’s description or specifications.

  3. How do you maintain wooden phone cases?

    Answer: Phone cases made from sustainably harvested wood materials are some of the best options for biodegradable mobile phone housings. Wooden phone cases though can acquire dirt and grime with use so to preserve its appearance, you need to clean it every now and then. Make use of a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. For stubborn dirt, spray a bit of mild detergent or cleaning agent on a piece of cloth and scrub the dirt off with it. Then again, the beauty about wooden materials is the fact that it gets its character once it ages—meaning those scratches and nicks might do well for aesthetics and even highlight the style of the wooden phone case more.

Our Top Picks


YFWOOD Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Made from 100 percent real natural wood
  • Includes built-in flannelette
  • Has precise cutouts for mic and speaker phone
  • Includes magnetic closure

The YFWOOD Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max is a nice biodegradable option which is made from 100% natural strong wooden material. Between the case and the phone comes a high-quality built-in flannelette as well to further safeguard the device from dings and scratches. The design is of the steeple-stand kind so you can use it to prop up the phone for watching videos hands-free. Also comes with a magnetic closure for locking the case automatically.


WUDN Real Wooden Phone Case in Mahogany

  • Suitable for iPhone 11 and Qi wireless chargers
  • Handcrafted mobile phone case
  • Lightweight, slim features
  • Made from natural wood and black shell materials

No two WUDN Real Wooden Phone Case in Mahogany are the same; every wood grain and finish for this piece is unique. It is made for iPhone 11 models and Qi wireless chargers. This is a handcrafted piece made expressly in Hidden Springs, Idaho in the U.S of A. Durable, lightweight and slim, secures well to the iPhone model’s sleek, contemporary form. This phone case will not be an additional burden to your pocket or bag.


Wilma Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Mobile Phone Case

  • Plastic-free and non-toxic
  • Conforms to European standard EN 13432
  • Won’t leave toxic residues upon disposal
  • Made from recycled cardboard with soy-based colors

The Wilma Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Mobile Phone Case is crafted using European standard EN 13432—this only means that this piece is highly environment-friendly. Once it’s disposed, it will not release any chemical or unsafe residue into your surroundings. It breaks down into complete carbon dioxide so it’s non-toxic. A few colors are available on the WILMA line of biodegradable phone cases to suit varying tastes and style preferences. Made from quality recycled cardboard supplemented by soy-based tints.


Reveal Cork Wood Cases Compatible with iPhone 11

  • Made from natural cork material
  • 100% cruelty-free and sustainable product
  • Naturally water-resistant and shock-absorbing
  • Includes internal TPU molding

The Reveal Cork Wood Cases, built for the iPhone 11 model, is made from one of the best available eco-friendly materials today; cork wood. Cork wood is not only lightweight, renewable, sustainable and 100 percent natural, it also comes with innate water-resistance and shock-absorbent properties. Its Precision Slim Fit design means it won’t be a bother on your bag, pocket or wallets. The case also includes inner TPU molding to further protect and pad your phone.


Reveal Zen Garden Bamboo Case

  • Made from renewable bamboo
  • Has slim fit
  • Sleek, elegant and stylish design
  • Has non-slip surface

The elegance of bamboo is further displayed on the Reveal Zen Garden Bamboo Case. This housing’s smooth and contemporary design brings an air of sophistication to your mobile phone. Bamboo is a material that is 100 percent renewable and natural thus this case makes for an excellent sustainable choice. The non-slip design means your phone is in good hands. Its built also includes access to your phone’s camera, speaker, ports and buttons.


Pela Phone Case

  • Made from flax straw and plant-based biopolymers
  • Meets strict ASTM D6400 standards for compostability
  • Has natural shock-absorbent properties
  • Non-toxic built

The Pela Phone Case is an impressive option when it comes to biodegradable phones cases. It is made from a combination of specific organic elements, plant-based biopolymers and flax straw wastes. Manufacture of this phone case also follows strict ASTM D6400 standards for compostability. Flax straw waste features a very natural shock-absorbent quality which adds to the overall benefits of the phone case. Has extensive, precise fit for phones varying from specific iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy models, Google Pixel phones and Huawei phones.

Do not add to the waste that’s being thrown on landfills every year. Endorse the use of biodegradable phone cases as an effective approach to saving our surroundings.