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The Best Beauty Supplements for Better Skin, Hair and Nails

Lots of movie stars and celebrities are have included the use of beauty supplements like collagen products in their beauty regimen. Choosing the right one though can be a challenge due to the broad array of supplements being sold in the market today. In this list, we have included some beauty supplements that you may be interested in and make creating informed decisions easier for you. Read more about its benefits in this article right away.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a beauty supplement exactly?

    Answer: Supplements are products filled with vitamins, minerals, natural and botanical extracts, amino acids and other food byproducts designed to supply an individual’s diet with the essential micronutrients that they lack. In order for the body to become functional, we need many of these essential nutrients and we get that from the food we take every day. If you lack these micronutrients, its effects will be seen on your skin, hair and nails. Thus, beauty supplements were created so the body will be able to acquire its needed share of daily nutrients in a more convenient manner.

  2. What should I look for in a beauty supplement?

    Answer: You need a beauty supplement that answers your needs. In case you want to treat a number of skin concerns like eczema and acne, you have to look for supplements with vitamin A. Biotin is good for hair and nails. Vitamin C facilitates collage production while ceramides combat dry skin and eczema. Vitamin D is for treating psoriasis while vitamin E is great for anti-aging, contact dermatitis and treating sunburn. Chorella, a superfood, is great for delaying signs of aging and protection from toxins. Another great anti-aging nutrient is phyto resveratrol, which is typically found on grape skins, wine and juice. Fish oil or omega-3 encourages skin regeneration, aiding weight loss and hair growth. Hyaluronic acid helps in skin hydration while iron supports hair regrowth. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant which combats skin inflammations, delays aging signs and provides sun protection. Vitamin K is recommended for treating stretch marks, undereye circles and scars while zinc is often suggested as an effective acne treatment.

  3. What ingredients should I avoid in beauty supplements?

    Answer: Stay away from beauty supplements that contain artificial colors, maltodextrin, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate and hydrogenated oils. These ingredients are often used as fillers so the supplements will taste and look better or make the tablets/capsules simpler to gulp down. These items can block the capability of the body to further absorb those essential vitamins and minerals.

Our Top Picks


AVegan Beauty NutraChic Beauty Drink

  • High potency, replaces 8 bottles of supplement pills
  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Non GMO
  • Not tested on animals
  • Supports robust collagen
  • skin firmness and helps diminish visible signs of aging

Nourish your skin from within with this premium plant based powder. Packed with a powerful, Non GMO, Gluten and Sugar-free blend of antioxidants and nutrients, this delicious supplement supports robust collagen, skin firmness, diminishes signs of aging, and re-energizes the skin’s cells for a luminous, beautiful complexion. Replacing 8 bottles of supplement pills, this concentrated, easy to use, berry flavored powder is great in a wellness shot or blended into your favorite fruity drink or smoothie.


Natural Factors BioSil Liquid Capsules

  • Vegan collagen liquid capsules
  • Promotes healthier hair, nails, bones and joints
  • Taken twice daily
  • Easy to swallow

Treat your nails, hair and bones right with a proper supplement. The Natural Factors BioSil Liquid Capsules sees to it that your body will function as required and your skin, hair and nails will stay strong, smooth and free from fine lines. Vegan-friendly with zero traces of GMO and gluten. Contains ch-OSA, a patented choline-regulating silicon complex which has been proven to encourage collagen, keratin and elastin production.


Sports Research Biotin

  • High-potency 5,000 mcg biotin
  • Encourages excellent skin, hair and nail growth
  • Vegan-friendly
  • GMO/gluten/soy/carrageenan-free

The Sports Research Biotin supplements work great for people who have biotin deficiency and need a fix for their slow-growing hair and brittle nails. The formula, which contains cold-pressed organic coconut oil, has no GMO, gluten, soy, carrageenan, fillers and titanium dioxide added. This is a supplement that vegans can imbibe daily.


OLLY Glowing Skin Gummy (50-count)

  • Contains hyaluronic acid
  • Includes collagen
  • Blueberry and pomegranate flavor
  • Chewable vitamin

The OLLY Glowing Skin Gummy is crammed with the good stuff like collagen and hyaluronic for skin that is always smooth, free from fine lines and well-hydrated. It comes in chewy gummy form and is flavored with tasty blueberry and pomegranate. The potent formula also boasts of biotin for healthier hair, vitamins C and E plus borage oil and effective antioxidants to help maintain lush hair and healthier skin. Also free from gluten ingredients.


AMANDEAN Premium Collagen Peptides Powder

  • All-natural, fat-free collagen hydrolysafe
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO
  • Promotes healthy skin and joints
  • Facilitates flexibility and lean muscles

The AMANDEAN Premium Collagen Peptides Powder is your partner for healthier skin and body. The formula is packed with 90 percent collagen protein and 18 amino acids plus it has zero dairy, lactose, gluten and GMO. It encourages excellent collagen production and the development of lean muscles, better energy levels and endurance. This is an ideal supplement for workouts and people with active lifestyles. You can mix the powder on your smoothies, juices, broths, soups, stews and even in a tall glass of refreshing H2O.


Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplements

  • 255 mg of Wild Alaskan Salmon EPA oil
  • Has 690 mg of omega-3
  • Contains 270 mg DHA
  • Has natural lemon flavors

The Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplements brings plenty of benefits that are not only good for the skin, but your moods and overall cardiovascular health as well. Omega-3 has been espoused as one of the most advantageous nutrients found in fishes due to its impressive capability to retain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. The salmon oil used in the formula is sourced sustainably in a qualified Alaskan salmon fishery as well so what you’re getting is pure, unadulterated and beneficial fish oil with loads of nutrients.


Shiseido Chemicals The Collagen High Beauty Powder

  • Patented low-molecular weight collagen formula
  • Has lingonberry and amla fruit
  • Contains strawberry seed extract
  • Has vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and ceramides

The Shiseido Chemicals The Collagen High Beauty Powder is a top-selling collagen supplement in Japan and now it has garnered many positive praises from all parts of the world due to its effective formula. It contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, extracts from strawberry seed, amla fruit and lingonberry to promote collagen regeneration and maintain dewy, smooth and plump skin. To look your best at all times, you have to begin on the inside with a little help from this powder.


Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails Supplement

  • Helps functioning of the immune system
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • Improves the absorption of iron

Vitamin C and silica maintain the health and formation of collagen to support skin health, elasticity, integrity, firmness, repair and regeneration. Collagen is a major structural protein, important for healthy connective tissue to support the strength and integrity of skin, hair, nails, teeth and gums. Vitamin C also provides antioxidant support to help protect against free radical damage. As a member of the B vitamins group, Biotin is known to help strengthen soft, brittle nails and reduce breaking and splitting.

Due to our hectic schedules, eating a balanced diet can be challenging these days. Fill in the gaps with the right beauty supplement for better hair, skin and nails at all times.