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The Best Baby Gates To Keep your Little Explorer Safe

According to leading researchers on the topic, at least 11,466 children experience fall and burn accidents every year. These accidents primarily occur when a baby starts learning how to crawl, typically around nine months. With this newfound energy, your baby will end up becoming more active.

However, as parents, we can’t be everywhere all the time, and this is where baby-proofing comes in handy. You’ll want to keep your child from going to the kitchen or climbing the stairs. With a baby gate, this is possible.

Buyers Guide

  1. Do I need a baby gate?

    Answer: Yes, you do need a baby gate, especially if your home is a one-story building. Babies start crawling and scooting at around seven months. At that time, all they want to do is explore every part of your home, and they will want to touch, taste, and smell everything. This is why it’s important to childproof your home and add baby gates to keep your child out of specific places in your home.

  2. Where in the house should I put a baby gate?

    Answer: Most parents place the baby gates in entryways, doorways, bottom and top of the stairs, and spaces without walls. Wherever you place the baby gate, ensure it’s in a place where your little one can’t get injured.

  3. What do I look for when choosing a baby gate?

    Answer: When choosing a baby gate, the factors you should consider include Type of baby gate, latch, slat spacing, auto-close, and height and width. There are three types of baby gates: hardware-mounted, pressure-mounted, and freestanding baby gates. Each of these gates comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, make sure you research before settling on a baby gate. Every baby gate should have a latch, which keeps your baby from opening the gate. The slat spacing on the gate shouldn’t exceed three inches, ensuring your little one doesn’t get their head lodged between two slats. The gate should close automatically when released. Lastly, the baby gate’s height and width should be approximately 30 inches tall and 24 to 36 inches wide.

Our Top Picks


Regalo Baby Easy Step

  • Pressure mounted baby gate
  • Easy setup
  • Wide expansion option
  • Safety lock feature

First up is the Regalo Baby Easy step. It’s a pressure mounted baby gate that’s wonderful because you don’t require holes or tools to set it up. You can set up the gate within minutes and have your baby contained within an instant. It also comes with an extra-wide expansion option making it perfect for doorways, at the bottom of the stairs, or hallways. This gate is also easy to move around, thanks to its easy setup feature. The extra safety lock provides additional security, ensuring that your little one doesn’t open the gate.

Watch this demo and review video to learn more


Dreambaby Chelsea Security Gate

  • Fits openings between 38 to 42.5 inches
  • Easy to install
  • Auto-close feature
  • Great for pets as well

This security gate has a 2-inch threshold with a bottom that ensures your child doesn’t go beyond the gate. Its sturdy construction ensures that the gate remains standing at all times, reducing the chances of an accident occurring. This baby gate also comes with an auto-close feature that automatically closes it, ensuring reliable and constant safety. The auto-close feature also makes it possible to leave the gate open whenever you choose. You can also use the one-handed operation or the double action locking feature to keep your curious toddler at bay.

Watch this demo for information on how to install this gate


North States Superyard

  • Playpen
  • Customized fit panels
  • Convenient storage when not in use
  • Perfect for both outdoors and indoors

If you’re looking for a baby gate that can also double up as a playard, you should consider trying the North States Superyard. While this gate won’t keep your little one off the stairs, you can use it in the living room as you tend to some chores in the kitchen. This playard provides the perfect safe haven for your little one to play without you worrying about your child’s safety. It has a 34.4 square feet width and a 26 inches height giving your child enough room to play around and not climb over. This gate also has a soft coating on the bottom, ensuring it doesn’t scratch your hardwood floors during installation. It can withstand harsh elements outside, thanks to its durable materials.


Cardinal Gates Stairway Baby Gate

  • Designed for stairway tops
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to clean
  • One-hand latch system

The top of the stairs is an area in any home that requires maximum protection. And this is what the Cardinal Gate offers. It has a sturdy construction, ensuring that even an exuberant push doesn’t cause it to fall over. This baby gate is specifically designed for the top of your stairway, as it can mount at an angle of 30 degrees, allowing for a stud location when mounting it on drywall. Thanks to its aluminum construction, the gate is easy to clean and completely lightweight. Its one-hand latch system makes it difficult for kids to use, but easier for adult operation. It also comes with an optional stop bracket that prevents the gate from opening over the stairs.

Watch this review video to learn more


Munchkin Aluminum Baby Gate

  • Sturdy aluminum build
  • Modern look
  • Great for use in hallways, doorways, and the bottom or top of stairs
  • Door swings in both directions

Last up, the list is the Munchkin Aluminum baby gate. Despite having an expensive price tag, this baby gate has a sturdy aluminum build that guarantees it doesn’t collapse. It also has a quick-release wall mount that makes it easy to remove it quickly. Its doors swing in both directions, making it safe to pass despite the location of your little one.

Your little one is finally becoming curious about the world around them. Rather than prevent that from happening, you can find a way around their curiosity by keeping them safe with a baby gate. You can also check out some of our other baby product review roundup articles to find more products to keep your baby engaged, safe, and happy.