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Social Distancing Stickers For the Floor of your Store

You would think that practicing social distancing in public places is easy, but it isn’t. When you’re in a convenience store or a small retail shop with narrow aisles, keeping a safe distance from the next person is quite impossible. Sometimes, people even forget. When they do remember, they have a hard time estimating the required distance for absolute safety. To make it easy for those you have difficulty remembering and following simple guidelines, establishments are now using social distancing stickers on floors. Such decals have proven very effective in reminding people to maintain a good distance from one another.

If you run a business, like a restaurant or shop, you know how difficult it is to get people to stay a few feet away from each other. Even constant reminding does not work. They even end up getting annoyed at you. Why not let a sticker do the talking for you? With an attention-grabbing floor decal, you will never again have to tap a customer on the back just to tell them they need to distance a bit from the next guy. Take a look at these 6 decals that are getting great reviews from satisfied establishment owners and managers.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why is social distancing important?

    Answer: Now that we are in a pandemic, keeping a safe distance from the next guy is very important. The COVID-19 virus is in the air we breathe. If someone with the virus coughs or sneezes, the droplets from their nose or mouth could enter your body if you are too close.

  2. How far away from the next person should we be?

    Answer: Safe distancing should be at least 5 feet. If you could do more, the better.

  3. What makes a good social distancing sticker?

    Answer: A good social distancing sticker should be attractive enough to catch attention. If people don’t notice your sticker, it loses its purpose. Your sticker should also be easy to read, skid-proof, anti-slip, and able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Our Top Picks


Homasky Social Distancing Floor Decals Stickers

  • Pack of 5
  • Removable
  • 11 inches
  • Anti-slip

Encourage safe distancing in your establishment with this set of 5 social distancing stickers. Measuring 11 inches in diameter each, it is large enough to catch most people’s eyes and bigger than most decals on the market. It is made of premium adhesive vinyl PVC that is removable. This sticker has a protective UV lamination, which is waterproof. It has an ultra-tough polyester base, which is anti-slip and anti-scratch. It is designed for entrances and checkout lines of supermarkets, hospitals, and restaurants.


BAODLON Social Distancing Floor Decal Stickers

  • Pack of 30
  • 8 inches
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to remove

Remind your customers to keep 6 feet apart from each other with this set of 30 social distancing stickers. With a bright yellow and red color, it provides maximum visibility. It is made with a premium removable adhesive that’s suitable for any floor and can be removed and relocated. This decal has a matte protective overlaminate that is slip-resistant, waterproof, weatherproof, and tear resistant. It can keep your flooring safe and clean without tearing into small pieces when removed.


i-FSK Social Distancing Floor Decals

  • 12 inches
  • Eye-catching
  • Pack of 16
  • Removable

Make the public aware of social distancing significance with this set of 16 stickers. With a large size, it is noticeable enough and can fit any shoe size. It is bright and easy to see, helping warn customers, guests, staff members, or visitors to maintain 6 feet apart. This decal is made with a premium removable adhesive that’s suitable for any floor. It can be removed in seconds without tearing up into pieces.


eBun Social Distance Floor Stickers Decal

  • Pack of 12
  • 11 inches
  • Bilingual
  • Easy to install

Maintain crowd control with this set of 12 social distancing stickers. It comes in English and Spanish, and has an 11-inch radius that can easily be seen from afar. It is suitable for retail stores, offices, warehouses, hospitals, and checkout lines. This decal has a bright blue and black color that makes it easily noticeable by staff members, vendors, clients, and customers. It is durable, anti-slip, and won’t lift or fade.


GMAOPHY Social Distancing Floor Decoration Stickers

  • Pack of 30
  • 8 inches
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Easy to remove

Protect yourself and others with this set 30 social distancing stickers. With bright and vibrant colors, it can remind people to keep 6 feet apart. It is ideal for high foot traffic areas like pharmacies, banks, grocery stores, hospitals, and malls. This decal is slip resistant and scuff resistant. It is suitable for any floor, so you can remove or relocate it any time. It won’t tear into small pieces when removing. 


LT-RUIJIN Social Distancing Floor Decal Stickers

  • Pack of 20
  • 8 inches
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to apply

Help your customers keep a safe distance from each other with this set of 20 social distancing stickers. It is made of high-quality removable vinyl which is waterproof and easy to apply. It is 8 inches in diameter, which is large enough to be seen from afar. This decal can be pasted on tables, floors, windows, and walls. It is non-slip and scratch-resistant. It is suitable for any floor, so you can move or reposition it any time. Use it for offices, restaurants, banks, hospitals, and schools.

With these social distancing stickers, you can easily create customer awareness. You will be able to minimize the spread of germs and viruses, protecting your clients’ health. Take a look at our hardwood floor cleaner recommendations as well, since your floors are going to be getting a lot more attention it makes sense to keep them looking shiny and brand new.