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Best Whole Home Mesh WiFi Systems

The router is responsible for giving us internet coverage. However, not all routers work the same way—standard ones are not really ideal for specific houses. Bigger houses, houses with brick walls inside, dwellings with several floors and homes with distinctive structures can benefit more from a mesh WiFi system. Whole home mesh Wifi systems are designed to connect several devices at once to make one wireless network, thus making them a good internet coverage system for sizable homes and properties. To know more about this specific system, do read the rest of our guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What does a whole home mesh Wifi system do?

    Answer: The whole home mesh WiFi system is expressly made to give continuous WiFi all over bigger homes by ridding it of dead zones. It provides the best speed available, better coverage and dependable connection. Mesh Wifi systems have several access points compared to regular routers, who only feature a single access point. A unit gets connected to the model to serve as the primary hub—the ancillary units are then called nodes and will catch and re-transmit the signal of the router. This leads to a wireless network that delivers reliable, stronger signals regardless of your location at home. If your dwelling measures up to 3,000 sq. ft. or bigger, have several floors, brick walls or atypical architecture, then the whole home mesh WiFi system is more appropriate for your situation. This is also the best alternative for range extenders since this system does not requite users to change between networks whenever they move from one point in the house to another.

  2. What are the benefits of using a whole home mesh WiFi system?

    Answer: The primary advantage of whole home mesh WiFi systems is excellent coverage and speed for bigger homes. There’s also no need for users to sign into a newt network each time they relocate. Mesh WiFi systems provide a strong, stable connection at any point inside the property since the mesh nodes actually share signals from each other so you can get powerful coverage at any location. They are easier to manage as well and feature parental controls, straightforward network settings and accessible speed checks.

  3. Are mesh WiFi systems and range extenders the same?

    Answer: At a glance, you might think that mesh WiFi systems and range extenders have the same job. However, these two devices are still different from each other. Mesh WiFi systems feature roaming protocols and technologies like adaptive routing and self-healing to provide users a stable and powerful network. To retain better coverage, range extenders obligate users to sign in to new networks each time they move from one location to another. Majority of range extenders are also created under a variety of networks while mesh WiFi systems do not have one—instead, every node in the system function as routers themselves. The mesh WiFi system is also more capable of giving faster WiFi signals compared to range extenders.

Our Top Picks


Google WiFi System

  • Gets rid of dead zones
  • Has strong, single WiFi point
  • Features Network Assist Technology
  • User-friendly app

The Google WiFi System is a mesh Wifi system that is suitable with major ISPs (internet service providers) in the country. It is built to get rid of dead zones and provide seamless coverage by way of a single WiFi access point, which is capable of covering up to 1500 sg. ft. A set of 3 access points can even service as large as 4500 sq. ft. It’s no wonder this one is a bestseller. Its system is ready for customization so if you are after larger coverage, you can supplement your existing Google mesh WiFi set-up with a few more points. It is also built to get only the clearest channel by way of its Network Assist Technology so you cam get the best and the fastest band available for your online needs. Controlling the system is also made easier—it works with a straightforward app that allows users to check out whose device is connected, tinker with system settings and set parental controls for the children.


NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

  • Covers up to 5000 sq. ft.
  • Connects more than 25 devices
  • Has Tri-band backhaul
  • Provides parental controls

The NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System is also a good choice due to its trusty features. Its combo of Orbi WiFi Router and Satellite along with utilizing Tri-Band technology gives the system a backhaul connection between the two devices so it can gamely control several network connections without putting a crimp on the connection speed. The Orbi router provides extensive coverage to bigger homes with only a single network and name. It also presents high-tech security for cyber threats through the Netgear Armor—30-day free trial and yearly fee for regular antivirus, phishing and malwate protection. Setting up the system is a cakewalk too since the process can be done within minutes from putting the devices together to securing the WiFi network.


TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System

  • Covers up to 5500 sq. ft.
  • Has adaptive routing technology
  • Gives secure mesh WiFi network
  • Easy set-up

The TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System features 3 units that operate together to provide a seamless network which can cover up to 5500 sq. ft of space. No need for a range extender since the Deco M5 offers stability and flawless roaming in each and every part of your property through the use of only a single network name and password. This means there’s no need to change networks just to gain coverage in any location at home. The system also utilizes a distinctive adaptive routing technology wherein it selects automatically the quickest channel for all devices connected to it, even better than satellite systems. It gives extra security too through its free lifetime subscription to TP-Link Homecare—it features a QoS, parental controls and strong antivirus functions. Simple set-up is needed and it works well with Alexa too.


Amazon eero Pro Mesh WiFi System

  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth support
  • WPA2-PSK security protocol
  • Intelligent mesh WiFi technology
  • Has powerful hardware

The Amazon eero Pro Mesh WiFi System guarantees flawless coverage and fast internet through its effective mesh network. It acquires its capabilities to the brand’s exclusive TrueMesh technology. This technology powers a good number of wireless access points to produce reliable internet coverage using just one mesh system. This second-generation eero device is 2X faster compared to its predecessor even. The Beacon, which is the system’s WiFi extender, serves as the system’s access point and it lengthens WiFi connectivity to each and every device connected to the system. The unit is a breeze to set up and includes a mobile app where users can manage their home WiFi setup in a more straightforward, convenient manner.


Tenda Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

  • High-tech dual-band AC1200 mesh Wifi
  • Can connect up to 60 devices
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Suitable with major ISPs

The Tenda Whole Home Mesh WiFi System is close to the price point of regular routers but at the same time, it will give you the coverage you need. Fast, stable and reliable regardless of your location in your property. The Tenda WiFi app allows users to put the system together easily, tinker with settings and check what’s going on within the network. The Nova Wave’s 2.0 MU-MIMO, coupled with its beam-forming technology, sees to it that all devices are connected to the network all at once. It focuses WiFi signals and directs them at the devices. Anywhere you wish to relax and surf the net through your phone or tablet, the coverage this system provides is seamless and lightning-fast—in fact, whenever you lose signals due to transferring from one place to another in your property, the system will scan automatically for the best access point so you can go back to your surfing. There are virtually no intermittent connections with this mesh WiFi system around.


Gryphon Advance Security & Parental Control Smart Mesh WiFi System

  • Easy to set up and manage with phone
  • Impressive protection and cyber security
  • Excellent parental controls
  • Powerful mesh WiFi expandable system

If you are a parent whose priority is online safety for your children and extensive cyber security protection, we highly recommend this Gryphon smart mesh WiFi system. Security is the Gryphon mesh system’s strongest suit—for one, it does not have vulnerable features that are often the target of hackers from SSH, Telnet, HTTP/HTTPS configuration and WAN/LAN access, default passwords and even web admin access. The configuration is done through the app only. It blocks malware and ransomware through ESET tech, safeguards data through Intelligent Intrusion Detection and it also scans connected devices for vulnerabilities. As for its parental controls, it can produce multiple users, allows history browsing through Incognito Mode, sets screen time limits, provides internet suspension, enforce safe search engine and YouTube searches to conceal improper results and grant permission to approved sites. It does not hold back when it comes to coverage too—its powerful and stable and allows supplemental coverage.

If you’re looking for a WiFi enabled router and not a whole home mesh system, please check out our product roundup of the best WiFi enabled routers that we’ve recently written about. With a whole home WiFi mesh system, you’ll never complain about the slow-moving internet again. Regardless of your location or home structure, you will get the coverage you need by using a reliable whole home mesh WiFi system. This is especially necessary for bigger homes—it’s an investment that you will not regret, indeed.