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Our Favorite Tortilla Blankets To Keep You Laughing

When it comes to quirky bedroom items, tortilla blankets make our list. Tortilla blankets took the internet by storm when they came out early 2019, with many people wanting to curl up at home looking like a human burrito. It not only sparked a frenzy of interest from Tex-Mex enthusiasts and carb lovers but also parents who wanted their babies to look delicious.

Now, you, too, can be your own favorite Mexican dish. Below is our list of the best tortilla blankets on the web.
Who knew there would be so much competition in the tortilla blanket market? When there is so much going on in the world it makes sense to come home to a bed with something on it that’s going to make you smile. We thought it was so important to bring you the best tortilla blanket recommendations that our researchers pulled an all-nighter just to find the tortilla blankets that are not only appetizing but also soft, comfortable, and breathable.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why are tortilla blankets popular?

    Answer: Tortilla blankets became popular when Reddit user u/Kotaay shared a collage of her burrito blanket on April 1, 2019. Turns out, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke but the real deal, taking the internet by storm. The photo quickly became viral that tortilla blankets found on different e-commerce sites sold out.

  2. What should you look for in a good tortilla blanket?

    Answer: The design is everything in a tortilla blanket, but since it is still a blanket, it should possess the same qualities as a good covering. Aside from looking like a real tortilla, your tortilla blanket should also be breathable and lightweight. It should be well-ventilated and able to wick sweat away. It should be made of material that won’t irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. Finally, it should be able to stand up well to repeated washings.

  3. Is a tortilla blanket safe for babies?

    Answer: It depends. To be on the safe side, make sure the material used for your baby’s tortilla blanket is soft, comfortable, light, and breathable.

Our Top Picks


Jorbest Burritos Tortilla Blanket

  • Double sided
  • 60 inches
  • For adults and kids
  • 280 gsm

Bring happiness and humor to your home with this tortilla blanket. It is 60 inches in diameter, which is perfect for both kids and adults. Its flannel fabric with a cozy single-layer design uses eco-friendly dyes that provide fade resistance. This realistic-looking blanket has a double-sided printing that offers soft on one side and fluffy on the other. It uses the latest sewing technology and is 280-gsm thick to ensure strength.


Zulay Giant Burrito Blanket

  • 60 inches
  • Double sided
  • For adults and kids
  • Premium soft flannel

Be an instant human burrito with this tortilla blanket. Made with flannel fabric, it is ultra-soft, lightweight, and breathable. It is 260-gsm thick, making it ideal for both warm and chilly weather. This blanket is 60 inches in diameter and looks exactly like a round tortilla or taco shell. It works as a throw blanket, bed blanket, travel blanket, plush blanket, or even as a home decoration. It is anti-fade and anti-shrink for worry-free washing.


SeaRoomy Burritos Tortilla Throw Blanket

  • For adults and kids
  • 47 inches
  • Premium flannel material
  • Easy to clean

Feel like a wrapped dish with this tortilla blanket. It is made of high-quality flannel fabric with a single-layer design, making it super soft, warm, and comfortable. It won’t make you feel stuffy, making it suitable for use as a sofa blanket or bed blanket. This edible-looking sheet measures 47 inches, which is large enough to make yourself a giant human burrito. With high-temperature active printing and dyeing, it can be washed repeatedly without the worries of fading.  


Freesooth Burritos Tortilla Blanket

  • Realistic-looking
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Premium flannel
  • With storage bag

Look like a delicious Mexican dish with this tortilla blanket. It is made of high-quality flannel, which is soft, lightweight, cozy, and warm. It uses the latest print technique and sewing process, which makes it anti-crumple, durable, and colorfast. This blanket is realistic as can be, making you or your kid feel like a tasty burrito. It comes with a drawstring storage that you can use on road trips. With various applications, it makes a great gift for friends, colleagues, and family who have a great sense of humor.


Phyllia Burritos Tortilla Blanket

  • 60 inches
  • Double sided
  • Soft and lightweight
  • 100% microfiber

Become a tasty dish many crave with this tortilla blanket. It is made of high-quality flannel fabric with a single-layer design which is super soft and lightweight. It will keep you warm and comfortable at night without any stuffy feeling. This blanket has a double-sided pattern that lets you look extra yummy when wrapped in it. To clean, simply machine wash in gentle cycle with cold water, then tumble dry on low without any worries of fading or shrinking.


Eshan Tortilla Burrito Taco Blanket

  • 71 inches
  • Flannel fabric
  • Soft and plush
  • For adults and kids

Enjoy leisure time at home by covering yourself up in this tortilla blanket. It is made of super soft microfiber fleece flannel and cotton blend which is soft to the touch and comfortable to snuggle in. It is printed with a special dye technique, making it very vivid, non-fading, and lint free. This blanket measures 71 inches in diameter, which is just the right size for you to cover yourself up. With an advanced edge-stitched technology, its threads will not fall apart and it can withstand machine washing without wrinkling or fading.

These tortilla blankets are the perfect snuggle companion when you’re in bed, on the couch, or simply keeping warm in your living room. Lightweight and portable, you can also take these blankets with you on outdoor trips like picnics, camping, and of course, of favorite new outdoor activity, glamping. Just make sure when you’re out camping in the wilderness all wrapped up in a tortilla blanket that any passing bears aren’t hungry for Mexican food!