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Our Favorite Leather Case Picks for iPhones

There are lots of reasons why the iPhone has been the go-to smartphone for lots of folks all over the world. For one, it’s user-friendly, works fast, has better hardware and even provides an avenue for convenient, hassle-free mobile payments. The prices for iPhones can be a bit on the steep side however it’s the best investment that you can make when it comes to electronics since iPhones are certainly one of the top-rate cellphone innovations in the industry today. And you need to take care of that investment by putting it in a nice, leather phone case.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of using a leather case for iPhone?

    Answer: Leather cases offer protection against sharp items, sun exposure, water exposure, dust and other contaminants. Most leather iPhone cases are affordable too. Leather is not only an attractive material, but it’s also known for its durability hence it’s used as premium material for shoes and bags. So why not use them on smartphone cases too?

  2. How do you clean and maintain leather iPhone cases?

    Answer: Leather phone cases should be treated with mild cleaning agents. A gentle hand soap and a moist microfiber cloth is good enough for a cleanup. Just apply the soap on the cloth or if you prefer, a light detergent applied on dry cloth. Scrub the phone case carefully, paying particular attention on the crevices of the case. Do not scrub too hard so as not to stretch the leather. Dry the case with a terry-type microfiber cloth.

  3. What makes the best iPhone leather case?

    Answer: The best iPhone leather case is capable of protecting the phone—its design and quality must be impressive for longer use and better safety for your phone. The case should be able to accommodate the features of the phone too—for example, if your iPhone supports wireless charging, the leather case should be capable of accommodating this feature too. Lastly, you want something that will look good—thus, the best leather iPhone cases have handsome designs and come in several colors to better fit your mood or preferred color scheme.

Our Top Picks


Apple iPhone X Leather Case

  • Tanned, finished European leather
  • Machined aluminum buttons
  • Microfiber lining
  • Supports wireless charging

The Apple iPhone X Leather Case has important factors covered. It has a stunning appearance thanks to its finished, tanned European leather. In fact, the leather material soon produces a natural verdigris on it which is quite eye-catching and adds to its character. It has a nice fit and supports wireless charging too. It comes in a good range of colors and it has a folio version as well. All of those positives made this option take the number 1 spot.


SLG DESIGN D8 Full Grain Leather Diary Case

  • For iPhone 11 Max Pro
  • Flip-folio style leather phone case
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Lightweight feel

The SLG DESIGN D8 Full Grain Leather Diary Case is designed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and features quality, premium leather that will not add lots of weight on your phone yet it’s still durable and sturdy enough to fully protect the phone against dirt, dust, sharp objects, sun exposure, water exposure and more. The leather has a quality feel to it as well. If you want something luxurious yet able to support the workings of an iPhone, this one might be up your alley.


Vaultskin Victoria Crossbody iPhone Leather Case

  • Authentic top-grain Italian leather
  • Head-stitched seams
  • Premium metal clips
  • Multifunctional design

The Vaultskin Victoria Crossbody iPhone Leather Case is the best choice for the ladies. This is one lightweight and stylish phone case—it has a nice size for the phone and it features a strong internal shall with Smart Rubber cushioning supplemented by a sturdy plastic backing for overall strength and protection. It can be worn two ways—held by hand or worn across the body. The case is also made from premium, authentic top-grain Italian leather. The raised lip of the case guards the screen from scratches and dust. Simple a good leather case option for iPhones.


Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Apple iPhone 11

  • For iPhone 11
  • European top-grain Nubuck leather
  • Has 3 card slots and money slip
  • Features drop and scratch protection

The Snakehive Vintage Wallet for Apple iPhone 11 is made from high-quality, top-grain European Nubuck leather. This is the type of leather which develops a stunning patina over the years—so this means with top-grade leather cases like this, your phone is actually set for life. The case features all-leather components from the insides down to its outsides. The internal leather is quite soft and smooth yet it helps guard phones from impact, sudden drops, damage and scratches. The case is designed with a TPU holder too, which serves as some shock absorber of sorts for added safety.


ESR Premium Real Leather Case

  • Premium genuine leather
  • Unique leather patterns
  • Thin, lightweight form
  • Soft, microfiber lining

Every ESR Premium Real Leather Case is different due to the natural patterns of the material. The case is crafted from fine, premium genuine leather with a finish that progresses into a distinctive patina over time. It has a soft microfiber lining inside to protect the phone from scratches and it’s pretty lightweight too, which means the case will not add too much weight on your phone. The case is also designed with raised edges throughout the screen and camera as protection from impact, scratches and dents.


Mujjo Full Leather Case

  • For iPhone Xs and iPhone X
  • Full-grain vegetable tanned leather
  • Complete leather-wrapped profile
  • Japanese microfiber-lined interior

The Mujjo Full Leather Case guarantees your iPhone Xs and X will be working at their optimal best even when it’s completely swathed within the case. The button profile of this case has been tested for user-friendliness and the best response. It accommodates everything from charging down to camera, lighting and speaker functions. The case is made with quality leather and it also comes with a raised edge to guard the screen of the phone. To further protect your phone from scratches, the lining of this case features soft Japanese microfiber.

Investing in top-quality leather phone cases is crucial. These cases are quite durable and sturdy while at the same time, supporting many of the phone’s features. Check out our list and make this into your handy reference for choosing awesome iPhone leather cases.