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Our Favorite Kitchen Space-Saving Pot Racks

Lots of people who love cooking decorate their kitchen to turn it into one comfortable space. Some also love introducing new trends into their kitchens for functionality and great looks. Apart from comfort, organization is key in having the best-looking kitchens. Now, if you often find yourself looking for specific pots and cooking implements around, then you have to consider adding an organizer to keep such items on hand. Pot racks are something you’ll benefit from if you have limited kitchen space too. Know more about pot racks using our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. Where are practical spots to hang pot racks?

    Answer: If you plan on hanging your pans, pots and other stovetop cooking items, you must hang the pot rack close to your stovetop or range. If you want to use the pot rack for your strainers, graters, colanders and other kitchen prep items, it is best that you position the pot rack close to the preparation area. Majority of pot racks are often suspended on top of kitchen islands/peninsulas. Just make sure that the ceiling of your kitchen is high enough for the pot rack and must have sufficient clearance between the head and the lowermost item in the pot rack.

  2. What factors should I consider when choosing pot racks?

    Answer: First, you need to determine the number of pots, pans and kitchen items that you want to put on the rack. Check the weight of every item and see the combined weight of all those kitchen tools together. The pot rack must be low enough so you can grab or place any item by extending your arm but it should be high enough that the items in it will not be an obstruction. In addition, you also need to consider the type of pot rack that will suit your kitchen’s décor. Pot racks are made from lots of materials like cast iron, chrome and wood.

  3. How can I adjust a pot rack if it is not a good fit for the kitchen?

    Answer: In general, pot racks are made for 9 ft. ceilings. If your existing ceiling is lower than 9 ft., an ideal pot rack for the kitchen is something designed for low ceilings. These pot racks typically have a height of 4 inches and more. If the ceiling is higher than 9 ft., make sure to lower the rack. You can use a chain to lower this or opt for extension hooks.

Our Top Picks


Kinetic Pot Rack

  • Oval ceiling rack
  • 33 x 17 x 1.5 inches
  • 22 inches floor clearance
  • Detachable center grid

The Kinetic Pot Rack is tops when it comes to functionality and appearance—it has a timeless look to it which suits a great deal of kitchen décor plus it offers additional room to keep your kitchen tools accessible at all times. This is an oval ceiling mount option crafted from fine, sturdy wrought iron material. Its hooks can be suspended from several spots like the center metal grid or the outer rim. The rack features 12 pot hooks too; a good number for cooking enthusiasts who spend lots of time in the kitchen.


Cooks Standard Wooden Pot Rack

  • Single bar
  • Ceiling mounted model
  • 6 swivel hooks
  • 30 lbs. weight capacity

The Cooks Standard Wooden Pot Rack has a minimalist design that will not allot complicated steps just for the installation. It comes with 6 swivel hooks which rotates up to 360 degrees. It has reliable weight capacity too since it can support weight up to 30 pounds. One of the best things about this pot rack is that it can be installed against the wall or on the ceiling. The whole built has a durable, sturdy feel, complemented by two 24-inch chains and crafted from high-quality solid aluminum material.


VDOMUS Ceiling Mount Pot Rack

  • Oval ceiling mount rack
  • Stylish chains
  • 40 lbs. weight capacity
  • Includes 15 hooks

The VDOMUS Ceiling Mount Pot Rack aims to put some elegance and style in your kitchen. These racks are handmade, deposited with distinctive details to enhance kitchen ambiance. The rack features 15 mobile hooks and has a weight capacity of 40 lbs. Durability is one of its high points thanks to its dense, high-capacity iron. Corrosion is not a problem with this one as well since it has a powder-coated finish. The rack requires assembly but it’s done with just a few easy steps. All in all an eye-catching piece that will last long in the kitchen.


OROPY Wall Mounted Pot Rack

  • Effortless design
  • 2-tier cross bars
  • Includes 12 hooks
  • Handmade welding

You know your trusted kitchen utensils are in good hands with the OROPY Wall Mounted Pot Rack. The rack is made from thick iron material and has the capacity to support up to a hundred pounds. That’s pretty impressive for a pot rack specifically if you have plenty of heavier items to hang on it. This means you can set heavy pots on the upper shelves and hang the rest of your kitchen stuff on its 12 detachable hooks. No rusting on this one for it’s powder-coated for extra durability. Requires assembly but no worries, the package includes the equipment you need.


Old Dutch Oval Steel Pot Rack

  • Satin copper finish
  • Heavy-gauge steel
  • 120 lbs. weight capacity
  • Has 16 hooks

The Old Dutch Oval Steel Pot Rack is the prettiest pot rack in this list due to its warm rose gold hues and satin copper finish. Choose this if you want to amplify your kitchen’s ambiance in an instant. It comes with 16 hooks and a grid for your kitchen essentials. The rack requires assembly but the package has made this process easier by providing the needed installation hardware. The rack provides sufficient space for your stuff and it’s very durable too, being made from heavy-gauge steel. It accommodates up to 120 lbs. of weight and that’s always a great thing.


Wallniture Lyon Wall Mount Kitchen Utensil Holder

  • Durable stainless steel
  • Wall mount rack type
  • Easy installation
  • Includes mounting hardware

Installing the Wallniture Lyon Wall Mount Kitchen Utensil Holder will not take a lot of hard work and time. This one is a cinch to set up plus it already comes with the hardware required for the installation. The rack is made from quality stainless steel so it can accommodate convenient kitchen items whether they’re pots, pans, measuring cups, various cookware implements and even coffee mugs. It also works as a neat organizer for the bathroom or the entryway.

Make your kitchen a breeze to manage by choosing the most suitable pot rack for the area. Pot racks will not only make organization easier to accomplish, these nifty items also help improve the kitchen’s ambiance.