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Our Favorite Animal Charging Cable Protectors

Most cables, like phone charging cords and headphone jacks, are inherently flawed, making them prone to fraying. Every time you stuff your charger in your backpack or purse, pull it from the socket to unplug your device, or roll it up to put it away, you are putting strain on it, causing it to take a beating. As a result, you waste one costly charger after another. The good news is there’s a cost-effective way for you to protect your cables. It’s with the use of animal cable protectors.

An animal cable protector is specially designed to cover the most vulnerable area of your charger. By fitting snuggly into place, it keeps the sensitive part of your charger from bending even when rolled up. With a cable protector, you lessen frequent spending on cord replacements as well as trips to the electronics store. To help you extend the life of your chargers, we made a list of the top six animal cable protectors on the market.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an animal cable protector?

    Answer: Also called a cable bite, an animal cable protector is designed to slip over charging cords, preventing wear and tear.

  2. Do animal cable protectors work on all charging cords?

    Answer: Animal cable protectors protect charging cords that belong to a smartphone, tablet, or handheld gaming device.

  3. How do you put on an animal cable protector?

    Answer: Insert your cord in the gap located on the bottom of the animal cable protector. Slip the animal cable protector to the end of cord, making sure the plug rests in its mouth.

Our Top Picks


Tuparka Charger Cable Protector

  • Set of 22
  • Easy to install
  • Adorable
  • Great for gifting

Prevent your charger from getting damaged with this set of 22 animal cable protectors. It includes 12 pieces of animal-shaped cable wire protectors and 10 pieces of spring-shaped flexible cable protectors. With bright colors and cute designs, this set makes fun accessories for your cords, putting you in a cheerful mood every time you charge your device. Made of PVC, these cable protectors are very strong and have a long service life. They work well with original iPhone USB charger cables, and make a great gift for adults and kids alike. 


LoveAndCables Cable Animal Bites

  • Set of 12
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Cute designs

Extend the life of your cords with this set of 12 animal cable protectors. It includes a fish, tiger, hedgehog, pig, alligator, squirrel, orca, dog, cat, rabbit, seal and panda. It comes with a reusable zip lock pack for convenient storage. This set is suitable for connectors not exceeding 8 to 10 mm, and is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, power bank, and Android chargers. Made of quality, durable PVC and silicone, it keeps your charger cables from getting frayed or damaged. To use, simply insert your cable into the underside slot of each cord protector.


Ckanday Cute Animal Cable Protector

  • Set of 12
  • Fits Apple’s standard charging cord
  • Beautifully designed
  • Easy to use

Decorate your charging cords with this set of 12 animal cable protectors. It is made from high-quality ATBC-PVC material which feels soft, is durable, and will protect your cable for a long time. It includes a whale, hedgehog, fish, penguin, pig, frog, turtle, tiger, and many other adorable animals. This cable protector measures approximately 1.5 inches long, 0.78 inches wide, and 0.78 inches high which is just the right size for original iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and MAC data cables. To use, simply flip the animal over, then fit your cable along the opening.


Apple Data Cable Animal World Bite

  • Set of 4
  • With storage bag
  • Wide compatibility
  • Soft and flexible

Protect your original data line from tearing with this set of 4 animal cable protectors. It includes 3 sharks, 1 dolphin, and 1 unicorn storage bag. With cute animals and bright colors, you can decorate your chargers while keeping them damage free. This cable protector stops lightning cables from bending and breaking at the junction of the wire and the plug-in part. Made of premium-quality PVC silicone plastic, it is non-toxic, durable, soft, and flexible. Easy to use and install, it is compatible with cables of all Apple products and most Android phones.


Animal Buddies Phone Cord Bites

  • Set of 6
  • With free pouch
  • Premium quality
  • Wide compatibility

Keep your chargers damage free with this set of 6 animal cable protectors. It includes 2 pandas, 2 mice, and 2 polar bears, and comes with a pink pouch. It is made of high-quality ATBC-PVC plastic that is durable and long lasting. This cable protector decorates your chargers as well as sorts out various data lines on your desktop. It is compatible with most phone charging cables cords, including iPhone and MAC chargers.


Trendiees Cable Bite

  • 23 animals to choose from
  • ATBC-PVC plastic
  • Easy to use
  • Cute and colorful

Cover your fragile cords with this animal cable protector. Choose from 23 different animals that include a duck, mouse, rabbit, hippo, chameleon, shark, crocodile, dog, whale, and panda. It is made of high-quality ATBC-PVC plastic, protecting your cord from fraying and extending your charger’s life. This cable protector will cover any cord that is around 8mm in width, and is compatible with most charging cables, including the lightning cable. With a small size, you can take it anywhere.

These animal cable protectors will not only let you practice safe charging but also help you extend the life of your chargers. With less chargers making their way to landfills, you also get to save Mother Nature. While you’re upping your desk organization game, be sure to also check out our best desk organizers buyer’s guide as well. Keeping a tidy work area that’s also fun is key to long term happiness in your work life