Massive Spectrum internet outage hits America

UPDATE (April 8th, 2020): Spectrum experiencing another widespread outage effecting major metro areas.

In what seems to be a nationwide outage, Spectrum internet has failed when millions of Americans attempt to work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. shows a yellow-and-red laden map, outlining the major cities that have fell victim to everything from spotty to completely down internet.

In what seems to be a response to overwhelming calls to their customer service numbers, customers are reporting that they are being hung up on automatically when dialing for help.

Requests from Ode Magazine asking for a statement from Spectrum have not been answered as of the publishing of this article.

Recently, spectrum started to offer two months of free internet for certain new subscribers in an effort to assist with the massive self isolation requests from federal and state governments asking America at large to stay at home. At this time it does look like this pushed the massive internet provider over the edge, and now service is failing around the nation.

Android Central reported yesterday that a separate nationwide spectrum internet outage has occurred, and this was resolved within 24 hours.

Millions of Americans working from home depend on internet providers like spectrum to fulfill their obligations to their employers, and the frustration is palpable on twitter and other social media platforms.

From people working from home to those trying to attend school, this outage seems to have hit America at a time when they need a stable internet connection the most.

Ode Magazine will be following this situation closely and updating this article as this massive outage unfolds.