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Keep Your Goods Fresh with Smellproof Containers

There are specific items which require an airtight container to keep them fresh at all times—dried fruits, dry pet food, tobacco, herbs, coffee and the like should be stored in proper places so they won’t go to waste. The smells of certain cheeses can be offensive to people with sensitive noses, and we all have at least one particular smell that we just can’t stand..

It is just proper that you keep such items in appropriate containers. Luckily, the market has made available smellproof storage containers. These items will keep your stash safe, fresh and contained neatly at all times. Some of these products even go so far as to make it more discreet as to what is inside.

Prymal Products Smell Proof UV Glass Herb Stash Jar

  • Convenient and compact 2.5”, quarter ounce size
  • 100% Smell proof and air tight
  • Humidity control pack keeps goods fresh
  • Discreet, logo is a sticker and optional
  • Includes 2 jar content labels
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The Prymal Products smell proof glass jar isn’t just a regular jar. It is made from patented Miron violetglass, a world leader in UV-protective glass manufactured in Germany. The jar’s lid has an airtight and smell proof seal, and includes a 2-way Boveda humidity pack, which keeps goods fresher and more potent for longer. The jar is a convenient size, perfect for on-the-go storage. It comes with an optional logo sticker, for those seeking discreet storage and two writable jar labels.

Buyers Guide

  1. What factors should I consider when choosing smellproof storage containers?

    Answer: The best smellproof containers have thick, hardy and formidable built with airtight components that secure content inside strongly. Ones made with cheap materials won’t cut it exactly. You have to make sure that the smell of the item will not leak or the content inside it will not harbor air and reduce the freshness of the product. Great ones also come with UV protection and humidity packs to counter humidity within the container and prevent the content from drying out.

  2. What is activated carbon?

    Answer: Activated carbon is treated so it can take in various smells and odors efficiently. Activated carbon guarantees that the content it comes with will retain its freshness and prevent odors from leaking for several months.

  3. Are Ziploc bags smellproof?

    Answer: Ziploc bags are not exactly smellproof but you can further prevent it from leaking its contents’ odors. For example, if you want to use the bag to store tobacco snuff or snus, you can cover the bag further with 2 dryer sheets. Next, you must place the covered Ziploc bag inside a waterproof container or bag. You can also store the Ziploc bag in a thermos bottle with a full mouth, any Tupperware container that fits or a water bottle with a covering made from plastic. Otherwise, if you do not want to get into the whole drill of making extra layers to mask the smells of stinky cheeses or whatnot, it is better that you invest in high-quality smellproof storage containers.

Our Top Picks


HELMET HEAD Extra Large Smell Proof Case with Combination Lock

  • 100% smell proof activated carbon technology
  • fully modular for easy organization and customization
  • lockable hidden charging port for electronic devices
  • Modern design that doesn’t look like your grandma’s lunch box

The HELMET HEAD XL Smell Proof Bag has delivered the most advanced case on the market. Measuring at 12 by 8 x 5.5 inches, this case is nearly 3x the size of the other leading competitors. The bag’s exterior is made with high quality fabric that is water repellent, it also has a hidden charging port so you can charge your electronic devices while keeping the case locked up – preventing unwanted hands. Moreover, the interior is fully modular for easy organization/customization, it also uses easy to clean interior lining for those spills or dropped shakes. Finally, our 100% smell proof activated carbon technology case will save you from those awkward looks in public and those uncomfortable comments of “what’s that smell?” Stay low key by keeping odors under control.


Formline Extra Large Smell Proof Case with Combination Lock

  • Clean Elegant design, No More Stuck Zippers
  • Padded Exterior for Protecting Your Contents
  • The Highest Quality Activated carbon Lining

Formline Smell Proof Cases use Activated Carbon Lining to absorb odors. What makes Formline unique is that all our bags are in the premium price range as they contain higher quality and a greater amount of carbon lining than the competition. Our product has been seen in Leafly and GQ – UK. Fabric – 1680D while other cases range from 300-600D.


OZCHIN Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock

  • Has advanced carbon lining
  • Odorless and smellproof
  • Has built-in organizer
  • Includes combination lock

The OZCHIN Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock will secure its items safely out of prying eyes and noses. It includes a powerful combination lock to further secure content and was designed with a built-in organizer and snag-free zipper for smooth, easy usage. To keep things smellproof and free from odors, the bag is lined with layers composed of activated carbon and water-resistant nylon fabric. The bag also comes with moderate water resistance, is tear-proof and keeps UV light from penetrating the bag.  


Herb Guard Smell Proof Container

  • Has quality UV glass protection
  • Comes with airtight seal
  • Discreet design
  • Includes resealable travel bag

The Herb Guard Smell Proof Container is constructed to keep smells from escaping and retain its content’s freshness so it’s good for keeping medical herbs, coffee, teas and other similar items inside. The jar comes with a discreet design to further protect the content from curious bystanders. You can bring your items anywhere too care of its resealable travel bag. The jar is made from high-quality, durable glass material too with accompanying UV safety. It can withstand cracks for months.


Masterdam Jars StashShield UV Glass Jar

  • Measures 3.15 x 3.15 x 6.3 inches
  • 500ml glass jar
  • Made with premium European UV-A glass
  • Has No Smell Seal

The Masterdam Jars StashShield UV Glass Jar is another great place to contain your stash of tasty coffee grounds, teas, herbs, protein powders and whatnot. It has prime UV protection and very durable too, crafted from high-quality European UV-A glass material. The jar has a No Smell Seal screw-top lid too and crafted from BPA-free heavy-duty plastic. This component will not allow any odors to leak outside, thus keeping the content fresh, safe and potent. Has a volume capacity of 500ml.


Tightpac Minivac

  • Can store a variety of items
  • FDA-approved and NSF-tested/certified
  • Food-grade material
  • Airtight and moisture-free

The Tightpac Minivac is the portable smellproof container that you need for your travels, camping and hiking trips. It can accommodate a nice range of supplies from spices, medical herbs, vitamins, protein powders, coffee grounds, homeopathic medications, jewelry and more. If you want your prescription medicines to last for a while, this is a good container to use too. The patented sealing system of the Minivac can preserve content for up to a year or more by letting its content breathe and degas effectively—it has a 2-way valve which lets gas build up bit by bit and get away without allowing oxygen inside.


Top Class Ventures Stash Jar

  • Airtight container
  • Stores herbs and spices securely
  • Multicolor 10-pack set
  • Versatile storage jars

If you want a set of value-for-the-money airtight and smellproof containers, you should check out these Top Class Ventures Stash Jars. These jars feature an airtight lid which secures content inside tightly in order to preserve its freshness. The jars come in a nice selection of colors plus you can store lots of stuff inside it too apart from herbs and spices—store prescription medicines here to make then last longer, coffee grounds, teas, jewelry, dry pet food, protein powders and more.



  • Measures 3.38 x 3.38 x 5.63 inches
  • Can contain 6 oz, coffee or tea grounds
  • Accommodates up to 45g of medical herbs
  • Patented vacuum seal system

The Tightvac is a bestseller to this day since it comes with a formidable patented vacuum sealing system. It keeps dry goods dry, retains their freshness and will not allow odors to seep through. The item has been tested and certified safe by both the FDA and NSF for food grade quality. It is moisture-free, extremely airtight and recyclable to boot. Use it anywhere you go whether traveling, camping or storing stinky old cheeses at home. It can store a great range of goods from fresh herbs, tea, coffee, medical herbs, cheeses and any item that you wish to keep out of sight or smell.

Keep things organized and at the same time, make your space free from odors by investing in smellproof storage containers. These containers are a must if you want your dry goods, medicines and other related items fresh for a longer period of time.