Hookah Buyer’s Guide – Choosing The Perfect Hookah

You’re looking for your first hookah and you need some help with just how to make the right decision and end up with the perfect hookah? Nowadays the option to buy hookahs online allows consumers a vast selection which is a breathe of fresh air compared to just a few years ago when smokers were limited to just smoke shop around the corner had in stock. Look no further – we’ll help you get on the right track so you end up with the perfect hookah for your exact needs.

Just like buying a car, this purchase should be one that has some thought to it. Otherwise you’ll end up with something that isn’t the right “fit”. Luckily in these situations, the cost difference between the two is massive and you can easily grab another hookah without having your credit checked, but be prepared to have your ID checked when making a tobacco related purchase. Reputable online hookah vendors (we recommend hookah-shisha.com) will require you to provide a form of photo identification for age verification before you can place your first order.

There are a few questions that we like to bring up in order to narrow down your options. You don’t have to have exact answers right now but it will help in the process of selecting a hookah.

How often do you think you’ll smoke?

There are some people that enjoy multiple hookah sessions per day and in most cases they prefer a pipe that will stand up against the constant use. This means seeking out high quality hookahs crafted with excellent materials like stainless steel or aero-grade aluminum to prevent rust. Choosing a sturdy hookah will land you in the price range of $75-$300 with a majority of your options being in the $150 range.

If you already know this is just for a trial to see if you like it or maybe a once a month smoke, you can bring your budget down to the range of $25-$75. You can make these hookahs last for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance, but even if you mess up or don’t use it too often, it won’t be too much of a strain on the bank account.

Creating A Space For You & Your Hookah

This is a bigger question than most people would think when it comes to a hookah purchase. Instead of going off of looks, take a minute to think about where you would put it at your house. The average traditional hookah that you would find at a hookah bar is roughly 30” tall and should have about 24” of space around the base to avoid accidents. If you have an open space for your hookah sessions, move on to the next question.

The last thing you want to do is get a hookah that’s too big for your space and then it becomes a hazard and a major task to bring it out. There are other types of hookah size categories to fit a multitude of living areas like portable and desktop. We could dive into the categories even more and break it up more, but to keep this simple and easy, we’ll stick with those two in addition to the traditional pipes mentioned above.

If you only have a coffee table or small desk area to place your hookah upon, then you would want to stay in the portable to desktop range of hookahs. Desktop hookahs are usually within the height range of 10-20” and utilize the water in the base as a weight foundation to stay in place during your smoke session. You’ll also find a lot of glass hookahs in this category that take up minimal height space and only require a little bit of desktop space.

The portable range of hookahs don’t get talked about too often, but they definitely have a purpose and serve it well. This style of hookah can be stored extremely easily and out of sight in an instant; they’re perfect for individuals that don’t have the square footage to leave a hookah out in the open. Most portable hookahs will come with a carrying bag that allows you to store all of the components to your hookah, but you’ll have to find another storage solution for your other hookah equipment like shisha tobacco.

Is this Hookah for you, or for you and your guests?

The next question you should be asking yourself is, who’s smoking with you? If you think
you’ll be enjoying a lot of solo sessions, then you should avoid looking into the multi-hose options. These types of hookahs are designed to allow a second, third, and sometimes a fourth hookah hose to be added to the hookah stem with use of an adapter. If you plan having a couple people over once a month or so, it’s still in your best interest to browse the single hose options as you’ll have more options.

So, now that you know what kind of questions to ask yourself, let’s put a couple scenarios into action. Let’s say it’s your first hookah purchase (you’ve been to the hookah lounge before and you really enjoyed it), you have all the space in the world, and you’ll have friends coming in/out of your spot often. This would be the perfect scenario to begin searching for a 3 or 4 hose hookah set up. This allows you to serve up your friends in a party setting and yourself in a solo

Alternatively, let’s say you have friends coming over 2 or 3 times a week, but you don’t have the space for anything too big. This is when we start the search for a desktop hookah that can utilize two hoses. You can bring it out for a night of board games, everyone gets a turn, and when it’s all said and done you’ll be able to put it away discreetly.

Last scenario: say it’s your first time and this is gonna be an impulse buy that may or may not be used. We like to say have fun with this choice. We’re not sure what kind of impulse budget you have, but you could pick up a MYA hookah for around $30 with some extra flavors and still be under $50. Go with what visually looks appealing to you and see if you enjoy it.

If you really enjoy it, come back and ask yourself these questions again before you upgrade your setup and begin your hookah journey.