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the Best Hidden Cameras For Serious Surveillance

We have to give due credit to advanced technology for giving the world devices that add a layer of protection in our homes, schools, facilities, commercial establishments and workplaces. Surveillance technology is even more high-tech and sophisticated today. However, if you only need a working hidden camera for personal or work purposes, you do not really need something that expensive or complicated to work with. Even with the rise of state-of-the-art spy cameras, there are also available consumer-friendly models that are easy to use and install. Check out our guide on today’s best crop of hidden cameras.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do you select the best hidden camera?

    Answer: Firstly, you need to settle on the purpose you are after. Do you want to use it to monitor your staff at work or do you want to keep an eye on your valuables? The first thing you need to ponder on is to decide what you’ll be using the device for. Hidden cameras today now offer a good range of features—popular features include 1080p color video for excellent details, 2-way audio, AC power, extensive battery power, motion activation, night vision, smartphone compatibility with user-friendly apps, microSD card storage and movable lenses. In addition, the best hidden cameras are designed to be discreet—it means they can be concealed perfectly around your surroundings. Great ones also feature minimalist designs that allow them to blend in with any type of setting.

  2. Is spying illegal in the States?

    Answer: In general, spying is not illegal as long as the purpose for the video or audio is not to damage other individuals. In this country though, capturing sound recordings is considered an illegal activity.

  3. How to do position hidden cameras correctly?

    Answer: To get the best footage, you need to position the camera in the best location possible. First, you need to try testing it in the area where you plan on putting the device. That way, you will be able to assess the quality of the footage or image it can provide. You can also adjust the lighting if need be. Not all hidden cameras have the same viewing angles so always make sure to get one that has a larger field of view. Do not miss on all those happenings by investing on pieces that have poor battery life and memory. It is still best if you choose hidden cameras with extensive memory and battery life. Expect to have periods of inactivity within the location of the hidden camera as well thus it pays to get cameras with motion detection features. A good spot for hidden cameras is an area where its view won’t be obstructed while at the same time can conceal the camera well. The camera should be capable of catching the faces of individuals within the range of its viewing angle. You must mind the lighting as well—do not put it in a spot where it faces organic lighting since it can produce shadows that can mess up images or footage. See if it produces glare or other artificial lighting effects before settling on its position.

Our Top Picks


Divineeagle Hidden Camera

  • 1080p full HD video
  • Plug and play device
  • Works with microSD card
  • 130-point IQ Motion Detection

If you need to do a bit of surveillance around your home or workplace, having the Divineeagle Hidden Camera might prove a big help in your objectives. This is a user-friendly unit that has plug and play characteristics but highlighted by the fact that it can generate 1080p full HD videos. The quality of the footage it provides is indeed topnotch. The camera also provides motion detection features—this one works well as expected and it does its job on the quick once it’s switched on, minus the lags. While every video can benefit from great lighting, dim lighting conditions did not deter its motion detection too. If you are a newbie in the world of spy cameras, there are not options for you but this one—it delivers a solid performance, affordable, easy to use and gives quality full HD footage.


ZumYu Mini Spy Camera

  • Full HD 1080p video
  • HD 1920×1080 resolution
  • No-Glow IR Night Vision
  • Has motion detection

Get great footage by using the ZumYu Mini Spy Camera. This improved model churns out a nice] HD resolution of 1929 x 1080 at 30 frames per second. It has a 150-degree wide angle view as well so you can get things covered. The camera features 6 built-in infrared lights so you can still acquire good footage even at night. It has motion detection and remote alarm too. As soon as the camera detects movement, it transmits alerts complete with images to the user’s phone. It can also directly set motion detection recording to the SD card (purchased separately). Use the app for the device and you can check out happenings in real-time as well—no more missing out on events. It accommodates both hotspot and Wi-Fi—that way, you can still check the app by using the former even without a router around. It sticks fast and grips surfaces very well thanks to its internal magnet and magnetic mount.


Tekpluze Hidden Mini Spy Camera

  • Full HD 1080P video
  • Has motion detection
  • Offers loop recording
  • Has night vision

The Tekpluze Hidden Mini Spy Camera is an ultra-portable device which allows users to discretely record footage for surveillance purposes. Due to its inobtrusive nature, it is great to use on workplaces, establishments, schools and even residential homes/buildings. It can record 1080p full HD video which is recorded on the device and stored in the SD card. Its SD card accommodates up to 32G of footage. You do have to purchase the SD card though since this one does not include it. It has improved night vision too thanks to its four-piece IR LED lights. These lights though are not detected by human eyes so it’s still pretty discrete. The camera gives 140-degree wide angle so you can check out events happening within the location sufficiently.


Puoneto Mini Spy Camera

  • Ultra-small Wi-Fi hidden camera
  • 4K Ultra-HD night vision
  • 150-degree wide angle
  • 6-hour battery life

The Puoneto Mini Spy Camera has a very small built that it’s quite perfect for inconspicuous surveillance. It provides good-quality 4K videos plus it has the CMOS sensor too which makes for quick, accurate image processing. That way, combined with the 4K resolution, you can get topnotch footage with quality details. The camera also accommodates motion detection. Whenever movement is sensed by the camera, it transmits a warning complete with pictures to the phone. Get into the application and check out happenings in real-time. The battery for this one has a maximum working period of 6 hours. Cameras do get hot with continuous use so to solve this problem, this model is also equipped with high-tech chip and cooling technologies to improve heat dissipation and prevent overheating.


Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera

  • Has 2-way audio
  • 1080p HD video
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Free cloud storage

This might not be the most discreet, but it’s one of the most praised security cameras in the country today and a bestseller to boot. The Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera has the works—it generates 1080p HD videos, has an extended battery life, 2-way audio, customizable motion detection, day and night coverage and it even provides free cloud storage up to a year without hidden fees or contracts. The unit also works well with Alexa—users can check out motion clips, livestreams, set up reorders or equip and deactivate the device by using Alexa. Putting the whole thing together was straightforward too. There’s no need to mind tools, wiring and the help of a professional. Another great highlight of this unit is that it’s reasonably-priced. You can get solid performance at a price that’s quite easy on the pocket.


Ring Indoor Cam

  • Presents Live View
  • Easy set-up
  • Provides Wi-Fi security
  • Two-way talk

The Ring Indoor Cam is another camera in the vein of the Blink XT2. It is certainly not the smallest in this list but it still works like a charm when surveillance is your utmost priority. This is one portable plugin camera which allows users to hear, detect and talk to individuals and pets by using their select devices (phone, tablet or ECHO gadgets). You can also link all Ring indoor cams in your home through the Ring application. It is very simple to use and can document detailed, high-quality videos whenever movement is detected. It is also a snap to set up plus it has the handy “People Only” mode wherein the camera filters confusing movement from trees, branches, pets, sunlight and other factors which can bring false positives. That way, the device will be able to set its sights on more pressing spots that require the most surveillance.

Do not let worry, fear and assumptions rule your life. Guarantee that you will get into the truth of the matter by investing on high-quality hidden cameras. If you’re looking for some less discreet motion activated cameras for the exterior of your home, we’ve also recently written about those. They are more obvious, unlike these hidden cameras which have very discreet sizes and appearance which allow them to do their job without obstruction or detection. Furthermore, due to recent technology improvements, they provide great-quality footage too.