Golf Apps That Help You Improve Your Game

The game of golf requires both physical and mental precision, and while watching the greats of the game tee it up in tournaments every week, it gives us all inspiration to improve our game and get better. Who wouldn’t want to be able to smash a drive like Tiger Woods or have the touch around the green that Phil Mickelson has? Thanks to the advancement of today’s technology, and a lot of practice, we all can get better.

Fortunately for us, in addition to all the tech that has been used in making equipment better, and training aids that you can use at home like indoor simulators and putting greens, mobile apps have become a great resource to analyze, improve and track your progress when breaking down you swing in comparison to the pros, and with an application that can be applied to nearly every aspect of the game. 

Due to the implementation of social distancing and limited time outside, practicing your swing in the course might be challenging. As mentioned earlier, technology is helping to make your game better, so let’s check some of these apps out.

Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

Many of the features you’ll find in inexpensive range finders, you’ll find in the Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad provides for free. You can find information on over 30,000 golf courses from all around the world, all of which are programmed into the application and providing golfers with nearly endless possibilities.  But the app doesn’t just offer GPS range-finding information, as it also provides a PGA-quality scorecard, aerial apps, shot tracker, along with the ability to make notes on different holes. You can also share your rounds on social media via Facebook or eMail.

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Golfshot: Golf GPS

With its state-of-the-art GPS mapping, having Golf GPS in your pocket is like having a caddie with you throughout the entire round. Along with the GPS feature, it also provides users with accurate yardages and aerial flyovers for more than 500,000 greens from around the world. Also, by interpreting user data, the app moves beyond a simple rangefinder giving golfers on-the-spot club recommendations. To make it even more convenient and user friendly, the Android version is compatible with wearable devices.

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The industries most complete, effective and simple to use mobile golf swing analyzer, SwingTip requires only 10-15 minutes per day to help you to master swing mechanics. The app requires the purchase of the SwingTip Wireless Golf Analyzer to use the system. Using an innovative Bluetooth-enabled 3D motion sensor device that clips to the club shaft, data is wirelessly transmitted in real-time to your Android or tablet. The app was designed in consultation with top golf experts, including PGA Pro Craig Stadler, and delivers a first-rate visual learning experience with the ultimate level of interaction. With SwingTip you’ll know what happened with your swing, why, and what to do to fix it.

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Similar to SwingTip, the Swingbyte app requires the purchase of their Bluetooth devices that attach to the club. The data captured by the device syncs to the cloud, so you’ll be able to access and review the data anywhere at any time. The app can evaluate your clubhead speed, taking into account your swing temps, face angle at impact, face to path, club path, attack angle, shaft lean, and more. The in-app video recording uses your mobile device’s camera, and auto-trim the length of the video to sync with your 3D swing.  The swing comparison feature displays laser lines that trace the path that the bottom of the clubhead and the top of the handle create during the swing to help illustrate your swing plane and path. It also works with putting practice along with the full-swing mode. You can easily then share links to the swing data with your instructor or with friends on social media.

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Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

With Zepp’s Golf Swing Analyzer you can hone your swing on the range before heading to the course. You can capture and relive each stroke with Highlights, which is a free and fun way to enhance any video or photo with audio and graphical overlays. After your round, you can post your best shots and highlights to the Zepp community. Included in the free version, Zepp Golf includes innovative video recognition technology. This feature automatically records and crops swings on the course as well as the range, allowing you to see yourself in highlights as you’ve never seen before.

The Record Feature has an easy to use scorecard, as well as video and photo capabilities. The special effect packages include ball tracer technology, infographics, and voice-overs to bring your videos to life. When you want to go to the next level, adding the Zepp sensor will help you improve your swing by instantly measuring some of the most important aspects of your swing. Evaluate club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length, and more. The Zepp sensor, along with the Smart Coach training system, instantly evaluates areas where you can improve.

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ProGolf – Golf Swing Analyzer (Early Access)

Created to provide golfers and coaches the best tools to analyze their swings efficiently, the ProGolf golf app gives slow-motion and frame-by-frame playback to help determine issues that golfers are dealing with while swinging.  The app features a video comparison of swings, video trimming, and the ability to save your video or image with or without drawing shape laid over the original video. There are drawing tools to indicate precisely what parts of your swing you’re working on, including line, circle, rectangle, arrow, angle, and freehand drawing. You can save your video and images. Instructors can create profiles to track the progress of students and can import and save videos/pictures to each specific student to create a lesson and share that information with a pdf file.

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