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Fun LED Umbrellas to Try This Summer

Umbrellas were designed to shield us from the elements. Whether it’s protection from torrential rain, blustery winds or high heat, the function of a quality umbrella will never be overlooked. There are lots of umbrellas to choose from today—whether high-end ones, travel umbrellas or trendy, aesthetic transparent ones, there is an umbrella that will fit your preferences.

What about umbrellas inspired by the classic lightsaber from popular sci-fi epic Star Wars? It has been realized today in the form of LED umbrellas. It is a thrilling way to flash your Star Wars patronage and at the same time, get that protection from the rain and sun. Here are LED umbrellas you should not miss.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a LED umbrella?

    Answer: The LED umbrella still has the same function as traditional umbrellas only it’s equipped with LEDs (light-emitting diodes). The LED lights produce segments of light on the item and it will not require a sizable power source to operate. It offers illumination for long-term use.

  2. Where are LED lights usually placed on LED umbrellas?

    Answer: LED umbrellas with LEDs situated on its canopy usually feature a number of separate LED lights spanning throughout the canopy’s outer frame and ribbing. This type of LED umbrella allows for more visibility which makes it beneficial to use at night or areas with low lighting conditions. For better visibility, brighter colors like white and yellow are used for such umbrellas. There are also LED umbrellas that feature lights located inside the handle and the shaft of the umbrella—this is popularly known as the “lightsaber-inspired” LED umbrella and the Blade Runner umbrella since it has the same appearance as the ones used in the well-known cyberpunk film. This type of LED umbrella is typically blue or white in color. LED umbrellas though can come in a multitude of colors apart from white, yellow and blue.

  3. What factors should I remember when choosing LED umbrellas?

    Answer: First, you need to consider the canopy size of the item. Umbrellas usually have canopies that range from 20 to 45 inches. You also need to consider the material that you prefer for the item—LED umbrellas are made from polyester, nylon and taffeta silk due to these materials’ water-resistant properties. Color is also something you need to consider when it comes to LED umbrellas—these items come in a gamut of colors from typical black to transparent. Also, don’t forget the color for the LEDs itself—white, yellow and blue are the most common colors but as mentioned earlier, LED umbrellas also come in other choice colors.

Our Top Picks


Nightshades Umbrellas Premium Lightsaber Umbrella

  • Windproof and lightweight
  • Includes shoulder strap
  • 32-inches length and 40-inch diameter (open)
  • Works with 3 AAA batteries

The Nightshades Umbrellas Premium Lightsaber Umbrella are available in a nice array of colors (7 all in all). It has a wide canopy at 40 inches once opened and has an overall length of 32 inches. Strong winds are tolerated due to its windproof properties plus it’s a comfort to hold as well being a lightweight umbrella. Works with three AAA batteries and it’s safe to use in the rain.


CEXIN Lightsaber Stick Umbrella

  • 7 LED color options
  • Windproof and lightweight
  • Has flashlight function
  • 40 inches opened diameter

The CEXIN Lightsaber Stick Umbrella makes for a nice gift for Star Wars and Blade Runner fans due to its LED-lit shaft. Colors available include the following; blue, green, deep purple, orange, red, pink and sky blue. It measures 32 inches in length and has an opened diameter of 40 inches. Very safe to use in the rain and made from quality Pongee cloth, plastic and durable metal materials. Works with 3 AAA batteries.


Liberty Imports 3 PACK-LED Lightsaber Light Up Umbrellas

  • 3 LED light-up umbrella set
  • Has flashlight function handle
  • Waterproof umbrella
  • Has 41-inch umbrella span

The Liberty Imports 3 PACK-LED Lightsaber Light Up Umbrellas comes in three canopy colors of black, grey and clear. These neutral colors allow easy coordination with any color outfit you have on. Very easy to use—use the Power button to light up the umbrella and slide the middle segment up and down to open or close the item. Has waterproof properties for rain protection and it features flashlight functions too. Uses 3 AAA batteries.


Relaxus Color Changing LED Light Up Heavy Duty Umbrella

  • Has clear acrylic shaft
  • Includes color-changing LED light
  • Has 7 light options
  • Comes with safety flashlight feature

The Relaxus Color Changing LED Umbrella is one eye-catching piece that is not only functional, it’s aesthetically-pleasing too. The item includes a transparent acrylic shaft equipped with a LED light that changes into 7 colors. You can also prefer to set it into just one color. Other than the LED light feature, the umbrella also includes a practical flashlight function so it’s a nice umbrella to use at night. Made with heavy-duty, sturdy and resistant materials. Safe to use under the rain and works with 3 AAA batteries.


YIER LED Umbrella Lightsaber Light Up Umbrella

  • Has 7 color options
  • Includes flashlight function
  • 32 inches in length
  • 40 inches opened diameter

Tackle the rain in style with the YIER LED Umbrella Lightsaber Light Up Umbrella. Very much inspired by the lightsaber, an iconic piece in the Star Wars franchise. Make like a jedi through rain and sleet by using this light-up umbrella with 7 color options. Also includes a flashlight function for extra safety in low-lit conditions. Uses 3 AAA batteries.


BESTKEE Light up Golf Umbrellas

  • Has 7 LED color options
  • Lightweight and windproof
  • Safe for use under rain
  • 32 inches in length

The BESTKEE Light Up Golf Umbrellas comes with 7 stunning LED color options that will catch everyone’s attention on the street. This lovely black light-up umbrella is safe to use under rain, hail and snow. Has an opened diameter of 40 inches and 32 inches in length. Operates using 3 AAA batteries. Lightweight and built to withstand blustery winds.

Tired of the standard umbrella? Walk, don’t run with a fantastic LED umbrella. The LED umbrella is a functional yet fun piece that makes for an excellent gift for children, teens and adults.