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Eye-Catching Insect Hotels for Your Garden

Nature, in order to bloom and bear fruit, rely on the help of beneficial insects. Sure, these insects may look a tad odd on the outside, but we cannot deny that a good bunch of them keep pollination alive, thus leading to a garden that’s rife with flowers and fruit come spring and summer. Some of these insects are also predators which can help rid harmful garden pests. If you are tending one, then an insect hotel might make your garden more attractive to these helpful creepy-crawlies. Here are some striking and beneficial insect hotels that you can choose from.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the purpose of an insect hotel?

    Answer: The insect hotel serves as a home for beneficial garden insects. There are insect hotels that you can purchase readily online. You can also make one yourself if you feel like it. Insect hotels are composed of wooden materials with some extra items thrown in to accommodate the insects’ resting needs. Quality insect hotels are also built to restrict water so the insects will be kept dry during their “hotel stay.”

  2. What features does an insect hotel come with?

    Answer: Insect hotels for wasps and bees feature drilled wood elements since these areas serve as good spots for these insects to rest or lay their eggs. Insect hotels to attract lacewings feature cardboard rolls, straw and dried grass. There are also insect hotels which feature bamboo canes—these spots make for excellent resting areas for bees. You can also add bundled stems, twigs or wooden sticks inside the hotel for grounded beetles or add cut-up decaying logs for wood-boring beetles and garden spiders.

  3. What is a good spot for insect hotels in a garden or backyard?

    Answer: You need to place the insect hotel in an area at your backyard or garden where these insects often buzz or crawl about like the hedge, close to a body of water like a pond or an embankment full of thriving flowers. Make sure to keep the insect hotel away from blustery winds. You should also consider the type of insects that frequent those areas—bees tend to flock more when it’s sunny outside while some insects are keener with wet weather conditions. You can also supplement your garden with items that will help attract these beneficial insects to the hotel like blooming plants, a pile of logs in a choice spot or a pond.

Our Top Picks


Bambeco Dark Wood Log Cabin Bee House

  • Made from FSC-approved bamboo and wood
  • Has non-toxic, water-based finish
  • Includes bamboo tubes
  • 5-7 inches wall height

The Bambeco Dark Wood Log Cabin Bee House, with its comfy natural wood furnishings, will provide great accommodations to these helpful buzzing insects. For the best blooms in the block, you need the bees around for pollination. Hang an insect hotel around your garden to attract the bees and allow them to fly back and forth to your plants and their new home. This is a nice, safe forever home for the bees in your yard.


Bambeco Handcrafted Insect Habitat

  • Made from FSC-certified bamboo and wood
  • Has non-toxic, water-based finish
  • 5-7 inches wall height
  • Measure 6 x 7 x 5 inches

Another top pick is the Bambeco Handcrafted Insect Habitat. It has bamboo tubes for the bees and it’s coated for durability with a water-based, non-toxic finish. Very safe for those flyers and creepy-crawlies thanks to the non-toxic elements and FSC-certified wood and bamboo materials. The best spot to position this is beneath an overhang so the hotel will get its sunlight requirements daily.


Cestari Mason Bee House

  • Great for all bee species
  • Handcrafted from FSC-certified pine wood
  • Includes sustainable bamboo material
  • Must be positioned 4 ft. off the ground

Invite more bees in your garden for lots of beneficial pollination processes with some help from the Cestari Mason Bee House. This bee house is comprised of quality pine wood and bamboo certified by the FSC. The nester features tubes with different measurements to accommodate a good range of bee species. These tubes all have even spacing as well for the bees to lay their eggs in. From red mason bees to solitary bees, this house is a striking way to add aesthetics and create a wonderful home for our buzzing friends.


Nature’s Way Bird Products 066562 PWH4 Deluxe Insect House

  • Enhances your garden or backyard’s ecosystem
  • Attracts pollinator insects
  • Includes hollow bamboo tubes
  • Has pre-drilled wood blocks

The Nature’s Way Bird Products Deluxe Insect House features hollow bamboo tubes and pre-drilled wood blocks to serve as spots for insects to live in and lay their eggs. The house also comes with a shutter and mesh chambers for specific insects like lacewings and ladybugs. This can help attract a good variety of insects that will pose many advantages on your thriving flora. Make your backyard and garden ecosystem a bountiful one by inviting these insects.


Luxus-Insektenhotels Superior 22626e Bee Hotel/Insect House

  • Measures 18 x 13 x 5 inches
  • Includes varying wooden elements
  • Easy to hang
  • Includes information leaflet

The Luxus-Insektenhotels Superior 22626e Bee Hotel/Insect House includes an informative leaflet which describes facts about insect hotels and the beneficial insects that live in such surroundings. This one is especially helpful for beginners who would love to get into the habit of tending insect houses. The hotel features lots of wooden elements from birchwood branches, pine bark, smooth planed pine material, pine cones, white stones and reeds. It’s not only useful for insects, it adds a wonderful ornamental touch to the garden as well.


Evergreen Bee Habitat

  • Wall mounted bee hotel
  • Measures 6.75 x 8 x 7.8 inches
  • Weighs 3 lbs.
  • Rustic, country feel

The Evergreen Bee Habitat will receive your garden bees with open hands. This is a safe, wall-mounted bee hotel and home crafted from quality materials. It features sufficient room where bees can rest and lay their eggs. The habitat will also help keep your garden/backyard ecosystem into a rich, abundant one. Entice them all-year round with a sound space where they can fulfill and enjoy their responsibilities.

Make your garden and yard an accommodating spot for advantageous insects like bees, ladybugs and lacewings. The insect hotel will function as the perfect spot for their kind to rest and multiply.