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Excel at Balance Training with Balance Board Trainers

Balance is needed in a good deal of sports. For one, you need good balance if you want to perfect your surfing, gymnastics and skateboarding skills. Balance training also helps athletic performance because it allows the body’s posture to remain in control while moving at the same time. If you want to perfect your athletic pursuits, training with a balance board offers a massive help. Check out some of the best names in the business today in our list.


Blue Planet Balance Surfer

  • Seven balance challenges- easy to extra challenging
  • Strong skate construction, tested up to 600 lbs
  • Wide deck with curved up ends
  • Soft and grippy foam deck
Blue Planet Balance Surfer Blue Planet Balance Surfer

The Blue Planet Balance Surfer is the best balance training tool recommended for board sports enthusiasts, standing desk home offices, gyms, yoga poses, rehab, and physical training. Designed in Hawaii as a balance training tool, the most amazing thing about this balance board are its settings, which advances with you as your balance skill improves. Its unique, patent-pending, and tool-less design allow you to change and rotate the balance modules for a total of seven distinct balance settings. An excellent value for money, this balance board is no doubt one of the must-haves.  

Buyers Guide

  1. What factors should I look for in a good balance board?

    Answer: The best balance boards are designed with an anti-slip surface for extra safety and efficiency. The board should be made from high-grade materials as well—it should be durable and sturdy enough for hours of balance training. Balance boards are sufficiently lightweight—however, you have to make sure that the board has the right weight for you. In addition, when looking for a quality balance board, make sure to consider the skill level you are on. If you need the board for therapy or you are a beginner, a basic balance board will be more appropriate for you. Advanced users need to check out models with features that allow them to master challenging exercises like balance boards equipped with non-attached fulcrums.

  2. How long should you use a balance board?

    Answer: There are no limits when it comes to balance board use. You can remain and practice on your board as long as you like, as often as you prefer. The only challenging part that you have to deal with is your capability to stay balanced on the board. For beginners, you have to deal with remaining in good balance far longer than 10 seconds. With frequent use though, the muscles that allow steady balance will be reinforced and eventually, you will be capable of remaining on the board for a solid period of time. A nice goal to remember is to stay on the board for 2 minutes at the least. Practice with your balance board by using a song—try remaining on the board for the whole duration of your chosen track.

  3. Are balance boards recommended for older adults?

    Answer: It’s fact that with age, we lose our balance capabilities. This is the reason why some older adults experience falls and slips. The balance board might be able to recover balance or prevent its loss. Then again, if you have problems with balance or coordination, you still need to talk this one over with your physician or physical therapist before using a balance board.

Our Top Picks


Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

  • Has lightweight, heavy-duty built
  • With weight rating of 400 lbs+
  • Comes with Durasoft grip
  • Made in the U.S.A

The Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer is one of the best-selling models in the market today, and with good reasons. This one has an excellent weight capacity, rating at more than 400 lbs. To accommodate all that weight, the board is crafted from solid, heavy-duty materials yet has a lightweight quality to it so it’s very user-friendly. The board is equipped with Durasoft grip too—the top of the board is padded sufficiently and comfortable on the feet, you don’t even need shoes to use it. All products have been designed and made in the U.S.—recommended for athletes and amateurs.


Pono Board

  • Easy Level Motion
  • Strengthen Core Muscle
  • Decrease Back Pain
  • Easily transition on and off the board
  • Move freely while on the board

The Pono Board is the only balance board that doesn’t operate on a center fulcrum. Instead, four mOcean Orbs in the corners allow safe movement on a lateral plane. These subtle movements ensure good posture and won’t leave you feeling tired. On a Pono Board you can pick up one foot, shift from side to side, and move freely without ever losing your balance. In other words, our balance board moves with you. It stays level to the ground without tipping. Every other board works like a see-saw, so you can’t have just one foot on the board at a time. Both of your feet are stuck on the board without moving or else you risk losing balance. The Pono Board is the only tip-free balance board available.


StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board

  • Has compact and portable size
  • Includes anti-slip surface
  • Comes with sturdy, reliable base
  • Enhances conditioning and strength

The StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board is crafted from high-grade materials only for max durability and efficiency—this model comes with a built constructed from Lauan hardwood plywood sourced from sustainable plantation-cultivated timbers. Regular use of this compact, portable model assures improved strength and agility, stamina and reaction time. For safer use, this one is also fashioned with a slip-resistant surface. Comes fully assembled too so you can use it straight out of the package.


Yes4All Balance Board Trainer Wooden with Adjustable Stoppers

  • Made from solid wood with thick TPE layer
  • Has anti-slip PEVA surface
  • Includes 2 removable stoppers
  • Improves balance and coordination

The Yes4All Balance Board Wooden Trainer will help assist you in enhancing your balance and coordination by way of its nifty features. This model is outfitted with a premium hardwood built to accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight. Safer training is also delivered thanks to its anti-slip PEVA surface which gives a secure grip. The package already includes 2 removable stoppers and 4 screws so you can modify the distance for your chosen practice level. The solid wood is also complemented by a thicker TPE layer and the board is safe enough to be used on all flooring types.


URBNFit Wooden Balance Board Trainer

  • Made from quality pine and poplar wood
  • Has PVC with soft fabric
  • Features non-slip emery grip tape
  • Includes workout guide

The URBNFit Wooden Balance Board Trainer helps improve muscular strength and enhancing neuromuscular responses for the best balance and coordination. If you do a lot of surfing, skateboarding and even yoga, you know that balance and coordination is essential. Train well by means of this balance board—the model has a portable design and it’s crafted from first-rate pine and poplar wood materials with PVC and soft fabric rollers. For extra safety, the board has a non-slip emery grip tape on top. Get more training ideas by using the workout and Quickstart guides too.


Raise Your Game Balance Board Trainer Agility Set

  • Balance training set
  • Has 3 latex loops and slide discs
  • Includes jump rope and carry bag
  • Made from hardwood with non-slip emery grip tape

The Raise Your Game Balance Board Trainer Agility Set has the goods you need to make your balance and coordination in tip-top shape. The package features the board, one pair of slide discs, three latex loops and a jump rope stored in a convenient carry bag. The board itself is made from high-quality, durable pine and poplar wood supplemented with a non-slip emery grip tape on top. Its rollers meanwhile are made from solid PVC covered with soft fabric so it’s great to use on all types of flooring.


NALANDA Balance Board Stability Core Trainer

  • Made from multi-layer PVC
  • Has heavy-duty rollers
  • Includes non-slip surface
  • Offers 3 adjustable distances

The NALANDA Balance Board Stability Core Trainer is another excellent choice. This board is made from multi-layers of durable, sturdy PVC to accommodate heavier weight—it’s strong rollers also do double-duty for safer use. Another safety point of this model is its non-slip surface. The board has a compact design and it’s recommended for beginners due to its user-friendly nature. Whether amateur or pro, this one has got you covered—the board offers 3 adjustable distances through its 2 stoppers so you can get the training level that suits you.

Balance boards are beneficial tools for balance and coordination training. It can be used for corrective or recreational purposes. Apart from strengthening balance and coordination, regular use of the board also helps in restoring injury and stabilizing your posture. Get the one that suits your needs for maximum results.