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Essential Information on the Best Eyeglass Cleaners

Eyeglasses, whether prescription or not, should be given TLC. To maintain their nice appearance and make them last longer, they need to be cleaned regularly. There are right methods to clean your glasses and one of them is thru the use of an effective eyeglass cleaner. Get the essentials on trusted brands and products through this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is an eyeglass cleaner?

    Answer: Eyeglass cleaners are solutions made to clean your eyeglasses. Whenever we don’t have ready access to water and soap, eyeglass cleaners come in handy. They come in bottled form so they are also great for traveling. Not all eyeglass cleaners are the same though—some are made for lenses with AR (anti-reflective) coating while some are made for delicate lenses or lenses with anti-glare properties. There are also ultrasonic eyeglass cleaners—this is a type of cleaner that makes use of water and ultrasonic waves. The wave + water combo destroy dirt and grime on glasses and cleans thoroughly without doing damage on the item. The eyeglass cleaner is a good companion for microfiber cleaning cloths.

  2. When should I take my eyeglasses to a professional?

    Answer: When specific parts of your glasses, like parts of the frame or the nose pads have become too difficult to clean and maintain, it is time to drop your glasses to the shop or ophthalmologist where you have acquired them. If you want your glasses to undergo ultrasonic cleaning or have those nose pads changed, it is best that you let professionals take care of these procedures. Maintain the integrity of your glasses by storing them in a safe, clean storage case. When you need to put your glasses down for a while, do not position them with the lenses facing down on any kind of surface to avoid scratches. Make sure to always have an eyeglass case on hand in case you need to store your glasses for a short while.

  3. Can scratches from eyeglass lenses be removed?

    Answer: Bad news; once the lenses of your glasses acquire scratches, there’s no turning back. Even experts won’t be able to remove them. While there are solutions that will make those scratches a bit unnoticeable, they do wear off after a while. These solutions often make use of waxy ingredients thus they have a tendency to wear down fast. Due to the formula, it’s not good to use on lenses with anti-reflective coating either. The best thing you can do for scratched lenses is to have them replaced. Next time, look for lenses with sturdy, scratch-resistant coating.

Our Top Picks


Cleanix Alcohol Free Glasses Cleaner Kit

  • Set includes two cleaners and microfiber cloths
  • Versatile cleaner
  • Safe on all types of coatings
  • Stores in snap pouch

The Cleanix Alcohol Free Glasses Cleaner Kit is the most convenient cleaning set-up for people wearing prescription glasses. Packed separately, the set is comprised of two cleaners and two microfiber cloths. The cleaner is safe on all eyeglass coatings and its versatile formula also fits camera lenses, computer screens and smartphone screens. Great for travel since it comes with a snap pouch too.


Care Touch Alcohol-Free Lens Cleaner Kit

  • Includes two cleaner sprays and microfiber cloths
  • Has 1 travel-size bottle
  • Versatile formula
  • Keeps surfaces germ and bacteria-free

The Care Touch Alcohol-Free Lens Cleaner Kit is more than ready to keep your glasses lint, dirt and grime-free. Its formula also assures that every use of the cleaner will keep surfaces free from germs and other contaminants. Use the microfiber cloths provided in the set to wipe your glasses clean. It cuts effectively through oil, dirt and grime and is completely free from ammonia. Can be used on watches, camera lenses, tablets and phones as well.


Koala Lifestyle Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Spray Care Kit

  • Includes two cleaner sprays and microfiber cloths
  • Gentle, safe and effective
  • 100% ammonia and alcohol-free
  • 100% streak-free

The Koala Lifestyle Koala Kleaner Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Kit has a formula that is safe, gentle and effective on all types of lens coatings, even blue light and anti-reflective ones. It does not contain any ammonia or alcohol and it can be used on other items as well like computer monitors, camera lenses, smartphones and the like. The formula will not streak too—cleaning is taken up a notch by using it together with the set’s microfiber cloths.


Peeps CarbonKlean Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

  • Makes use of dry-clean technology
  • Won’t damage lens coatings of all kinds
  • Safe for high-end and reading glasses
  • Convenient, travel-friendly size

The Peeps CarbonKlean Eyeglass Lens Cleaner utilizes high-tech methods in cleaning eyeglasses thoroughly. It has durable, efficient microfiber carbon technology to take on a wide range of glasses and coatings. This specific technology is also used by the NASA for taking care of glass components. Thus, this translates to glasses that are completely free from dirt, grime, dust and other contaminants. Won’t leave smudges nor streaks.


Bausch & Lomb BAL8574GM Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues

  • Includes 5-inch x 8-inch premoistened tissues
  • Convenient eyeglass cleaner
  • Versatile formula
  • Non-static and non-silicone

Prescription glasses wearers should have a box of Bausch & Lomb BAL8574GM Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Tissues on hand to tackle dirt and grime while on the go. This is nice to tuck inside your car, your office desk and the nightstand. It has a non-silicone and non-static formula plus its packaging makes grabbing a tissue effortless. Also great to use on car windows, safety glasses, goggles, computer and laptop screens and the like.


Carl Zeiss Vision Zeiss Lens Care Pack

  • Comes with 2 cleaners and microfiber cloths
  • Versatile formula
  • Safe to use on anti-glare lenses
  • Safe on specific electronic devices

The Carl Zeiss Vision Zeiss Lens Care Pack is another eyeglass cleaner set that it a breeze to take while traveling. The set already includes two cleaners and microfiber cloths. Combined, these two tackle dirty lens and glasses surfaces without leaving streaks and residue. It is also safe to use on No-Glare glasses and devices like computer screens. Phones, laptop screens, camera lenses and more.

The best care for eyeglasses means a longer lifespan for the item. Check out our list for gentle yet effective eyeglass cleaners that you can trust even on high-end models.