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Essential Hydration Tablets for Demanding Workouts

Demanding workouts and running routines can do a number on your body—you’re not only losing water during those activities, you are also losing electrolytes. Electrolytes play a big part in the body’s function— they allow muscle contraction, retains fluid balance and manage nerve impulses. To acquire those lost electrolytes, taking hydration tablets is a smart move. Be familiar about the essentials of hydration tablets by reading the rest of this article.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are hydration tablets exactly?

    Answer: Hydration tablets, also known as effervescent tablets and electrolyte tablets, are tablets containing sodium and potassium which are known working electrolytes. Electrolytes are needed by the body for proper hydration and other functions. These tablets do not contain calories or carbohydrates since they are only meant to hydrate the body. You only need to put one tablet in a glass of water, allow it to fizz and dissolve then drink the stuff down.

  2. How does a hydration tablet work?

    Answer: Hydration tablets have a formula combining minerals, salts and glucose which helps in sodium absorption in the intestine wall. Once electrolyte balance happens in the blood, the process will let the body rehydrate by distributing H2O to areas where it is most necessary.

  3. When is it proper to use hydration tablets?

    Answer: You have to take a hydration tablet every time your body is dehydrated, specifically when running or doing workouts for over 90 minutes. Hydration tablets are convenient when you’re training or participating in marathons and triathlons.

Our Top Picks


Nuun Sport Electrolyte Drink Tablets

  • Replenishes water/electrolyte levels
  • Natural, low-calorie fruit flavor
  • No artificial sweeteners/flavors
  • Non-GMO

The Nuun Sport Electrolyte Drink Tablets is the easiest way to acquire those electrolytes and water that you have lost during and after rigorous workouts and training runs. The fizzy tabs come in a nice range of natural fruit flavors without the artificial sweeteners—flavors range from strawberry lemonade, fruit punch, tropical and grape. It’s low in calories, keto-friendly and a non-GMO product. You only need to wait for a few minutes to get your fill of electrolytes to feel like a human again—it features a combination of 300MG sodium, 150MG potassium, 25MG magnesium and 13MG calcium.


SaltStick Fastchews

  • natural flavors
  • no artificial sweeteners or colors
  • gluten-free
  • non-GMO
  • Flavors: Zesty Lemon-Lime, Seedless Watermelon, Perfectly Peach, Tart Orange

SaltStick Fastchews deliver the electrolytes you need and nothing you don’t. They are formulated to provide scientifically balanced and buffered electrolytes based on the electrolyte profile found in sweat. These chewable tablets allow the electrolyte absorption process to start faster by entering the bloodstream through the mouth. Fastchews come in four fruit, tasty flavors. Each serving (two chews) contains 100mg sodium, 30mg potassium, 10mg calcium, and 6mg magnesium – with just 10 calories and 2 grams of sugar.


Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Electrolyte Powder

  • Uses CTT (Cellular Transport Technology)
  • Equal to drinking 2-3 bottles of water
  • 3X the electrolytes of sports drinks
  • Vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, and B12

When it comes to good hydration, this electrolyte powder from Liquid I.V. excels highly. It makes use of an innovative technology known as CTT or Cellular Transport Technology, which was produced to improve speedy absorption of water and the powder’s primary ingredients into the bloodstream. This means you will feet better after downing the hydration powder as soon as it hits the body. In fact, the just a single packet of the formula is equal to downing two to three bottles of water. Reduce the chances of getting muscle cramps/fatigue and fainting spells by having packets of this powder around during training and workouts.


Science in Sport Go Hydro Electrolyte Tablets

  • Replaces key electrolytes
  • Low-carb hydration tablet
  • Sports-approved
  • Great range of flavors

The Science in Sport Go Hydro Electrolyte Tablets eliminates fatigue and dehydration by way of the tablets’ effective formula. They are made to replenish lost primary electrolytes at 30mmol/L for the best performance. Refreshing flavors like berry, lemon and cola makes this one a breeze to drink—the tablet needs to be dissolved in 500ml water. It only contains a gram of sugar and 10 calories per tablet. The formula has also been proven scientifically to deliver need sodium levels for optimal hydration. Each travel-friendly tube contains 20 tablets.


Dr. Price’s Vitamins Electrolyte Mix

  • Over 72 trace minerals and electrolytes
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Vegan hydration tabs
  • 100% natural Stevia sweetener

Dr. Price’s Vitamins Electrolyte Mix comes in convenient travel-friendly packets so you can stash them in your workout bag and sports duffels. The formula is boosted with the power of more than 72 electrolytes and trace minerals for faster hydration—it is packed with sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other beneficial minerals. This is a clean formula, meaning it’s non-GMO, vegan and sweetened naturally with Stevia. The formula does not contain gluten as well. Glug one down after a workout and remove the sluggishness and dehydration you feel.


GU Energy Hydration Electrolyte Drink Tablets

  • Replaces lost electrolytes
  • 1 box includes 4 tubes
  • 4 different flavors
  • Caffeine-free

The GU Energy Hydration Electrolyte Drink Tablets is another vegan-friendly option with a formula containing 320MG of sodium and 55MG of potassium to recharge your body of the electrolytes it needs. Each box includes 4 portable tubes with 12 tabs in 4 varying flavors. The flavors are quite nice and light, not chalky at all—fruit flavors are well-presented like lemon-lime, strawberry lemonade, tri-berry and orange. To achieve optimum electrolyte balance, the formula’s efficiency comes from the 320MG of sodium and 55MG of potassium included.


Precision Hydration Lite Electrolyte Drink

  • 4 different strengths
  • Low-calorie hydration tabs
  • 3X stronger than standard electrolyte drinks
  • Independently batch-evaluated

The Precision Hydration Lite Electrolyte Drink is not only handier compared to bulky regular electrolyte bottles, they also contain 3X the sodium needed to hydrate the body significantly after demanding running routines and workouts. The formula contains 1500MG of sodium per 1 liter when mixed according to manufacturer’s instructions. Each tube has 10 tablets and provides a mild citrus flavor. Due to the high concentration of sodium, these tabs are perfect following challenging, sweaty workouts.

Do not give in to dehydration and answer your body’s needs to recharge. Take a hydration tablet after a demanding run, cycling pursuit or workout. Hydration tablets are the fastest way to replenish all of those electrolytes lost whenever you sweat profusely during workouts. The tabs come with a good dose of sodium, potassium and magnesium to effectively reload your body and prevent muscle cramps, fainting, muscle fatigue and tiredness. Our curated list has excellent recommendations on the best electrolyte/hydration tabs in the market today—choose one that best fits your needs and your budget.