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Emergency Radios You Can Depend On

Natural disasters happen, and preparation is key in saving lives. Having emergency equipment on hand, like radios for example, allows us to get updates and make use of emergency alert apps to avert even bigger problems during and after the occurrence. America experiences its fair share of hurricanes and tornados every year, that is why emergency radios should be an essential part of everyone’s survival gear. For the best in emergency radios, do check out our list.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the advantages of emergency radios?

    Answer: Quality emergency radios provide access to data you need for weather and emergency alerts. Lots of emergency radios feature capabilities to follow several NOAA emergency radio stations plus local AM and FM channels. Emergency radios will also transmit regular alerts about important weather occurrences, civil and public catastrophes. This allows people to determine the right course of action for such events. This type of radio also comes in a portable, compact form and is lightweight to boot so it’s easy to travel with. Since these radios are used for emergencies only, they do not depend on electricity to function—it makes use of batteries, hand-crank methods, solar power or USB cables.

  2. What are the different types of emergency radios?

    Answer: There are varying kinds of emergency radios. For one, there’s the weather alert radio—this is the most common and it provides weather advisories and emergencies by flickering bright lights or releasing a loud sound. Weather radios feature preset stations that access NOAA emergency alert broadcasts so you get current data on emergencies related to critical weather conditions, power outages, obligatory evacuations, floods or public and civil disasters. This radio also offers several recharging methods. The AM/FM emergency radio accesses local AM and FM stations and some models can actually access short sideband channels (SSB) for a diverse source of emergency data. It also accommodates a number of charging methods, SOS lighting and flashlights.

  3. What features do emergency radios come with?

    Answer: Emergency radios are lightweight, portable, durable and compact so they’re easy to travel with during mandatory evacuations. They also feature several methods of charging so it will not need electricity to operate. The devices have customizable alerts that generate either bright lights, noisy sounds or a combination of the two during emergency situations. The best ones in the business provide a good number of NOAA emergency stations and AM/FM receptions for better accumulation of information. Waterproof rating is also essential—since these radios are made to be used during natural disasters, they are also built to resist water. Most emergency radios also come with headphone or earbud sets so you can hear information without interrupting other people.

Our Top Picks


FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

  • Uses 2000mAh power bank
  • Supports 3 power sources
  • Comes with 2 light sources
  • Accesses NOAA emergency weather broadcast

The FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio will make your survival gear an efficient one—this model has the goods that can help your gather information during disasters. It has an SOS alarm, a 1W LED flashlight with zoom, 2 LED lights, NOAA broadcast access, 3 power sources and a 2000mAh power bank. The power bank gives sufficient power to mobile devices during emergencies and it works well with majority of USB-dependent units too.


RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Weather Radio

  • Has 1000 mAh power bank
  • AM/FM and NOAA weather radio
  • Powerful LED lights
  • Recharges 3 ways

The RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Weather Radio recharges using 3 methods—through USB, manual hand cranking or solar charging. It makes use of a 1000mAh battery so users can charge their phones by means of the radio (just utilize the micro-USB cable). It has good volume and the charging crank operates well. If you want to charge the unit the easier way though, you can opt for the USB method. The flashlight of this radio works efficiently too plus its selection of AM and FM, NOAA stations is quite reliable.


Midland WR120B/WR120EZ NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio

  • Access to 7 NOAA channels
  • Gives sound alerts for emergencies
  • 25-county memory system
  • Works with 3 AA alkaline batteries

The Midland WR120B/WR120EZ NOAA Emergency Weather Alert Radio is the latest from the brand and it comes with extra functions not seen on older models. This one finally provides users the option to choose the notifications they need. It also allows for setting up locations without relying on SAME codes. It can access seven NOAA channels for warnings regarding critical weather conditions, tornados and floods. For emergency power-backup, this one uses 3 AA alkaline batteries. Very simple to use and has good sound quality.


Esky 3 LED Lights Flashlight Hand Crank Radio

  • Offers 3 recharging methods
  • Durable, hardwearing design
  • Ultra-bright light
  • Lightweight and portable

The Esky 3 LED Lights Flashlight Hand Crank Radio is a portable, lightweight model with a good built that is made to last disasters. It offers a few recharging methods; users can choose the hand crank method, USB cable or solar panel to recharge their devices. The model is also outfitted with a 3W built-in flashlight that is not only great for power outages but for activities like camping and hiking too. Can access NOAA channels and various AM and FM stations.


Eton American Red Cross Emergency NOAA Weather Radio

  • Reliable alert function
  • Has solar panel and hand turbine
  • Accesses NOAA and AM/FM channels
  • Includes flashlight and flashing beacon

The Eton American Red Cross Emergency NOAA Weather Radio has two types of light for use during disasters—both the flashlight and the flashing beacon give bright, perceivable light. Users get to remain alert by means of access to various NOAA and AM/FM channels. It also comes with an alarm clock and allows recharging of your devices through an efficient solar panel and hand turbine power generator.


ROCAM Weather Radio

  • 2000mAh rechargeable power bank
  • Offers 5 power sources
  • Has 7 preset weather band
  • Includes bright flashlight

The ROCAM Weather Radio gives the most power sources among options. For one, you can use the 2000mAh rechargeable power bank to charge phones and other smart devices. You can also make use of the hand crank or solar panel to juice up the radio. The radio also supports the use of 3 AAA batteries and a DC power adapter. It comes with 7 preset weather bands and accesses shortwave and NOAA stations. Keep safe with the 3W flashlight and 6 LED reading lamp, both of which give sufficient illumination.

Do not get into a pinch in the middle of natural disasters. Bring an emergency radio with you at all times to keep yourself informed of the latest weather highlights and news. Check our list for reliable options and see which will fit your needs best.